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1STAMENS & STYLEShorter than or equalling the petals10
Longer than the petals2
3PLANTWith long stemsalbida
3AFLOWERSvery lax3B
3BSCAPElong, flowers erect, petals greenish whitefresnilloensis
long, flowers at right angles, petals whiteflexuosa var. alba
3CSCAPElong, flowers dense, infl. Oval, rhachis just
visible, petals appendaged, white3D
as long as leaves, petals not appendaged,verapazana
spike distichous 20x5cm, floral bracts red
missing,ionantha 'Druid'
3DFLORAL BRACTpurple, upper third white,V correia-araujoi
bright red to yellow or greenV. flammea
Very short, masked by the leaves5
5LEAFGreen. Inflorescence 4cm long denselymoscosoi
green with violet spots near tips, inflotillii
cylindric, 30cm long, branches 5.5x2.5cm
petals white
Green, Inflo to 25cm long, branches 3-4cmmay-patii
long, petals whitish green
Sheaths orbicular, grey, Blades involutebulbosa f. alba
Floral bracts yellow
-With coarse grey scales5A
5AINFLORESCENCEUpright, nestling in the leaves, denselyplagiotropica
egg shaped
Pointing downwardsmatudae
Floral bract rose, sparsely scaled
6FLORAL BRACTArranged densely on rhachis.6A
Arranged laxly on rhachis7
6ASPIKESword shaped6B
linear shaped, 15cm long, redxlineatispica
6BPLANTbulbose at basepseudobaileyi fa. alba
not bulbose at base6C
6CPETALSforming a tube, plant smallpolystachia
8cm long, erect but soonbaliophylla
pendant, plant large
5cm long, forming a tube, plant with veryilseana
thin leaves
7RHACHISCarmine, Strongly angled in zigzag formlimbata
Floral bract enclosing the rhachis
internodes contiguous with rhachis for
2/3. floral bracts 8-9 mm wide
Green to pink, Strongly angled in zigzagizabalensis
form. Floral bract enclosing the rhachis
floral bracts 6-12 mm wide
angled in zigzag formcomitanensis
Floral bract enclosing the rhachis
internodes contiguous with rhachis for
1/2 - 1/3 , floral bracts 15mm wide
Not angled in zigzag form8
The internodes at the most lightly bent.
9LEAFWith coarse grey scales,pringlei
15-20cm long. Plant freely offsetting.
With minute pale appressed scales.utriculata
To 100cm long. Plant rarely offsetting.
(Racinaea and flowers generally very small )
12FLORAL BRACTShorter than the sepals19
Equalling or longer than the sepals13
13FLOWERArranged laxly on the rhachis15
Arranged closely on the rhachis14
14FLORAL BRACTRed. Bottom of the plant thickened bulblike.R undulifolia
Leaf edge wavy(was crispa)
Red. A narrow bulbose rosette, leaf edgeR pulchella
wavy, flowers upward secund
Green. Bottom of the plant not thickenedR spiculosa
bulblike. Leaf edge smooth.
