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<- Cryptanthus ubairensis I.Ramírez
(subgen. Eucryptanthus)

Publ: Harvard Pap. Bot. 3(2): 221-223 (1998)

Type: BRAZIL. Bahia: Municipio Ubaira, ca. 3 Km E of Ubaira on road to Mutuipe. open woodland on slope, diffuse light. leaf mold on sandy soil; some Bromeliaceae. Anthurium, hardly any epiphytes but many bambusoideae ( Piresia. Raddia. Streptochaeta); 340 m; ".plant rhizomatous. more or less prostrate, leaves green or purplish green above, silvery green below, f1owers white, only one opening at a time growing on sandy soil in shade:" 28 April 1976, Soderstrom. Russell & Hage 2175 (Holotypc: US; Isotypes: CEPLAC. K. RB. W)..

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Distribution: BRAZIL; Bahia,

Habitat: terrestrially in the sandy soil of an open woodland on a slope, with diffuse light, ca. 340 m. Elev.

Etymology: named after Municipio Ubaira, Bahia State, the only known locality for this taxon.

Cryptanthus ubairensis