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1STAMENS & STYLEShorter or equalling petals.82
Longer than petals.2
Compound distichous at base simple &eltoniana
polystichous at top, petals pale lilac
Simple distichous at top, polystichous at basesubinflata
3FLOWERDistichously on rhachis.10
Spirally on rhachis or4
inflorescence only 2-5 flowered.
4SEPALca 3.4 cm long4A
Up to 2.8 cm long5
4ASEPAL3.4 cm long densely lepidote.macdougallii
3.3 to 4.6 cm long,densely lepidote, acute, leaftecolometl
sheaths 5 to 10 cm long, , Inflo 9-19 cm long
3.3 cm long, glabrous. Leaf blade to 14 cm longvelickiana
pruinose. Sheath light brown.
5LEAF SHEATHBrown to dark brownish black contrastingoaxacana
with green blades, making a loose bulbose
rosette, sepaks densely lepidote, petals to 6 cm
as for oaxacana but blades densely lepidotepseudooaxacana
sepals almost glabrous, petals to 4.3 cm
6LEAFThin grasslike. Scape to 45 cm. Inflorescencesetiformis
long and narrow. ( Inflorescence usually compound
with distichous spikes )
Not thin grasslike6A
6ASCAPEVery short or missing. 2-5 flowered7
3-7 cm long8
7SCAPEShort. Leaf robust, awllike ca. 6cm long.scaposa
7ALEAFthin,filiform 10-15 cm longmagnusiana
robust, narrow-triangular, 5 - 7 cm long, 1 cmkammii
wide. Inner leaves showing a pinkish tinge at
robust, awllike ca 6 cm long, 5 mm wideionantha
inner leaves turning red at anthesis.
ionantha with leaves red at all timesvar stricta
ionantha with leaves red at all times, tightlystricta forma fastigiata
ionantha but caulescent, floral bracts glabrousvar maxima
ionantha but caulescent, floral bracts densevar vanhyningii
8FLORAL BRACTGlabrous, Light red. Inflorescence hangingandrieuxii
Dense grey scales9
9PLANTWith short stem. Scape 6 - 7cm longhondurensis
Leaf blade 2 cm wide at base, 10cm long.
Floral bract and sepal glabrous
With long stem to 80 cm long. Scapeharrisii
to 12 cm long. Leaf blade 1.5 cm wide, 15cm
ling. Floral bract and sepal lepidote
10 (3)FLOWERSpaced out on rhachis or rhachis clearly11
Closely arranged on rhachis.12
Inflorescence often sword shaped.
11LEAFThin, filiform evenly spaced 3 -7 cm long withfuchsii
the sheaths forming a globose bulb.
Flowers very lax.
Key to varieties of T. fuchsii
1Inflorescence red 2
1.Inflorescence greenish brown var stephanii
2.Leafblades angled and succulent at base var fuchsii
2.Leafblades narrow filiform forma gracilis
Not filiform11A
11ALEAFBlade to 10cm long, awllike, upright withariza- juliae
the sheath forming an oblong bulb.
Inflorescence almost sword shaped.
Not forming a bulb.11B
11BINFLORESCENCE1 cm wide to 9 cm long, Leaf blade to 16 cmpueblensis
long, narrow triangular (10 mm wide)
Inflorescence laxly 5 - 7 flowered
3 - 5 cm wide, 5 cm - 30 cm long, Leaf bladebarclayana
15 mm wide, inflorescence 9 - 25 flowered
Petals appendaged
Like type but smallerbarclayana v. minor
12PLANTNot bulbose16
Bulb forming at base or slender flask forming.13
13PLANTThick with grey rough spreading15
scales giving a frosted look.
With appressed scales.14
14LEAFBLADENot grooved14A
Strongly grooved, narrow triangular taperingcircinnatoides
to a point, upright, tip often bent one way.
14AFLORAL BRACTGreen, leaf sheaths 2.6 cm wideturquinensis
Leaf blades narrow triangular grey green
but reddish especially top third.
pale rose, lepidote leaves grey greenbaileyi
15LEAFAlmost disk shaped sheath,abruptlypruinosa
becoming awllike,then contorted filiform
towards the tip, 2-4 mm diameter.
Floral bract keeled at the
tip. Inflorescence 3 - 4 cm wide.
Sheath spoon shaped merging into short bladeweberi
with longitudinal nerves like circinnatoides
Spike to 14 cm long, 6 - 8mm wide, bracts pink
and lepidote
Sheath spoon-shaped merging into bladedelicata
which is to 10cm long, scape very short,
inflorescence 4 - 5cm long, 2.5 - 3cm wide,
bracts bright red
Broadly ovate sheath gradually becomingklausii
narrow triangular,erect to spreading. Floral
bract not keeled. Inflorescence 3 - 8 cm. long.
16 (12)PLANTLong stemswerdermannii
Sessile, occasionally with short stem17
17PLANTNot with thin grass like leaves19
With thin grasslike leaves18
18LEAF SHEATHThin triangular (8 - 15 mm wide)18A
Broad,oval (ca 30mm wide),Leathery brownortgiesiana
Leaf blade 6 mm wide, with thin lines.
floral bracts glabrous
18ALEAVESLeaves in 5 rows (rarely 4 ).(looking down frompentasticha
top seems starshaped), dense brown.
not in rows, green, stolons to 8 cm long, laxnolleriana
pseudobulb, floral bracts to 2.7 cm
not in rows, dark green, floral bracts 3.5-4 cmsessemocinoi
not in rows, dense grey lepidote, floral bractsfloresensis
shiny dark red, slightly exceeding sepals
19FLOWERReddish lilac, leaf short, stiff, hard, pungentconcolor
Not reddish lilac20
21LEAFThin, triangular, spreading wide23
"to recurved; long"
Thin, triangular,often secund, dense coarsemitlaensis
pruinose. Petals dark violet often with white at
extreme tip
mitlaensis with caulescent stem, leaves withmitlaensis var tulensis
appressed scales
Broad, triangular, erect,stiff22
22INFLORESCENCESword shaped to 50 cm longcalifani
Floral bract pale carmine red, scales white
Flower dark blue violet
Not over 15 cm long. Floral bract green or pink.circinnatoides
23PETAL4 - 7 cm long24
3-3.5 cm long, leaf sheath distinct blackishmelanocrater
to 3cm long, magenta, sepal to 13mm long,adamsii
floral bracts flattened, thin
to 3.5 cm long, sepal 1.5cm long. Floral bractsrhomboidea
rigid, inflated, light red.
