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1STAMENS & STYLELonger than the petal.21
Shorter than or equalling the petal.2
3PLANTWith stem.7
4INFLORESCENCEReduced to one terminal sessile flower,andreana
light red. Leaves thin, filiform.
Many flowers.5
5FLOWER"Arranged spirally on the rhachis; pink"sprengeliana
Distichous, sword shaped.6
5AFLORAL BRACTSGlabrous or nearly so5B
5BLEAVESDensely lepidote, appearing rough pruinosesprengeliana
appressed trichomes appearing metallickautskyi
5CLEAVESSecund, thin soft ( Inflorescence sometimes
compound) petals violet roseheubergeri
not secund, succulent, petals pinkthiekenii
From the side, more or less hangingcomplanata
Flower pink or carmine-red.
'6APETALWith wavy edges, delicate pink.walteri v. herrerae
With smooth edges.6B
'6BPETALWine red. Leaf narrowly triangular,pseudomicans
15 - 20 cm long, 2 cm wide.
yellowish red, leaf narrow triangular to 9cmgutteana
long, 1.5cm wide
Carmine red. Leaf filiform, topseudosetacea
40 cm long, 1.2 mm wide.
7 (3)LEAFArranged distichously 8 to 12 cm long,albertiana
4 mm thick.Flower sessile, very large, light
cinnabar red.
Arranged spirally.7A
'7ALEAFTo 9 cm long.. Scape 4-6 cm, Floral bractsdorotheae
shorter than sepals, flowers lax, 2-4 carmine
To 10 cm long. Scape 1-4 cm long, Floral bractscolorata
exceed sepals, flowers vermilion
Leaves rusty brown
same but leaves yellow-greencolorata
8INFLORESCENCEReduced to one terminal sessilefunckiana
flower,light red. Leaf thin, filiform.
Reduced to one terminal sessilefunckiana
flower,light red. Leaf thin, filiform.var recurvifolia
Leaves strongly recurved in their upper half
to one side
1(-3)flowered, leaf to 6cm long, stronglyasei
nerved, plant secund,
Many flowers.9
9PLANT30 cm long stem.13
short ca 10 cm long stem.10
10LEAFTriangular, narrowing to tip,11
bent recurved, not succulent.
Lance-like, awllike, stiff, succulent, dullargentina
green. Flower carmine red to pink.
11FLORAL BRACTGlabrous, brownish green. Flower reddishfriesii
or violet blue. Leaves coarse cinereous
Glabrous, green, flower violet pink, leavesmarkusii
grey shiny
Grey scaled.12
Grey scaled at tipaeranthos v. rosea
12INFLORESCENCERoundish, 2 - 3 flowered.ferrisiana
Flower pale carmine-red.
12AFLORAL BRACTPink,dense grey scaled. Rhachis visiblemacbrideana
Petals pink. Filament straight
macbrideana, long stemmed, leaf dark violetvar atroviolacea
macbrideana long stemmed, spike to 4 cm longvar macbrideana
macbrideana, long stemmed, spike to 7cm longvar major
macbrideana, short stemmed, spike to 15cmvar longispica
macbrideana, short stemmed, leaves to 15 cmvar longifolia
Pink,dense grey scaled. Rhachis visiblepseudomacbrideana
Petals pink. Filament plicate
Dark red, scattered scales. Rhachis notpseudomicans
visible. Petals wine-red
13 (9)INFLORESCENCEDensely capitate.
Flowers polystichous, light red.edithae
As for T. edithae but leaves only 3-4 cm longedithae
with subpungent apexvar araucariofolia
Swordshaped. Flowers distichous, pink14
14INFLORESCENCEShort, stem to 4 cm long.macbrideana
With 8 - 40 cm stem.incarnata
15 (2)INFLORESCENCEDense, capitate.20
Not capitate.16
16FLORAL BRACTShorter than sepals.16A
Equal or longer than sepals.17
16AINFLORESCENCEnarrow cylindricalubia
narrow cylindrical, once branched,4.5-6.5 cmcastelensis
long, floral bracts 20-25mm long
16BPLANTStemless. Sepals brown-red to pink. Spikegeminiflora
2 - 4 flowering. Petals pink or reddish violet
Leaf scales closely appressed.
Stemless. Sepals brown-red to pink. Spikegeminiflora
2 - 4 flowering. Petals pink or reddish violetvar incana
Leaf scales spreading
With short stem. Leaves strongly bendingsucrei
One way. Petal red-lilac.
