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Belgique Horticole

The Bromeliad CD of 'La Belgique Horticole"

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This CD is a presentation of all Bromeliad plates of an Important Belgian periodical. A total of 35 volumes were produced from 1851-1885 by the Morrens, father and son. Charles François Antoine was director of the Jardin botanique de l’Université de Liège and professor of botany and his son, Charles Jacques Édouard, was also director of the Jardin botanique de l’Université de Liège and specialist on Bromeliaceae ( Nissen BBI 2218; Stafleu & Cowan pp. 592-593).


The website (part of the BGC site, click herer) shows the interface of this CD. In totaal 108 plates are visible on this site, but in small size (low resolution) and if you want the full version, please order the CD.

From the CD you can view the full size images. All images are edited and cleaned from the yellow and brown page margins and damage by folds in the paper are corrected. Click here to view an example. In addition the original scans of the plates (3-9 MB bitmap files) are included on the CD, if this is of interest to redo the editing yourself.


Buy online now: Europe € 15 + € 4.50 shipping and handling (for bank transfer, see below)


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For more information you can send an email message to Eric Gouda (click here) or use Paypal to pay to this address with the subject BelgHort.

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Belgique Horticole