24FLORAL BRACTglabrous25
Dense grey scales27
Sparsely lepidote, rose purple, median nerverhomboidea
prominent, twice as long as sepals.
glabrous but for dense pale lepidote at tip andtricolor
top edge. Sepal 2cm long
tricolor but plant flowering 25-35 cm high, leaftricolor var picta
sheaths more or less pale maculate
25SPIKE7.5 cm widejalisco monticola
4 cm wide26
to 2.5 cm widetricolor
26FLORAL BRACTBeaked, complanate, prominently nervedfasciculata v
or ridged. From mainlandvenosispica
lower ones rose coloured, upper ones brightmagnispica
green, with pungent apex, to5.5 cm long
apricot or salmon, with chalky coveringsalmonea
petals dark violet
Yellow or rusty orange, beaked, inflatedcompressa
to complanate. From Caribbean Islands
fused for 6 mmelizabethae
(Renate Ehlers - inflorescence can
be simple or up to 9 )
29 (2)PLANTNot with grasslike leaves32
with thin grasslike leaves30
30LEAFgreen. Flower spike bent, spreading, floralfestucoides
bracts pink
green, flower spike erect, floral bracts greenboringensis
grey or brown scaled30A
30ALEAFgrey scaled31
brown scaled. Leaves in 5 rows (rarely 4 )pentasticha
looking down from top seems star shaped
brown scaled sheath, grey scaled blade, Infl.loxichaensis
15cm x 5-7cm, with up to 8 erect spikes
31INFLORESCENCECapitate, spike short and closely digitatejuncea
Not capitate31A
31AINFLORESCENCE12 cm long. Scape bract grey31B
green. Floral bract hides sepal.
8-15 cm long, scape bract grey reducing fromcomulcoensis
20 cm long, secund rosette
To 20 cm long. Scape bract carmine red athammeri
base. Floral bract shorter than sepal
10-20 cm long, leaves green grey, floral bractsnizandaensis
exceeding sepals
31BINFLORESCENCESpikes turned edgewise to axissetacea
Only 2 spikes, elliptic with narrow sterile base,gracillima
Spikes with flat side to axis31C
31CFLORAL BRACTto 4cm long. Petals to 6cm longsetiformis
Primary bracts as long as lower spike
Note: this plant has been distributed in Germany
and probably elsewhere as T. chaetophylla by Lau
to 16mm long. Petals to 4.5cm long31D
Primary bracts usually much shorter than the
lower spikes
31DLEAF SHEATHtriangular, 1.5-2cm wide, blade20-40cm longbartramii
by 1-2cm wide
elliptic, blade 15-32cm long, floral bracts 17-23occulta
mm long mainly green
ovate, 1.5 - 2cm wide. blade 20-40cm long,simulata
floral bracts 14-18mm long mainly pinkish
32SCAPELong, or protruding from the leaf rosette44
Short or missing, not protruding from the leaf32A
32ASCAPEMissing. Plant bulblike 2 - 2.5 cm widediguetii
Short or long (not specifically defined)33
almost as long as the leaves, erect, Inflo. toparaisoensis
30cm long, bipinnate, floral bracts yellow green
shorter or as long as the leaves, crimson red.pinicola
inflor 40-60 cm high, bipinnate, branches at
45-60 degrees, floral bracts green but crimson at
anthesis, exceeded by sepals
33INFLORESCENCEThick,cone shaped, spike withimperialis
light red primary bract
Candle shaped spike, to 25cm long, Primarycandelifera
bracts hide spike which are 3 flowered
Not coned shaped34
34FLORAL BRACTGlabrous40
white waxy34A
More or less scaled35
34AFLORAL BRACTInflated, to 3.2 cm long, fleshycretacea
Narrow oval, to 4.2 x 1.7cm, thick leatheryzaragozaensis
35BASE of PLANTBulb like35A
Not Bulb like36
35ABULBTo 8 cm wide, 10 cm high. Inflorescence capitateehlersiana
Spike 3 cm long, 1.8 cm wide. Sepals free.
Slender, 3 - 4 cm broad35B
35BFLORAL BRACTMuch exceeding the sepals, spike to 7 cm longpruinosa
to 4cm wide. Tight bulb
Shorter than sepals, spike 10 12cm x 1cm,lydiae
tubular bulb
Shorter than sepals, spike to 4 cm long to 3 cmpraschekii
wide. Loose bulb
36SPIKE2 - 4 flowers37
1-2 flowers, spikes hidden in primary bracts,cryptantha
sepals free
5 or more flowers38
37LEAFBlades grey scaled. Inflorescence upright.capitata
Blades green with inconspicuous scales. Spikeabdita now bradeana
2 flowered. Floral bracts and sepals lepidote.
38SPIKE5 - 6 flowered38A
5 - 10 flowered in a fusiform inflorescenceaguascalientensis
20 - 40 cm long, floral bracts distinctly nerved
and lepidote at tip and margins
5-14 flowered, 10-15 cm long inflor oncesantosiae
branched, 2-5 side branches, rachis visible
floral b. nearly glabrous, red or yellowish
8 or more flowered, sword shaped38B
38ASPIKERoundish, laxvernardoi (socialis)
flat, 4-6.5 cm long, inflor 15-30 cm long, partlytecpanensis
erect but often bent over, floral bracts 2-2.6 cm
long about equalling the sepals
Flat. Inflorescence narrow spindle shapedtillandsioides
Petals appendaged
flat, Inflor bipinnate with 4-6 spikes, leaf sheathsrangelensis
4x 3 cm castaneous
38BINFLORESCENCEMore or less straight to erect38C
Bent, to 70cm long, tripinnate at base, 7-20 siderubrispica
spikes spreading to erect
Bent with side spikes at right angles.copanensis
Each spike resembles T. califani
38CLEAFGreen grey.38D
Grey scaled39
38DFLORAL BRACTDensely lepidote, keeled. Sepals lepidote.calothyrsus
Lower branches of inflorescence much divided
(Renate Ehlers - Inflorescence often bipinnate )
Sparsely lepidote both sides, keeled. Sepalsparryi
glabrous, petals violet with concealed
base white
Minutely punctulate lepidote outside, glabroustonalaensis
inside, keeled, sepals glabrous, petals dark
violet with white edges
39INFLORESCENCETo 2 compound spikes. Petals dark violet,elizabethae
white tips, 4 cm long
(Renate Ehlers - Inflorescence can be simple or up to 9)
To 5 - 6 compound spikes. Petals blue, 6cm longcarlsoniae
Cylindrical. Once branched, over 10 spikes 8-porvenirensis
13 cm long. petals blue, 5 cm long
digitate to ca 10 spikes, spikes bottom halfsteiropoda
40 (34)SPIKE1 - 2 flowered masked by the primary bract.40A
3 or more flowered41
40AINFLORESCENCECapitate, peduncle 3-6 cm long, plantriohondoensis
caulescent, somewhat secund
Densely capitate, primary bracts cherry-redbrachycaulos
Sepals high connate especially posterior
Densely capitate, primary bracts carmine-redvelutina
Leaves velvetty to touch
Laxly compound, 16 cm longgraebneri
because we doubt the existence of thi species!!
