<- Louzada & Wanderley 2017 (Article) Sincoraea

Re-establishment of Sincoraea (Bromeliaceae)

Author(s):R.B. Louzada & M. das Graças Lapa Wanderley

Publication:Journal of the Bromeliad Society 66(1): 6-19. (2017)

Abstract:—Sincoraea was first described with a single rupicolous species (Sincoraea amoena), characterized by leaves totally or partially red during anthesis and the total absence of a peduncle rendering sessile inflorescences. Later, Sincoraea was synonymized under the genus Orthophytum. Many more new species, having the same features as S. amoena, were described under Orthophytum in subsequent years. Herein we re-establish the genus Sincoraea based on morphological analysis and the monophyly of the clade including all species with sessile inflorescences, and the geographic restriction of this group to the northern portion of the Espinhaço Mountain Range

Keywords:—Bahia; Bromeliads; Chapada Diamantina; Espinhaço Mountain Range

Illustrations: 3 fig.
Published names (10):
Sincoraea albopicta
Sincoraea burlemarxii
Sincoraea hatschbachii
Sincoraea heleniceae
Sincoraea humilis
Sincoraea mucugensis
Sincoraea navioides
Sincoraea ophiuroides
Sincoraea rafaelii
Sincoraea ulei

Taxonomy:Orthophytum albopictum Comb. nov. in Sincoraea Ule (p.10).—Orthophytum burlemarxii Comb. nov. in Sincoraea Ule (p.10).—Orthophytum burlemarxii var. seabrae Considered a synonym of the type variety (p.10).—Orthophytum hatschbachii Comb. nov. in Sincoraea Ule (p.13).—Orthophytum heleniceae Comb. nov. in Sincoraea Ule (p.13).—Orthophytum humile Comb. nov. in Sincoraea Ule (p.13).—Orthophytum mucugense Comb. nov. in Sincoraea Ule (p.14).—Orthophytum navioides Comb. nov. in Sincoraea Ule (p.14).—Orthophytum ophiuroides Comb. nov. in Sincoraea Ule (p.14).—Orthophytum rafaelii Comb. nov. in Sincoraea Ule (p.15).—Orthophytum roseum Considered a synonym of Sincoraea burlemarxii (L.B. Sm. & Read) Louzada & Wand. Comments: Orthophytum roseum was described as a new species morphologically related to O. burle-marxii, differing by the size of vegetative and reproductive characters, however, according Louzada and Wanderley (2010), the dimensions cited in the protologue of O. roseum as diagnostic overlap with those of O. burle-marxii, justifying the synonymization of O. roseum under O. burle-marxii. (p.10).—Orthophytum ulei Comb. nov. in Sincoraea Ule (p.15).—Sincoraea Re-establishment of Sincoraea Ule (p.6-19).—Sincoraea amoena Re-establishment of Sincoraea Ule (p.6-19).