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1PLANTWith compound inflorescence.humilis
Flower yellow with brown blotches.
With simple inflorescence.2
2LEAFArranged spirally.4
changing from spirally to distichous and backangulosa
petals light brown
3FLOWERBrownish black, dull, very small.caliginosa
Petal blade 2 x 2mm., leaves long flexuous
dark brown violet, leaves short stifftenebra
Brownish yellow.3A
Wide & reflexed petal blade
3ALEAF BLADEIn cross section round.mollis
Leaf tip flattened spatulate.
Flowers brownish red. Plant creepingmollis var reptans
In cross section round to triangular3B
3BLEAVES6-8cm long, more or less erectkuehhasii
6-12cm long, more or less spreadinglandbeckii
landbeckii with flowers scented andlandbeckii
chasmogamous. Leaves more robustssp andina
landbeckii ss andina but with silvery scalesssp andina
instead of greyvar rigidor
much shorter3C
3CFLORAL BRACTAlmost round. Sepals stocky,capillaris
strongly nerved. Petals lancelike
Broad, triangular. Sepals slendervirescens
weakly nerved. Petals tongue shaped.
4LEAFOver 10 cm long.humilis
To 5 cm long.5
5LEAFOf the small rosette, almost erect, straight.spiralipetala
Of small rosette, widening, bent6
6LEAFTo 2 cm long.Scape short or missing.rectangula
Inflorescence mostly 1 flowering.
Petal brown to yellow.
To 4 cm long. Scape 4 cm long.funebris
Inflorescence mostly 1 to 2 flowering
Petals dirty brownish yellow.
To 5 cm long. Scape to 10cm long. Fewgilliesii
flowered. Petals dark violet to dark brownssp polysticha