41SPIKEVery thin to 1.4 cm wide42
to 1.5cm wide, to 30cm long with 10cm longulrici
peduncle, inflo lax, bipinnate at base, floral bract
green yellow with red edges, frosted
Over 1.5 cm wide/ 8 - 20 cm long42E
42SPIKE15 - 35 cm long42A
3 - 10 cm long42B
42AINFLORESCENCEUpright, fan forming, leaves redflabellata
Upright, fan forming, leaves greenflabellata
Hanging, double compound to 1.5m long.juerg-rutschmannii
42BSPIKE3 - 7 cm long42C
6-12 cm long, Floral bracts excced the sepalscoalcomanensis
petals to 6.8 cm long
9 - 10 cm longflagellata
42CLEAVESGrey and rigid, petals pale bluecopalaensis
greenish and arching42D
42DPRIMARY BRACTFor lower spikes, hides the spike, red.foliosa
For lower spikes,shorter than the spike, pink.chlorophylla
(Harry Luther - Bract colour red
and maybe brighter than foliosa)
42EINFLORESCENCEpendent, spike 12-27cm long, 4-6cm widecarnosa
with long peduncle
Key to the Varieties of Tillandsia carnosa
1.Sterile base of the spike about twice as
long as the fertile,floral bracts 50 mm long
var carnosa
1a.Sterile base of the spike shorter than
"the fertile part; 2"
2.Floral bracts 30 mm long remaining
after anthesis. Sepals 25mm long
var brevistipitata
2a.Floral bracts 35-40 mm long, spreading after
anthesis. Sepals 30mm long
var longispicata
2b.Floral bracts 45mm long, Sepals 30mm long
var. boliviensis
43SPIKE7.5 cm wide to 20 cm long, only 2 to 3jalisco monticola
less than 4cm wide43A
43ASPIKEerect to 30cm long43B
erect, less than 13cm long43C
43BLEAFblades glabrous on top lepidote beneaththyrsigera
blades lepidote both sideszacualpanensis
43CSEPAL2.6 - 3cm long, spikes erect, 5-8cm longkuzmae
pressed together, Dominican Republic
1.5 cm long, only 2 spikesrhomboidea
43DPETALSreddish blue, Inflo digitate, 2-4 spikesconcolor
lavender, inflo bipinnate to 40cm long withventanaensis
15-30 spikes
violet, inflo digitate with 2-5 spikes, 8-18cm longzoquensis
x 4cm
44 (32)FLORAL BRACTArranged close together44A
therefore rhachis not visible
close together but often not totally obscuringmelanocrater
the rhachis, leaf sheath conspicuous, blackish
Arranged close together but rhachis barely44B
Arranged laxly therefore Rhachis is visible.45
44ASPIKESword shaped, more than 4 flowered51
Sword-shaped, 1 to 4 flowered44C
Almost tubular at flowering. Primary andsubteres
floral bracts rose, dense grey lepidote
Almost tubular at flowering, 90cm x 2cm diam,racinae
Floral bracts straw coloured, glabrous
44BSPIKE1 - 1.2 cm wide with 2 - 9cm stipeguenther-nolleri
8-10 mm wide, 5-12 cm long, 2-4 cm stipe,stoltenii
leaves forming an almost pseudobulb
To 2 cm wide44D
3.5 to 4.5 cm widemooreana
44CPETALSDark blue-violet, floral bract equalling sepalcapitata
Light blue-violet with white tip, floral bractrhodocephala
exceeding sepal, scape to 35cm long with
scape bracts to 30cm long
44DPETALSwith appendage44E
without appendage, spikes spreading, floralatenangoensis
bracts yellow, exceeding sepals, petals light
violet, bottom white
without appendage, spikes erect, sub-digitatecanescens
to 3cm long
without appendage, spikes spreading, floralbochilensis
bracts green to light orange, petals violet,
bottom white
44EINFLORESCENCEUpright, the top portion bent down. Petalolmosana
violet blue, thin white border.var olmosana
Stamens exceed flower tube
Upright, petals greenish-yellow with violetolmosana
edges. Stigma protruding from flower tubevar. pachamamae
but not stamens
45FLORAL BRACTLonger or equalling the sepals50
Shorter than the sepals46
46FLOWERArranged spirally around the rhachisspiraliflora
Arranged distichously. Petals appendagedhitchcockiana
Arranged distichously around the47
rhachis, but sometimes twisted one way
Petals not appendaged
47FLORAL BRACTGreenmakoyana
Other colours, Rose or carmine red47A
47ARHACHISStrongly angled in zigzag form. Floral bract rose.dasyliriifolia
Leaves thick and rigid.
strongly angled in zigzag form, floral bract red,tehuacana
margin hyaline drying sometimes dark purple
slightly lepidote
Nearly straight48
48FLOWERArranged distichously. Floral bracts at baseextensa
green, edges and tip carmine red
49SEPAL4 - 5 cm long. Floral bracts 3.5 cm long.secunda
"secunda but p;lant flowers to 4 m high,"secunda v major
tri- to quadropinnate, petals to 8cm long
2 - 2.5 cm long. Floral bracts 1 - 1.5 cm long.ima
mima, but plant flowers at half size eg 1.2m highmima var chiletensis
all parts smaller than type, viviparous
50 (45)INFLORESCENCENumerous young plants in the inflorescence.propagulifera
Floral bracts as long as sepal, tipped violet.
