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<- Racinaea hasei Höpfel & Scharf

Publ: Bromelie 2011(3): 132-136 (2011)

Type: Ex cult., 11. Jun. 2011, F. Höpfel s.n. (holo QCNE). Collectio originalis: Ecuador, Provincia Azuay, in via ab urbe Gualaceo ad pagum Plan de Milagro, in directione urbis Mendez, 2500 m s. m., 20. Novembro 2003, leg. F. Hase Ec0320.

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Distribution: ECUADOR; Azuay

Habitat: epiphyte in the remnants of the former mountainous forest, ca. 2500 m. Elev.

Etymology: The new species is named in honour of its discoverer F. Hase

Racinaea hasei