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1PLANTlong caulescent2
stemless or the stem shorter than the5
2BLADESdensely tomentose, covered with long3
eccentric scales
stiff, appearing smooth because of the4
densely appressed scales, inflo. Densely
ellipsoid, ca. as long as the leaves
3LEAVES12-20 mm long, sub-rectangularly spreading,stellifera
inflo simple, subsessile, few flowered
12-25cm long, erect to recurved, inflo digitatetectorum
with sone erect to spreading spikes, muchvar. tectorum
longer than the leaves
4LEAVES1.5-6 cm long, lower part of leaves denselyheteromorpha
pressed to stem, blades mostly recurvedvar. heteromorpha
Ancash, Peru
(2-) 6-12 cm long, sheaths ca spreading,heteromorpha
Cajamarca, Peruvar. rauhii
5LEAVESappressed lepidote, involute-subulate, erectlithophila
or recurved, inflo much longer than the leaves
subdensely composed from a few erect spikes
or simple
densely covered with narrow eccentric scales6
6INFLORESCENCEsimple, rarely a second spike7
imbricate, forming a narrow conical taperingtomekii
rosette, inflo shorter than the leaves, rarely
digitate with a second spike
8BLADESto 8cm long, spreading lepidote, inflo longerbalsasensis
than the leaves, scape slender, glabrous,
spikes to 4cm long and to 10 flowered
to 5cm long, appressed lepidote, inflo shorterchusgonensis
than the leaves, scape to 3cm long, densely
spreading lepidote, spike 2cm long, to
4 flowered, floral bracts lepidote
9INFLORESCENCEdigitate, with some spreading linear-lanceolate10
spikes spikes many flowered, much longer
than the primary bracts
dense, spikes erect and enfolded by theiralyi
primary bracts. Floral bracts glabrous, longer
than the sepals
10PLANTFlowering 30-50cm high, leaves 15-20cm long,tectorum
spikes to 8cm long, , linear-lanceolate manyfa. gigantea
flowered, strongly complanate, primary bracts
not longer than the lowest sterile part of the
spikes to 8cm long, , linear-lanceolate many
Flowering not over 25cm high, spikes to 3cm11
11LEAVESSpreading, rosette globose, spikes not smaller12
than 8mm, rounded complanate, floral bracts
spreading lepidote
Erect, somewhat recurved, rosette invertedoblivata
cone shaped, spikes complanate, to
2.5cm long, not more than 7mm wide, style
exceeding the tips of the petals
12LEAVESDensely white lepidote(like fine needles),tectorum
primary bracts apiculate, half the length of thevar globosa
Subdense lepidote from scales as fine as atectorum
hair, leaves filiform and greenish, the lowervar. viridula
primary bracts filiform-attenuate and mostly
as long as the tips of the spikes or longer