No young plants in the inflorescence.50A
Floral bract longer than the sepals
50APETALDark purple, not appendaged.socialis
Dark purple, appendagdwerneriana
Violet to blue violet50B
grey with white cross bandinghildae
grey green. Inflor to 3 branched, branches toescahuascensis
45 cm long, flattened, floral bracts pink ecarinate
green, Inflo. 10-15cm long, with 7-9 appressedaya
spikes to 1cm wide
green, Inflo. Tripinnateplatyphylla
51 (44A)LEAFMaking an open funnel shaped rosette.59
Base not bulbose
Its base making a hollow, oval or52
cylindric to spindle shape bulb
52LEAF BLADETurning into spirals, grey, spikes spreadingstreptophylla
Turning into spirals, green, to 2cm wide,hotteana
spikes appressed
forming a dense infundibuliform rosettejaguactalensis
Inflo very dense cylindric
Not turning into spirals53
53LEAF BLADENot round awllike nor tubular. Leaf edgebalbisiana
" forming a groove; "
Narrow triangular, sheaths forming an ovalsmalliana
bulb but blades spreading wide
Round awllike. Edges turning in54
`grey green, long triangular, involute 30-50 cminopinata
long, 2.3-2.7 cm wide at base, very long
attenuate. Spikes 11-26.5 cm long, 1.2-2 cm wide
54LEAFThick, spreading with rough scales.seleriana
Thin, subappressed lepidote, spikes stipitatemanzanilloensis
Thick adpressed scales but not
spreading or with rough scales55
55BULBGreen - brown blotchedbutzii
Plain not blotched56
56LEAF SHEATH &With long stripes on the side. Petals purplepseudobaileyi
With long stripes on the side. Petals lightpseudobaileyi ssp.
Smooth not striped57
57FLORAL BRACTGlabrouscaput- medusae
58BULBLong, cylindric58A
Short, ovalbulbosa
58ASCAPEVery long, with viviparous offsetsintermedia
59 (51)PRIMARY BRACTShorter than the spike68
Longer than the spike, especially the lower ones60
60INFLORESCENCEUpright or bent upward, not hanging63
61PRIMARY BRACT -With short sharply bent back leaf like tip.izii
Inflorescence long. 20-30 compound spikes.
26 x 2cm brilliant red, much exceeding the 6cmstandleyi
long spikes
With long slightly bent leaf like tip62
Inflorescence short. 8-12 compound spikes
62INFLORESCENCELaxly compoundviolacea
Thick almost capitate compoundsierra-juarezensis
63FLOWER SPIKEErect, almost masked by adjacent red primarycauliflora
bract. Petals violet
Erect, almost masked by adjacent pale pinkperuviana
primary bract. Petals appearing purple-rose
but really cream with dense violet-rose speckles
Partly erect but spikes visible especially in topbelloensis
section, floral bracts green with red edges
very short peduncle
Partly erect but spikes visible especially in toppacifica
section, floral bracts yellow green with red
edges, long peduncle
Spreading, visible64
64FLORAL BRACT7 cm long,bright red, frostedyunckeri
To 5 cm long65
65SEPALAll Free67
Posterior pair more or less connate66
All connate for 2-3mm, Inflo. To 50cm x 16cmmoronesensis
spikes slightly spreading
66FLORAL BRACT2 cm long, pink toned, Inflorescence ca erectvariabilis
2-2.5 cm long, pink, soon glabrous, inflor cavicentina var glabra
erect. Petals 3 cm long
4 - 4.5 cm long, green or reddish yellow,xerographica
Inflorescence ca erect
3.5 - 6 cm long, rose on outside,green insidewulfinghoffii
Inflorescence bent
67SPIKE8 mm broad,lancelike, roundish, enclosed byorogenes
primary bracts 15 x 3cm. Inflo bent
3 cm wide, 8cm long, primary bract to 20 cm longroseospicata
inflo erect
fasciculate, spikes 6-19 cm long, 3-4 cm widegrossispicata
floral bracts fertile ones green
Arranged laxly69
68AINFLORESCENCECylindric to narrow spindle shaped to 30 cmpolystachia
Cylindric with to 7 erect spikes, petalsharmsiana
long elliptical, with upright spikes, 10-14 cm longzacapanensis
7-14 flowered, floral bracts pink lepidote
Globose to sub globose68B
68BINFLORESCENCEGlobose. Spikes short 4 - 6 cm long androtundata
almost as wide. Ovate
Sub globose to 40 cm high. Spikes 15 cm byponderosa
4cm wide
69FLORAL BRACTGlabrous or the tip scarcely scaled,72
or, frosty waxed, but never densely scaled
Glabrous but for dense pale lepidote at tip andtricolor
top edge, exceeds sepal, sepal 2cm long
Glabrous, yellow green with red edges and tipcrista-galli
shorter than sepal, sepal to 3 cm long
Densely scaled70
70FLORAL BRACTLonger than sepals71
Shorter than sepals, leaf blade stronglyexserta
bent back
shorter than the sepals, inflor bent over to 150yutaninoensis
cm long, with more than 40 spikes
71SPIKEUpright, sepals totally freeparvispica
Spreading. Sepals joined for 6mm.vicentina
72FLORAL BRACTNot waxy coated74
Waxy coated73
73SPIKE30 - 70 cm long, 4 cm wide. Petals dark blue.rauhii
From Peru
to 25cm long, 6cm wide petals dark violet withtrauneri
white edge, from Mexico
10 - 20 cm long, 3 cm wide. Petals dark violetferreyrae
to almost black. Floral bract with violet tip.
74INFLORESCENCETo 15 - 25 almost erect spikesxerographica
25 - 32 spikes ascending, each with 17-19chalcatzingensis
flowers, petals dark violet
to 8-26 spikes spreading at right anglescallichroma
to 20 arched recurving spikes, each to 80cmsuperinsignis
long, each with ca 35 flowers
Up to 16 spikes75
75SEPALNot keeledecarinata
76PETALUp to 5 cm long78
6 - 7 cm long76A
76AINFLORESCENCEPendant, laxly bipinnatepamelae
77SPIKE4cm wide, petals violet/bluefasciculata
2.5cm wide, petals violet/bluetricolor
2-4 cm wide, 8-25 cm long, petals dark violetsalmonea
floral bracts apricot or salmon, chalky covering
2cm wide, petals violet/blue, leafblade subulatehubertiana
2-3cm wide, petals reddish lilacconcolor
78INFLORESCENCENumerous, more than 4 compound spikes80
2 -4 compound spikes79
79FLORAL BRACTInflated. Spike almost roundish, uniformly redrhomboidea
"Not inflated; spike almost flat. Floral bract"tricolor
and the base of the inflorescence red, the
middle or above strawcoloured to green
Not visible80A
80ALEAFBlade 1.5 - 3.5 cm at base to 50 cm long,grey scaled81
Blade 5 cm wide at base to 70 cm long,langlasseana
green-grey. Spikes spreading, 10 - 12 flowered.syn intumescens)
Floral bract pink
81SEPALShorter than or equalling the floral bract.81A
Inflorescence to 40 cm long
Longer than the floral bract.polita
Inflorescence to 11 cm long
81AFLORAL BRACTStraight or with slightly curved apex. Primarydugesii
bract especially for lower spikes has long blade.
