Encyclopaedia of Bromeliads
Version 4


Eric J. Gouda (Curator of the Utrecht University Botanic Gardens)

Main Author. Data collecting and scientific interpretation, main picture author, php, html, css, database and product programming and processing.

Derek Butcher (Ex Cultivar Registrar BSI)

Database maintenance, naming problems and data collecting (descriptions, protologs etc.)

Kees Gouda (Senior Graphical Designer)

Product (Page) design and picture processing


Harry van Someren Specimen photo data collecting, correcting and maintenance
Hugo Claessen Species Distribution Data collecting (version 1 & 2)
Leo Dijkgraaf Bromeliad (Old) Literature, Plates and References
Marian Jungblut Specimen (type) data collecting and maintenance
Sarah de Jong Literature and protolog collecting and handling

Major Picture Donors

Bruce Dunstan - Charles Dills - Elton Leme - Francisco Oliva Esteve - Jerry Raack - Oscar Ribeiro
Peter Bak - Renate Ehlers