Green, bottom of plant forming ellipticR lutheri
elongate pseudobulb, flowers distichous
15FLOWERTwisted on one side18
Not twisted on one side16
16APLANTrosulate, leaf blades 20-70mm wideinsularis
16BLEAF BLADES8mm wide, Inflorescence bipinnateR almeriae
35mm wide, Inflorescence tripinnatediffusa
17LEAF BLADESligulate17A
17AINFLORESCENCEamply tripinnateR tenuispica
tripinnate, rhachis geniculate, floral bractsR subalata
sulcate with strong midnerve
bipinnate, sometimes lower branchesR. ghiesbrechtii
17BLEAF BLADESsub triangular, 4cm wide, floral bractsR. elegans
not lepidote
thin triangular, 2.5 cm wide, floral bractsR. pugiformis
18FLOWERTwisted upwardsR fraseri
twisted to front, floral bracts remainR riocreuxii
Twisted downwardsR pectinata
19 (12)FLOWERArranged laxly. Rhachis visible21
Arranged closely. Spike 15-20 floweredR multiflora
scape bracts exceed the internodes, lower
primary bracts exceed branches
multiflora where lower primary bracts domultiflora v decipiens
not exceed banches
multiflora where leaf blades acute, shortmultiflora v tomensis
acuminate, scape bracts about equal
21FLORAL BRACTDense appressed scales, rhachis flexuousR pallidoflavens
petals pale yellow
dense lepidote, rhachis geniculateR tandapiana
Dense brown lepidote, Inflo & scapeR lymansmithiana
white woolly
Glabrous or sparsely scaled22
22PLANTThickening bulblike at base22A
Not thickening bulblike at base23
22ASCAPE BRACTLonger than the internodesR parviflora v.expansa
equalling or shorter than the internodes22C
22BSCAPE BRACTSequalling the internodes, inflo. whiteR. blassii
shorter than the internodes22C
22CLEAF BLADES5mm wide, Inflo. bipinnate22D
18mm wide, Inflo. TripinnateR. commixa
22DLEAF SHEATHSto 6 x 6cmR. euryelytra
to 4 x 4 cmR. parviflora
23LEAF TIPSNarrow not rounded25
Rounded with spiny tip24
24FLOWERErect adjacent to rhachisR tenuispica
Spreading around the rhachisR insularis
25FLOWERArranged distichously25A
Arranged tristichouslypatriae
(Now Catopsis minimiflora )
25ASEPALSand Floral bracts brown scaled to scatteredR flexuosa
brown scales
and Floral bracts whitish scaled toR multiflora
glabrous, inflorescence tripinnate
and floral bracts whitish scaled toR. domingos martinsis
glabrous, inflorescence bipinnate
26 (11)PLANTStemless29
With a stem27
27PLANTLong stem,spike erect27A
Short stem, Petals with toothed edgescrenulipetala
Short stem or stemless. Petals not tooth28
edged or appendaged
27ALEAF8mm wide, narrow triangular, bladesreichenbachii
recurving. Scape to 7 cm long
2cm wide, 5cm longpeiranoi var. alba
2 cm wide, narrow lancelike, 10-30cm long27B
27BINFLORESCENCElax, leaves grey green. Plant not secundbuchlohii
Sub globose, leaves grey, plant secund.gardneri v. rupicola
Petals white according to Leme( BSI J. 1987 p221)
28PRIMARY BRACTScaudate but shorter than axillary spikesconfinis
caudate attenuate, lower ones muchconfinis v caudata
exceeding axillary spikes
28ASEPALTo 1.4 cm long. Floral bract shiny red.vernicosa
Spike almost erect or spreading bent
Ca 1.5 cm long, Floral Bract green, sparselybonita
hyaline-lepidote. Spike spreading
To 1.8 cm long. Floral bract red or greenlorentziana
Spike widely spreading
29SCAPEVery short39
Long, visible30
30PETALLong, thin, oar shaped, laxly hanging,grandis
greenish white, stamens visible, but not
longer than the petal.