Elliptic with short hooked tip, Primary bractscapistranoensis
with short tip, Spikes to 1.5cm wide
Forming a hood over the flower. Primaryrodrigueziana
bracts with short or no blade. Spikes to
2.5cm wide
Forming a hood over the flower, primary bractwelzii
with short or no blade, spikes to 1.5cm wide
with 3cm long peduncle
82 (1)INFLORESCENCECompound121
83PLANTLooks like Club Mosspedicellata
Does not look like Club Moss84
84FLOWERDistichous or the inflorescence92
has 1 or 2 flowers
85SCAPEMissing. Inflorescence short,kammii
cone shaped, sunk in the rosette
86PETALRippled, twisted, sometimes bluebergeri
with whitish mid stripe
Smooth, not rippled or twisted87
87PLANTStemless or very short stemmed87A
With stem88
87AFLORAL BRACT6mm wide, posterior sepals to half connatewalter-richteri
Leaf straight, almost upright. Inflorescence
exceeding the leaves
5mm wide, posterior sepals almost wholelypseudomontana
connate, inflo. As long as the leaves
much exceeding 6mm wide.87B
87BLEAFMany in a rosette,stricta
Blades narrowly triangular.
Smaller in all parts than Type and leavesstricta var piniformis
secund. Floral bracts almost glabrous
many in rosette, erect, blades very narrow (4mm)seideliana
Succulent, strongly secundcarminea
88PLANTWith upright inflorescence88A
With bent hanging inflorescence91
88BSEPAL20mm long, lepidote, floral bracts 27mm longleonamiana
11-13 mm long, glabrous, floral bracts 15-17 mmhofackeri
long. Petals almost white
10mm long, glabrous, floral bracts long caudatestricts v. albifolia
15-26 mm long, glabrous, yellowish-greenwiteckii
floral bracts 19-34 mm yellowish green
89LEAF5 - 15 cm long, 0.2 - 1.3 cm wide90
3-4 cm long, 0.5cm wide, inflo 5-8 cm longrohdenardini
4-5 flowers
2-4 cm long, 0.4-0.6 cm wide, Inflo 2 cm long,chasmophyta
greenish white, floral bracts pink lepidote, 2-4
8-10cm long, 1.5-1.8cm wide, green, floral bractsella
10-12 cm long, 1 - 1.3 cm wide, silvery green,itaubensis
floral bracts red
14-17 cm long, 1.5-2cm wide, inflo 6-10cm longwinkleri
8-10 flowers, petals to 2.5cm long
90LEAFSecund (bent one way)90A
not secund90B
90ASCAPEexceeding leaf rosette, petal 3.8cm long, palepolzii
blue, leaf 11cm long
included in leaf rosette, petal to 3.0 cm long,neglecta
blue, leaf 7cm long
90BPETALSdark blueaeranthos
light bluejonesii
91LEAFBlades slender, 20 times as long as wide91A
Blades wider, 10 times as long as wide.aeranthos
Flower deep dark blue or grey blue.
Key to Tillandsia aeranthos at 5/2006
1. Petals dark blue 2
1a Petals other colours 3
2.Floral bracts yellow green var. albeobracteata
2a Floral bracts rosy red 5
3. Petals white 4
3a Petals clear pink var. rosea
4. Floral bracts pale yellow var. flava
4aFloral bracts white var. alba
5. Floral bracts to 2cm long var. aeranthos
5aFloral bracts to 2.7cm long var. aemula
91ASEPALPosterior ones joined.tenuifolia
Flower light blue to lilac
teuifolia with leaf blades involute throughoutt. var. vaginata
"tenuifol;ia with leaves NOT secund, flowers"t. var tenuifolia
tenuifolia with leaves NOT secund, flowerst. var dungsiana
polystichous, otherwise similar to var. saxicola
tenuifolia with flowers distichoust. var disticha
tenuifolia with secund leaves, inflor exceedingt. var surinamensis
tenuifolia with leaves NOT secund, light greencultivar 'Strobiliform
tenuifolia with secund leavest. var saxicola
Free. Flower bluemontana
92 (84)FLOWERArranged densely distichous on rhachis102
which is not visible. Inflorescence sword shaped
Arranged laxly on rhachis which is visible93
or the inflorescence is 1 or 2 flowered
Few, see stricta, known from type collectio onlystricta v disticha
93PLANTWith long leaves (over 5 cm long )96
When shorter, leaves are distichous
With short leaves (up to 5 cm long ), stiff, hard94
almost succulent, triangular arranged in a whorl,
leaves upright.
94INFLORESCENCE3 - 8 floweringpeiranoi
1 - 2 flowering95
95PETAL BLADEhardly spreading95A
95APETAL BLADEScarcely spreading, small, 2-3mm wide, bractsbrealitoensis
and sepals lepidote
Scarcely spreading, small, 2 - 3mm wide, bractsaizoides
and sepals glabrous
95BPETALS10mm long, 12mm wide, leaves narrow triangularkirschnekii
15mm long, 4mm wide at base
35mm long, 8mm wide, leaves triangularrosarioae
35 x19mm
96LEAF"narrow triangular; flower densely or almost"96A
densely arranged on rhachis .
Thin awllike to filiform or grasslike.97
96ALEAFTo 50 cm long96B
to 28cm long, inflo to 27cm long, floral bractrhodosticta
red with violet apex exceeding sepal
To 17 cm long96C
96BPETAL8 cm long, blade large, spreading, bright blue.pretiosa
4.2 cm long, thin, tongue shapedmazatlanensis
96CLEAFTo 17 cm long.96D
to 12 cm long, mostly secund, petals lioght lilacpfeufferi
10-12 cm long. Spike narrow, few floweredzecheri v.