17FLORAL BRACTLonger than sepals. Petal pink.17A
As long as the sepals.18
Stemmed where the many leaves to 20 cm longchapeuensis
form a small towerv. turriformis
Short stemmed, Flowering to 1m high, erectchartacea
Inflo sub-digitate, leaves to 35cm long
Similar to queroensis in size and shape but
sepals joined as for incarnata, from Colombia
Short stemmed, Inflo subdigitate, bent over,pseudomacbrideana
leaves to 20 cm long,
Long stemmed, from Ecuador and Peruqueroensis OR
(Note: T. incarnata has leaves 7 - 24 cm long
mainly simple spike, lepidote bracts and sepals,
posterior sepals joined for 70% of the
length.T. queroensis has leaves 30 - 45cm long
compound spike, sparsely lepidote bracts and
glabrous sepals joined for 20-30% .
Harry Luther indicates there is a cline between
two species.)
17BLEAFStiff, close appressed scales with not blackrenateehlersiae
centre, sepals 11 mm long
edges with long wing-like scales17C
almost glabrous, green17E
with dense white scales17D
17CINFLORESCENCEcapitate elliptic, floral bracts pinkgardneri
capitate elliptic, floral bracts greengardneri
laxly elongatechapeuensis
17DPLANTStemless to 15cm diam. leaves like grey velvetroseiflora
to 11cm long, Primary and floral bracts
glabrous except for lepidote tips, epiphyte
secund, to 12 cm high, primary & floral bractspiauiensis
lepidote, lithophyte
Stemless, 2.5-5cm diam, leaves silvery velvetorganensis
Long stemmed, 15cm diam, leaves to 12cmchurinensis
long, primary bracts densely lepidote, floral
bracts less so
17EFLORAL BRACTSgreenish yellowpallescens
red, leaves narrow riangular forming awalter-tillii
pseudobulb, inflo subdigitate to 20cm long
with 8-10 spikes, petals appendaged
18SPIKELaxly 3 - 5 flowered, not dense, swordlikebrachyphylla
leaf-blade 10 - 15mm wide
Laxly 2 - 4 flowered, leaf blade 1 mm wideglobosa
Laxly 2 - 4 flowered, leaf blade 1 mm wideglobosa var major
Inflor. tripinnate
Dense, more than 5 flowered.19
19SPIKEspreading 1.2 cm long, posterior sepals joinedlatifolia v. divaricata
1/2, floral bract always glabrous, strong
erect, 1.2-1.7cm long, posterior sepals joinedlatifolia
1/2 or more, floral bract glabrous or scaled,
smooth or weak veined
latifolia but plant larger, floral bracts to 23 mmlatifolia v major
long, sepals to 20 mm long
latifolia but leaves dense white lepidote,latifolia v leucophylla
floral bracts glabrous sometimes waxy pruinose
suberect to spreading, sepals 2.8cm long,suescana
posterior pair joined more than 1/2, floral bract
orange yellow
20 (15)PLANTWith stem. Flower stalk short and maskedana
by the leaves.
Stemless. Flower stalk longer, visiblesphaerocephala
sphaerocephala but Inflor 3 cm long,1-1.5 cmsphaerocephala
widev. tarijensis
21 (1)INFLORESCENCEReduced to 1 sessile flower.28
Many flowered.22
22LEAVESfiliform, forming a grass like tube. Inflo. Toeistetteri
5.5cm long, with up to 5 spikes
very narrow triangular, 1cm wide at base,Xwilinskii
mainly erect but branching at top, inflo simple
up to 5 lax flowered
not filiform22A
22AFLOWER & RHACHISArranged laxly.27
Arranged dense distichously.23
Spikes sword shaped.
23LEAF SHEATHForming a bulb.26
Not forming a bulb.24
24INFLORESCENCEThin, to 8mm wide, swordshaped.schiedeana
Flower rarely red, mostly yellow.
3 to 4 cm wide, sword shaped.25
25PETAL4 cm long, dark red. Inflorescence alwayskegeliana
single 6 - 7 cm long, 3 - 4 cm wide.
6 cm long, lilac-violet.concolor
Inflorescence single or to 3 or 4 spikes.
26PLANTBase thickened to slender flasklike. Floralparaensis
bract red or greenish yellow, dense scaled.
Petals red.
Base thickened to slender flasklike. Floraljuruana
bract red or greenish yellow, dense scaled
Petals purple red, flower zygomorphic
Base oval shaped bulbose26A
26ALEAFLong, thin, awllike. Leaf sheath blotchedbutzii v roseiflora
with brown.
Long oval shaped, with a cylindrical tip,reclinata
4cm long and max 1 cm wide.
27 (22A)PLANTBase thickened to slender flasklike. Flowerflexuosa
dark red. Tips of the petals widened.
Globose bulb at base. Petals form an27A
upright tube, red sometimes blue.
ovate bulbose at base, leaves to 32 cm longlimarum
27APETALWith small bent back blade, red.argentea
Plant short stemmed.
Without blade virtually tubular, seldomfuchsii
red, mostly blue. Plant stemless.
28 (21)PLANTLong stemmed.funckiana
long stemmed, leaves strongly recurved infunckiana
their upper half to one sidevar recurvifolia