Not hanging31
31PLANTWith thin grasslike leaves31A
Not with thin grasslike leaves32
31AINFLORESCENCELong and narrowremota
more or less globoseglobosa forma alba
32LEAFDense grey to silver grey scaled36
yellow green, shining with very fine scalesrosacea
inflo to 10cm long, densely bipinnate
Other colours34
34FLORAL BRACTOther than wholely red or green35
35FLORAL BRACTBottom and middle red, top whitenaundorffiae
red/orange, flowering to 80cm high, inflotruncata
cylindric, bipinnate/tripinnate, 30cm long
spikes suberect, 3-4cm long
Reddish brown to tanvenusta
36 (32)FLORAL BRACTDense grey scalesdidisticha
Glabrous to a little lepidotegoyazensis
37LEAF SHEATHAlmost disc shaped, dark brown scalesbismarckii
Not clearly developed, grey scaledvernicosa
38 (33)SCAPEerect38A
hanging overamicorum
38ASPIKE6 cm wide,velvet like, light reddyeriana
1 cm wide,shiny red, inflo digitate, floralvernicosa
bracts imbricate
2cm wide, 4cm long, inflo bipinnate, floralsingularis
bracts lax
39 (29)INFLORESCENCEThick, short,capitateschreiteri
Not thick, short, capitate40
40APLANTwith pseudobulb, leaves narrow triangularbismarkii
not with pseudobulb40B
40BLEAFligulate, rounded & apiculate, scape veryabbreviata
short, inflo digitate,spikes long stemmed
ligulate, scape very short, inflo bipinnateselleana
sometimes tripinnate at base, spikes to
8cm long, usually at right angles
ligulate attenuate, scape to 8cm longraackii
inflo digitate, spikes very short stemmed
narrow to triangular, to 25cm long, grey/rusbyi
green, scape to 12cm long, inflo distichous
41INFLORESCENCEWith 3 - 7, short, dense,digitatematudae
compound spikes.
Spike 6 - 7 cm long, 1.5 cm wide, 2-4 flowering
ca. 9, long,thin,hanging laxly arrangedbarthlottii
compound spike. Spike 25 - 30 cm long,
5mm wide, 20 - 30 flowering
42 (10)INFLORESCENCEOne or two flowered spike42A
Three or more flowered43
42ALEAFArranged distichouslyandicola
Arranged in a whorl, narrow triangulartenuifolia
floral bracts red
Arranged in a whorl, very thin linear,alvareziae
grass-like, floral bracts green
43FLOWERArranged distichously on rhachis50
Arranged polystichously at bottom butguelzii or pucaraensis
distichously at topSee Uncle Derek Says
Arranged polystichously44
44PLANTWith stem47
45FLORAL BRACTGreenish brownpohliana
Pink red46
Orange Red, floral bracts exceedingrecuvifolia
sepalsvar. subsecundifolia
46SCAPE"Very short, masked by the leaves;"osea
Inflorescence dense, almost capitate,(now stricta)
few flowered
5-7 cm long, curved, floral bracts denselyminasgeraisensis
pruinose all over, coral red
ca 10 cm long, hanging inflorescence,recurvifolia
laxly flowered. Floral bracts only lepidote
towards tip
47SCAPELong, widely exceeds the leaves49
Not exceeding the leaves or a few (2 - 3cm)48
48SEPALJoined at the back, 7 mm high48A
Plant with long stalk
Joined for a short way equallyosea
high. Plant with short stalk(Now stricta)
48APETALRippled, twisted, to 30mm long.bergeri
Sepals to 18 mm.
Smooth, to 20mm long. Sepals to 10mm longtenuifolia
As for tenuifolia but leaves 3-7cm longpardoi
blade involute, lower floral bracts green
or tinged red, sepals 0.8 cm long
49LEAFShort (2 - 4 cm long) erect and huggingburle-marxii
the stem, floral bracts yellow-green
Over 5cm long49A
49ALEAFsecund, 5-6cm longaraujei
floral bracts pink
Sometines subsecund, leafblades 12-30 cmleucopetala
Inflor lax, fl bracts greenish, rose-orange
at top
not growing to one side49B
49BFLORAL BRACTSgreen, leaves 9-11 cm long, nearly straightnuptialis
or very slightly growing to one side
