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1PETALErect, making a tube.8
Tip erect to more or less spreading.
erect, very long, soon flopping, green withgrandis
maroon edges
With wide petal blade.2
2LEAFStiff distichous. Petal blade wide, darkcaliginosa
brown with dirty yellow mid stripe.
Arranged in a whorl.3
3FLOWERSpirally on rhachis. Petal light blue withbergeri
"white mid stripe; mildly wavy, twisted."
3APETALWith blue petal blade and white eye5
Other colour.4
4PETALWith white petal blade and blue or violetpurpurea
edges. Floral bract nearly straight.
Cream with blue or violet tips.cacticola
Edges of floral bracts bent.
5PLANTWith stem,petal blade mainlystreptocarpa
pale blue with white eye.
Stemless. Leaves forming a funnel rosette.6
6PLANTWith few hard, stiff, nearly plump leaves,esseriana
making an almost upright rosette.
With numerous, soft flexible leaves7
7INFLORESCENCEOne swordshaped spike.7A
More compound spike.hamaleana
7AINFLORESCENCETo 16 cm long. Floral bracts rose to red. Scapecyanea var tricolor
very short
To 7 cm long, 4 - 6 flowered. Floral bractslindeniana
green, prominantly nerved. From Ecuador.was umbellata
8 (1)INFLORESCENCECompound.15
9LEAFFeathery or frosty scaled.9A
Not feathery or frosty scaled.10
9ASTAMENSenclosedSee Key I
exserted, petals dark violet with whitish tipmitlaensis
Downward pointing. Leaf, tonguebrenneri
shaped, green with brown flecks.
12FLOWERPolystichous. Stem very short.rectifolia
Inflorescence sessile in rosette.(now treated as a hybrid)
13FLOWER TUBERed, tip yellow. Plant flasklike at the base,subulifera
greenoften with white crossbands, twisted.
Apical 10-12 mm yellow white , middle part 10-12chapalillaensis
mm lavender, base white
White to dark violet.14
14FLOWER TUBEWhite with one deep dark violet circle at top.punctulata
Dark violet, white tips.elizabethae
(Renate Ehlers- Inflorescence can be simple
or up to 9 spikes.)
dark violet, white tips. Pant caulescent. Leavesmitlaensis var tulensis
appressed grey-white scales
15 (8)PLANTStemless.17
With stem.15A
15APETALYellow with some red.schiedeana
base white, middle lavender, top yellow-whitechapalillaensis
red with white tipsangii
Blue and white.16
16LEAF BLADESlinear to terete16A
narrow triangular16B
ligulate, 4cm wide, green, petals blue withbongarana
white tip
16AINFLORESCENCEOn long or short stem.See Key I
Leaves with feathery scales
On long or short stem21
Leaves without feathery scales
16BINFLORESCENCEOn long stem. Petal tube pale violet-bluerhodocephala
with white tip. Leaf to 50 cm long, 3 cm wide
at base, narrow triangular with grey scales
On long stem, Petal tube mauve top 1/3 white,calochlamys
bottome 2/3, leaf to 40cm long
On short stem. Petal tube pale lilac withhuarazensis
white succulent tip. Leaf 10 - 20 cm long,
3.5 cm wide at base
17PLANTBulb-like at base.17A
sub bulbose rosette17B
Rosette funnel shape.18
17APLANTSlender spindle shape. Leaf green, often withsubulifera
white crossband, sometimes twisted.
Flower red with yellow tip.
At the base, bulb-like to 8 cm wide and 10 cmehlersiana
high. Inflorescence capitate, sessile.
Blue violet petal with white bottom
17BSPIKESto 3cm long, scape to 6cm long, bent, petalslautneri
top 1/3 violet, bottom white
to 6cm long, scape to 35 cm long, hanging,mateoensis
petals top 1/4 violet, bottom white
18INFLORESCENCEHanging, stem long, 2 spikes.brenneri
Leaf green with reddish brown blotches.
petals top violet, bottom white
hanging to 40x4.5cm, slenderly cylindric, withtequendamae
8-9 spikes, petals green with blue edges
Hanging, to 1m long, to 25 horizontal spikesmirabilis
short scape, petals green upper 1/3 streaked
with violet
Declinate to pendulous, 3-5 spikes, leavesengleriana
filiform attenuate, petals blue with white tip
Upright or bent upwards.19
19INFLORESCENCENarrow cylindric, to 4cm diam, with to 15portilliae
adnate side spikes 3cm long, petals green
with black/violet tips and margins
ovoid, to 15 x 7cm, to 10 short spikes, petalsturneri
blue with white tips
Laxly once branched, Plant flowering to 1.5 moerstediana
high, branches at right angles, petals dirty white
with light violet spots, stamens included
21SCAPELong, erect or bent upwards.22
short, inflorescence digitate 3 spikes, petalsabbreviata
white but pink near sepal
Very short or nearly missing.idus
22INFLORESCENCELaxly compound23
Densely compound, petals green withporphyrocraspeda
dark purple margins
Densely compound, petals lavender withfragrans
white tips
Densely compound, petals appear purple-roseperuviana
really cream with dense violet-rose speckles
23SPIKES5 - 8 cm long24
9 - 20 cm long25
30 cm long, 15 mm wide, petals greencereicola
with violet speckles
24SPIKE25 - 35 mm wide, petals white at base, darkpunctulata
violet above with fine white dots
10 - 15 mm wide24A
24AFLORAL BRACTPink, obscurely lepidote. Petals lilac withdidistichioides
white tips
green, shiny.petals white at base violet abovecajamarcensis
25FLORAL BRACTArranged imbricately on rhachis.26
Arranged laxly.29
26STAMENSLonger than petals, petals purpleelizabethiae
tipped white
Shorter than petals27
27LEAF BLADESLigulate, green, Petals white at baserubro-violascens
tipped violet-blue
Narrowly triangular, grey28
28PETALViolet-blue, thin white borderolmosana
Stamens exceed flowervar. olmosana
Greenish-yellow with violet edge, Stigmaolmosana
protruding from flower but not stamensvar. pachamamae
29FLORAL BRACTRed. Flower tube bottom whitekirchhoffiana
and dark blue above
Green. Flower tube bottom whitemakoyana
and violet above.