(to 5 ). Rhachis not visible.cafayatensis
ca 5 cm long, coarsely pruinose lepidotez forma brealitoensis
4.5 - 9 cm long, spike 4 cm long, 12 mm wideviolaceiflora
rhachis a little visible, floral bracts longer than
96DOFFSETon long stolons, petals with appendageespinosae
virtually no stolon, spike wide (to 14 mm)zecheri
5 - 10 flowered, rhachis just visible
97FLOWERSpread out on rhachis. Inflorescence 4 - 8caerulea
flowering light blue. Petal blade to 7mm wide.
Leaves spirally arranged.
Close to each other on rhachis98
98INFLORESCENCE4 or more flowering98A
1 - 3 flowering99
98AFLORAL BRACTdense lepidote. Leaves to 4 mm widemarconae
Soon glabrous Leaves 4-6 mm widepaleacea
99PETALSmall, dull, thin triangular.99A
Blue, petal blade 2mm long, 1 mm wide
large, striking, with wide petal blade.100
99ASCAPEShort at flowering, without bracts. Can extend99B
to 8cm long after flowering. Leaves 1-4 cm long
To 13cm long, with 1 or 2 bracts.Leaves 3-17cm longrecurvata
99BFLORAL BRACTAlmost round. Sepals stocky with stronglycapillaris
developed nerves. Petals lancelike.
Broad, triangular. Sepals slender withvirescens
weakly developed nerves. Petals tongue shaped.
100PLANTStemless, leaves erect, thin, grasslike, to 38 cmlinearis
long. Petal blade 10 - 14 mm wide
" More or less with a stem; leaves"101
awllike, filiform, spreading out
101PETAL BLADE11 mm long, 7 - 9 mm wide. Leaves laxlymallemontii
arranged distichously, to 12 cm long, stem longer.
6 mm long, 5 mm wide. Leaves arrangedbandensis
densely distichous to 10 cm long. Stem short.
102 (92)INFLORESCENCEComes from the middle of the leaf rosette104
Comes from the leaf axils at the side of the103
leaf rosette.
103INFLORESCENCEUpright, a shining red short swordshaped.multicaulis
Leaves not exceeding the scape.
Ascending to hanging, the thin red or greencomplanata
sword is longer. Scape thin.
104PLANTWith dense grey scales on leaves108
With green leaves, dense white waxy on outsidekauffmannii
Green, not grey scaled, but often reddish brown105
stripes or blotched leaves.
105PLANTWith hanging inflorescence, leaves tonguebrenneri
shaped, green with red brown flecks.
With upright inflorescence106
106PETALThin lance-like to elliptic, towards the tip,anceps
blue. Spike green or dark red.
Forming a tube, dark violet with appendage,frank-hasei
Spike to 15cm long
forming a tube, blue. Plant flowering to 6-10 dmfendleri var reducta
Sometimes digitate with few spikes
With 2.5 cm wide striking petal blade.107
107SCAPEVery short,bracts rose/red, not nerved.cyanea
Flower with dark blue throat. From Ecuador
(According to Gilmartin, Bromeliaceae of
Ecuador , scape 7 to 23 cm and flowers
sometimes with white throat )
Long. Flower dark blue, throat white.107A
107AINFLORESCENCETo 7 cm long. 4 - 6 flowered. Floral bracts greenlindeniana
prominently nerved. From Ecuadorwas umbellata
108 (104)FLORAL BRACTLight red, dark red or purple117
Yellow drying brown, Petals to 4cm longcathcartii
variegated red, green, and yellow, leaf bladesgeissei
filiform, tips often twisted
green, reddish brown or brownish green.109
109LEAF"Thin grasslike; Inflorescence"
not exceeding the leaves,
petal platte (blade) orbicular, opening flatlinearis
petal platte (blade) apiculate, slightly spreadingchaetophylla
Not grasslike110
110SCAPELonger than the leaves114
Shorter than the leaves111
111INFLORESCENCE15 cm long, 2 cm wide. Floral bract green.esseriana
Flower large light violet. Petal blade 2 cm wide
To 9 cm long.112
112SCAPEBent, Inflorescence bent, 6 cm long, 1.5 cm widecochabambae
"Upright or missing; Inflorescence upright"113
to 15mm long, Inflo erect then strongly reflexedrecurvispica
floral bracts soon strawlike
113PETAL BLADE8mm wide, flaring a little at tip,guerreroensis
Scape to 5cm long
6mm wide, flaring at top, petals reddish bluefriesii
Scape missing
2mm wide. Weakly flaring.lorentziana blue form
114 (110)FLORAL BRACTShorter than the sepalsstreptocarpa
about equalling sepals with long stempaleacea
paleacea with short stemsubsp apurimacensis
paleacea with sort stem and distichous leavesforma disticha
Longer than sepals115
115PLANT"Stemless; Inflorescence weakly inflated"walteri
With stem115A
115APLANTShort stem. Floral bract reddish brown.lorentziana
Long stem116
116PLANTLong stem. Leaves dense grey scaled,paleacea
spreading. Floral bract green
Long stem. Leaves grey scaled, erect.arhiza
Long stem, leaves grey scaled, erect, petalsramellae
with spreading blade to 6mm wide and
undulate edges
117 (108)PLANTStemless119
With stem117A
117ALEAFWith grey scales, almost fur like117B
With grey scales, not fur like118
117BLEAF BLADEWith dense interwoven grey hair covering totafiensis
2 cm wide. Petals violet. Floral bracts straw
coloured with red or violet suffusions
With fur like grey scales, to 4mm wide.graomogolensis
Petals blue violet with white throat (similar to
With hairy scales, to 8mm wide, Upper bractscardenasii
dark purple, lepidote.Floral bracts dark purple,& pseudocardenasii
118LEAFShort triangular to lance-like.118A
Very thin, long, lancelike-awllike towardsura
the tip. Inflorescence to 1.4 cm wide
118APETALedges wavy118C
edges not wavy118B
118BINFLORESCENCE8-9cm long, 2cm widecauligera
4cm long, 1.4cm wide, petals light violet blue,oropezana
leaf tip awllike
3-4cm long, to 1cm wide petal edges flatcolganii
118CPLANTshort caulescentgerdae
long caulescentyuncharaensis
119FLORAL BRACTNot keeled. Inflorescence 11 cm long.walteri
Petals dark violet
Not keeled at base, keeled at tip, Inflorescencehegeri
6cm long, 2cm wide, petals blue violet
120LEAF SHEATHDark brown scalesfloribunda
Same colour as bladekrahnii
121 (82)PLANTStemless127
Stemless, leaves green with reddish edges anddorotheehaseae
tip, Inflorescence pyramidal, violet to reddish
waxy. Filaments fused into a tube
stem to 40cm long, leaves green with waxykauffmannii
coating on outside
Long or short stem121A
121AFLORAL BRACTSyellow green121B
other colours122
121BINFLORESCENCEhanging, over 1m long, predominantly yellowsamaipatensis
erect, to 1m high, floral bracts greenish yellowtragophoba
122FLORAL BRACTstraw coloured, spikes 2 flowered sometimes 1,rupicola
inflo ellipsoid to 24cm long, leaves narrow with
long scales
Shiny violet-black, up to 5 digitate spikescardenasii v. major
spikes densely distichous, 6-12 cm long, 7-15
Green, red or reddish brown122A
122AFLORAL BRACTRed or rose122B
Red and waxy Inflorescence pendant to 1.2mdemissa
Green or reddish green to reddish brown123
122BLEAFStrongly secund.122C
Not secund122D
122CLEAF4 to 5 cm long. Scape red. Sepals red.sucrei
Petal red/violet.
