Encyclopaedia of Bromeliads
Version 5

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Encyclopaedia of Bromeliads CD/DVD (ver. 1-3)
ISBN / EAN 9789081770811


October 2005 the first version of this Bromeliad CD project was presented, combining as much information and photos as possible about all existing Bromeliad species and names.
We did realize that this was a monster project and we can not do it on our own. Especially we need picture donors to get most of the species illustrated.
The project started with a collaboration of three BCG members: Eric Gouda, Hugo Claessen and Kees Gouda. For literature references Leo Dijkgraaf has been asked to share his effords in his search for Bromeliad literature and he was willing to do so. Soon Derek Butcher joined to work on the huge task to get the plant description data ready to be included. After four years (October 2009) a fully redesigned version 2 was introduced, that looked much nicer and had much more photographs. After an other 3 years (October 2012) we introduced version 3 also on CD/DVD (not longer available).
Version 4 was initiated 3 years late, in March 2018, and due to several reasons was not available on CD/DVD, and it is not clear if any of the following versions will be. Current version 5 is initiated January 2022. We have many online Members already and we hope that most of the people who bought the CD/DVD, will become an online member now. Please follow our activities on Facebook, see the link below the menu on the left.

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You can become a registered member/donor of the project for € 10 a year and you will have full online access. For 5 year subscription (1 year free) contact me on the address below (invoice possible).

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