note The new Bromeliad Taxon list

by Eric Gouda and Derek Butcher, updated: 2023-12-10 08:41:49
This list (Version 5: January 2023) is based on the database used for the 'Encyclopaedia of Bromeliads' and is updated on a daily basis. It should be referenced to as follows: The first continuously updated version was mainly maintained by Derek Butcher and was based on detail from the various Binomial lists issued by Selby Gardens, Smith & Downs, Mez 1935, Baker 1889 and other monographs. Therefore when dealing with old names (synonyms) you had to follow a chain of events to reach the current accepted name.

The Encyclopaedia of Bromelads is based on the original names with adjustments made for each record as changes of synonymy etc occurred. A list was automatically produced from such data after 2016. Over recent years these two lists were checked and many adjustments made.

Clearly an automatically produced list is better than a manually updated one and it was decided that the time had come for a switch and renew the Taxon List and make some improvements (Oct. 2016). for example Authors are always listed. Another advantage is that referring to an old name brings you to its current name without following the chain.

Features in version 5:

If you need a printed list of the accepted names only, you can access: A List of Accepted Bromeliaceae Names, which is formatted for printing on Letter size paper.

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