9 - 10 cm long. Scape green. Sepals white togardneri v. rupicola
pale pink. Petals violet/pink (according to Weber)
122DLEAFGrey with scurfy scalesreducta
green, ligulate, to 50 x 6cm, inflo dense bipinnateviolascens
Grey green with appressed scales.122E
122EPLANTWith long stem, flowering to 1m. high.chartacea
Inflo. Subdigitate, spikes to 12cm long
Petal white with pinkish violet blade.
Stemmed, flowering to 1m high, Inflo. to 50cmoroyensis
long, ca 17 spikes, erect, to 5cm long, flowers
not secund
Stemmed, flowering to 1m high, Inflo. To 80cmoroyensis
long, flowers secundvar. secundiflora
With short stem, flowering to 50cm high. Petalcerrateana
red/violet. Inflorescence almost capitate.
with short stem, flowering to 18cm high. Petalermitae
dark violet, Once branched with 4-5 side branch
123SEPALto 3cm long, posterior pair almost free, petalshelmutii
to 4.7cm long, pale violet
To 1.4 cm long, unequally joined for 1 - 2mm.123A
Leaf tip tubular spiral or recurving
Plant with long stem
7 - 9mm long, short connate, petals appendagedmyriantha
Inflorescence sub-globose
All free, or uniformly a little connate124
123AINFLORESCENCETo 60 cm long. Leaf tip spiral. Scape stout.duratii
To 7 cm long. Leaf tip recurved.reichenbachii
Scape slender
124FLORAL BRACT"Shorter than sepals; leaf wide"streptocarpa
Leaf tips almost bent into a hook
A little shorter than sepals, olive green,peiranoi
glabrous, leaves to 5cm long, succulent
Longer than the sepals125
125INFLORESCENCEDensely compound, cylindric - oval 4 - 4.5 cmpampasensis
long with longer stem.
Densely compound, capitate, with large redcalochlamys
primary bracts , petals top1/3 mauve bottom
2/3 white
Compound, with slightly spreading 2-7 spikeskoehresiana
Laxly compound, not dense. cylindric - oval.126
126PETAL BLADE2 cm wide and 2.2 cm long, light violet.esseriana
to 5 mm. widelorentziana
127 (121)LEAVESSpotted127A
not spotted127D
127AINFLORESCENCEtripinnate to quadripinnate, spikes 9x2cm, petalsmaculata
violet, from Ecuador and Peru
Tripinnate, spikes 9cm x 9mm, petals black violetmakrini
from Mexico
127BLEAFmarkings spots and bands dark brown, inflo laxroezlii
floral bract green with red apex
spots purple127C
127CINFLORESCENCEglobular, to 25cm long, subdense, floral bractssigmoidea
S' shaped at tip
ellipsoid, dense, to 18cm longdudleyi
cylindric, dense, over 35cm long, flowering tosuperba
2m high
Dense grey scaled128
128INFLORESCENCECapitate or dense upright, compound spike.129
With sometimes one side spike, lax aftergenseri
anthesis, sepals pale carmine
Not capitate, laxly arranged, compound spike133
129INFLORESCENCENestling in the rosetteidus
(now considered a hybrid)
On a longer stem130
130PRIMARY BRACTAt least the lower, longer than the spike.131
Always shorter than the spike132
131INFLORESCENCEGlobose capitate, leaves spreading, Primarysphaerocephala
bracts and floral bracts reddish
sphaerocephala but inflor only 3 cm long,sphaerocephala
1-1.5 cm widev. tarijensis
Elliptic capitate, leaves secund, Primary bractsimporaensis
and floral bracts shiny red
Ovoid, ellipsoid or subcylindric, 10-15 cmturneri
rarely to 30 cm long, 6-7 cm diam, spikes 4-6 cm
long, floral bracts red, sepals 18-20 mm long
turneri with inflor of few spikes or simpleturneri v orientalis
sepals 13-15 mm long
turneri with inflor subcylindric to 30 cm longturneri v patens
branches spreading
Cylindric or bipinnate131A
131ASPIKE2 - 3 flowered. Inflorescence cylindric -ovalpampasensis
to 4.5cm long
6-8 flowered, inflo fusiform, to 15cm longzaratensis
10-12 flowered. Inflorescence bipinnate,interrupta
50cm long
132FLORAL BRACTPink or rose132A
Green to lilac, shinyfloribunda
132ASCAPE13 cm long. Floral bract pink, inflo to 10cm longhorstii
( ? hybrid chapeuensis x stricta)
15cm long, inflo to 50cm long, with more thanlagunarnsis
30 erect side spikes
4 cm long. Floral bract rose, inflo to 4cm longkautskyi
( Renate Ehlers - petals pink and only
difference with T. sprengeliana is texture of leaves )
133PLANTWith thickened base, bulblike,filifolia
leaf thin grasslike, filiform
Without thickened bulblike base134
134LEAFNot forming a funnel rosette,streptocarpa
thin linear, wide to reflexed
forming a crateriform rosette, flowering to 1.7madpressiflora
high, inflorescence bipinnate to tripinnate
Forming a funnel rosette135
135FLOWERDense to almost dense, arranged137
distichously on rhachis
Laxly arranged on rhachis flowering on one side.136
136SPIKETo 50 cm long, floral bract plump, greenmarnier - lapostollei
5 - 10 cm long, floral bract pale carmine red.laminata
137SEPALNot keeled, Inflorescence tripinnate, erectecarinata
but spikes pendent. Petals blue-violet
Not keeled, Inflo. tripinnate, erect, spikes erectpinnato-digitata
to spreading, petals violet
Not keeled,Inflorescence bipinnate erect toheterandra
slightly bent. Spikes slightly spreading from
axis, petals blue-rose and appendaged
posterior ones keeled or at least keeled138
on the side
138LEAFFiliform awllike, stiff, 4mm wide at middle,floribunda
"Inflorescence with short stem; spike arranged"
almost like fingers
Narrow triangular139
