Encyclopaedia of Bromeliads
Version 4


This version is released March 2018 and is 3 years late (it is meant to release a new version every 3 years). Below you can see the list of changes and additions between verion 3 and 4, which is a long list. This version is not yet available on CD/DVD, but is planned to be produced during this year if enough people want to order it. You can become a member to the project, and update to this version for one year online access, see How to buy last version or full online access.

The first initiative was developed by 3 members of the Bromelia Contact Group, but soon the project was widened to an international collaboration. The on line version is updated continuously and new species are normally added within a week from publication (depending on the language). Major versions are also published on CD, like version 1, 2 and 3.
Development in the presentation of the data available online and on the CD are listed below for each version. We try to publish a major version, every 3 years, so version 4 is scheduled for 2015.

The species count is a very dynamic data set and a result of following the literature in a critical way (following or not following new synonymy or resurrection of names, depending on argumentation). It is possible that there may be a slight discrepancy between these numbers and those provided in the New Bromeliad Taxon List
We hope you enjoy this source of information and ask you to support the project by becoming a registered member and/or buying the CD/DVD version. You find information below the the menu at the left. Some numeric information can be found in Status Information

Version 4.1 (not released yet)

Version 4 (March 2018)

Version 3 (October 2012)

A problem in former version was that for some species there was little information available and for others too much to show on one screen (which must fit on old screens with 1024 x 768 pixels). The solution in this version(3) is that TABS are added when more information is available. Much more valuable information has been added, e g.:

Version 2 (October 2009)

This is a totally renewed version of the Encyclopedia, including much more photographs, data and a better interface. A lot has been changed since the first release, see also acknowledgment.
Indexes keeps always in sight in the left screen part, which makes it much easier to navigate. A new feature is to view all miniature images of all pictures included for a Genus, directly from the index, for a quick identification. For this, you can click on the next to a Genus name in the index. A literature index has been included, both presented by author and by title. There is a separate index to all species and varieties included with images. Check lists (indexes) of species by country are included and will be updated all the time.
If you access species information, you can easily go to next or previously related species, using the arrows at the taxon number in upper left corner.

Version 1 (October 2005)

Several years ago the idea was born to start a Bromeliad CD project, combining as much information as possible about all existing Bromeliad species and names. It had to include all Bromeliad names, correct ones as well as synonyms, publication information, other literature references, distribution & habitat information and even more important loads of pictures.
We did realize that this was a monster project and we can not do it on our own. Especially we need picture donors to get most of the species illustrated. Also data collecting and maintenance is a huge project and in the end we would like to add descriptions and keys too.
The project started with a collaboration of three persons: Hugo Claessen, Kees and Eric Gouda. For literature references Leo Dijkgraaf has been asked to share his affords in his search for Bromeliad literature and he was willing to do so.
This first version is a nice begin, but far from complete and we seek for collaboration with other Bromeliad enthusiasts and picture donors.

Eric J. Gouda