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Tillandsia lingulata is a synonym of:

<- Tillandsia utriculata L.
(subgen. Tillandsia)

Publ: Species plantarum, ed. 1 286 (1753)

Type: Sloane s n (BM, GH photo), Jamaica (neotype, designated by W. Till in Jarvis et al. [1993: 94], WU; isoneotype, BM image!, SEL).

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Habitat: epiphyte in temperate humid areas or in humid or subhumid warm areas, and even in arid areas. In coastal scrub, dry and wet rainforests, mountain cloud forest, holm-oak woods and wetlands, 0-1350 m. Elev.

Etymology: The specific epithet comes from utriculus (small water bag), due to the accumulation of water in the tank, formed by the sheaths of the leaves.

Phenology: Flowering occurs in January to March, May, June, August, and November. Fruiting occurs in January to March, May, July, August, October, and November. Tillandsia utriculata

Tillandsia utriculata