green, petals white, blades spatulate 3-5mereliana
cm long
red, leaves to 20cm long, dense greymilagrensis
whiteaeranthos v alba
Pale yellowaeranthos v flava
50 (43)FLOWERArranged densely on rhachis59
Arranged laxly on the rhachis51
51SEPALNot over 2 cm long53
Over 2 cm long52
52SPIKE6 cm wide. Floral bract orange-yellow todyeriana
light cinnabar red, leaves ligulate, green,
purple spotted
4cm wide, 11cm long, leaves very narrowtruxillana
triangular, 2cm wide at base,dense grey
2 cm wide. Floral bract red, leaves narrowacosta-solisii
triangular, 1cm wide at base, green
With stem54
Green. Plant short stemmedchiletensis
54APLANTLong stemmed. Floral bract pale cinnabar redtoropiensis
Short stemmed. Floral bract reddish brown.bagua- grandensis
reddish brown
55FLORAL BRACTLonger than the sepal. Flower opening wide.55A
Shorter or equal to the sepal56
55AFLOWERSpaced 7 mm aparttriglochinoides
Spaced 2 - 3 cm apart, whitewith yellow eyedodsonii
56FLORAL BRACTNot keeledcornuta
Keeled to weakly keeled57
57RHACHISHollowed on the side, therefore weaklymonadelpha
58FLORAL BRACTTwice as long as the internodes of thenarthecoides
Many times longer than the internodes.scaligera
59 (50)PLANTThickened at the base, bulblike70
Not thickened at the base, bulblike60
60PLANTWith green leaves68
With grey or silver grey scaled leaves61
61FLORAL BRACTRed or dark purple61A
Green, yellowish straw colour, pink62
or reddish brown
Green, almost glabrous, 6 x 1.2cmcamargoensis
Green at base, red at top. Leaves dull, lightbarfussii
Dark purple, 3 - 3.5 cm long.guasamayensis
Sepals nerved. No scape.(Now muhriae)
62PETAL2 cm wide, Edges wavy and serratedxiphioides
1.6 bm wide, edges wavy and serratedlechneri
looks like a white petalled T. lotteae
xiphioides with petals only 6-9 mm widexiphioides var minor
xiphioides with stem up to 40 cm longprolata
Less than 2 cm wide, Edges not wavy,63
barely or weakly serrated
63PLANTLong stem.63A
Stem 5-15 cm long, Leaves few, sometimesafonsoana
distichous, dense grey tomentose
Scarcely a short stem64
63ASCAPEConspicuous. Leaf short, wide to bentdiaguitensis
conspicuous. Inflor 5.0-7.5 cm long. Floralincarnata
bracts exceeding sepalsvar margaritacea
Inconspicuous. Leaf short, wide to bent upwardarequitae
64SPIKE1.5 cm wide64A
2.5 cm wide64B
64ASPIKETo 1.5 cm wide, scape straight,
spike flattenedlorentziana
To 1.5 cm wide, scape bent, spike
oval shaped in cross section, floral bractsboliviensis
lepidote and apiculate.
64BFLORAL BRACTSglabrous, broadly obtuse, wine reddishmicans
glabrous, broadly obtuse, yellowish atgerd-muelleri
base, purple red at apex
65PLANTNo stem, bottom almost bulb forminghemkeri
Floral bract dark red, grey scaled
No stem, slightly secund, dense rosette,barrasoae
floral bracts glabrous, sometimes a second
With stem67
67PLANTLong stemmed.67A
Short stemmed. Leaf 1.8 cm wide.bermejoensis
Back sepals joined a short way
67ALEAFThin, 5-8 mm wide, 10-15 cm longcaulescens
Sepals pinkish
Narrow, 15 mm wide, 9 cm long.muhriae
Sepals light green.(see also guasamayensis)
68 (60)PLANTLong stemmed, floral bracts ca equallingcaulescens
Short stemmed, floral bracts exceedingdorisdaltoniae
69FLORAL BRACT5 cm longheterophylla
1.7 cm longscaligera
70 (59)FLORAL BRACTRed. Sepal asymmetrical, leaf bladesR crispa
with undulate margins
red, sepal asymmetrical, leaf blades notR seemannii
undulating, flowers often secund upwards
seemannii but leaf blades strongly undulateR pulchella
coriaceous, a narrow bulbose rosette
Dark red, grey scaled. Sepal symmetrical.hemkeri