139INFLORESCENCETwo spikes, leaf sheath to 2.5cm wide,krahnii
strongly nerved - Peru
2 - 3 spikes, leaf sheath to 2cm wide, Mexicoguerroensis
More spikes140
140SCAPEBent to hanging to 3 cm long.comarapaensis
Inflorescence compound, to 4cm long
bent to hanging down, to 30cm long, infloschultzii
compound to 35cm long
141SCAPETo 25 cm long. Inflorescence 30 cm long. Spikesgymnobotrya
to 1.5cm wide
To 25cm long, Inflo to 50cm long, Spikes ca 15piepenbringii
to 1cm wide at flowering, petals serrated at tip
To 1 metre long. Inflorescence to 2 metres longhirtzii
Not dense, not narrow pyramidal and tripinnate
at base142A
141A (127D)INFLORESCENCENot dense, but narrow pyramidal and tripinnate
at base141B
densely to laxly bipinnate, cylindric, mainlystenoura
glabrous, red. Spikes 9-29 cm long
stenoura with inflor 25 cm long, spikes erectstenoura v mauroi
5-10 cm long, floral bracts 30-35 mm long
not dense,narrow pyramidal, once branchedsantieusebii
throughout, floral br red to light green
exceeding sepals
Not dense, tripinnate, floral bracts exceeded bysagasteguii
sepals, spikes to 25 cm long
Not dense but narrow pyramidal and
quadripinnate at base, to 1.5m longoxapampae
Very dense142
dense, short stipitate, 5-7cm long, 8-14 flowered
lower ones sometimes scorpioid decurvedbuseri
141BSPIKESdense, 9-29cm long, many flowered, erect tostenoura v tripinnata
Very laxlaxissima
laxissima but plant larger eg. Leaves to 85 cmlaxissima v moorei
floral bracts 10-12 mm long
Suberect to spreading, floral bracts red/purple
141CSPIKESSpreading to deflexed, floral bracts greenishlongifolia
Capitate to 7 x 5cm, with 10-20 spikeskrukoffiana
142INFLORESCENCEcapitate, 15x10cm, hanginglautneri
ellipsoid, 14cm long, primary bracts orbicular,rudolfii
glabrous, with long, lepidote red blades,
leaf green on top, grey lepidote beneathorbicularis
Cylindric (candle like)142F
142AINFLORESCENCEcylindric to 40cm long, primary bracts orangecompacta
yellow, scape decurved
cylindric, to 50cm long, primary bracts red,rubella
scape erect
Spindle shaped, floral bracts red, petals purplebongarana
with white tips
Not narrow cylindric nor spindle shaped142B
Exceeds lower spikes142C
About equaling lower spikes, scape erect then
decurved, inflorescence tripinnateaustralis
About equalling lower spikes, scape erect,
inflorescence bipinnatecuatrecasasii
Shorter than lower spikes143
142CFLORAL BRACTSexceed sepals142D
less than sepalscoinaensis
142DSCAPEcurved, spike 5cm wideconfertiflora
142EINFLORESCENCELaxly bipinnate to tripinnate, 1 - 2 sterile bractsexcelsa
leaves ligulate
laxly bipinnate, leaves linear attenuaterestrepoana
Densely bipinnate, 3-5 sterile bractsemergens
142FINFLORESCENCEto 60cm long, Axis thick to 1.2cmpachyaxon
30-50cm long, axis not thick, primary bractspastensis
exceeding the bottom spikes, spikes erect
40x11cm, axis not thick, primary bracts exceedingsceptriformis
the bottom spikes, red, spikes divergent
to 30cm long,142G
142GPRIMARY BRACTSlight red, blades glabrous, Inflo to 30cm longionochroma
light red, blades strongly lepidote, Inflo tofusiformis
15cm x 3cm
143PLANTThickened bulblike at basefilifolia
Leaves thin, grasslike to filiform
Not thickened bulblike at base144
144FLOWERFlowering on one side, (secund)144A
Arranged distichously145
144AINFLORESCENCEVery lax tripinnatemarnier-lapostollei
bipinnate, branches to 16cm longcucullata
bipinnate, branches to 40cm longkoideae
145SPIKELaxly 2 floweredbiflora
Dense many flowered146
146INFLORESCENCETo 2 spikesbrenneri
3 or more spikes147
147LEAF / INFLORESCENCEWithout grey waxy coating151
With grey waxy coating148
148SEPALFused at the back to 7mm highpomacochae
Floral bracts green and the tip
carmine red to light violet, wax frosted.
Free at the back149
149INFLORESCENCETripinnate 60 cm longglauca
150FLORAL BRACTOver part of the inflorescence dark blue-violetreuteri
Reddish violet, inflorescence hangingclavigera var. pendula
Light purple violet, Inflo erect, to 40cm highpurpurascens
151 (147)PRIMARY BRACTShorter than the spike also the154
bottom one of the inflorescence
Longer than the spike, at least152
the bottom spike of the inflorescence
153LEAFTongue shaped, the back of the sepals joinedguatemalensis
for a short distance
( Renate Ehlers - inflorescence can be bipinnate )
Thin triangular, sepals freegymnobotrya
154FLORAL BRACTNot keeled159
Keeled at tip154A
154AINFLORESCENCETripinnate, very laxmakrinii
erect with spikes spreading to recurved,
10-30cm long154C
bent with secund hanging spikes154D
154CSEPALSStrongly nerved, floral bracts longer than sepalsnervisepala
Even, Floral bracts about equalling sepalsfendleri
Even, Floral bracts about equalling sepalsfendleri var reducta
Sometimes digiatae from few spikes
154DFLORAL BRACTkeeled at tip, floral bracts fine scaled, reddishclavigera
keeled at tip, floral bracts abaxially glabrousfrancisci
greenish yellow with violet brown tips and
155FLORAL BRACTScaled, greenish brown. Petals with a 1.6 mmhamaleana
wide blade. Throat white.
Sparsely lepidote, Inflorescence to 50cm longhoeijeri
with branches mainly secund
Not scaled on outside155A
155AFLORAL BRACTTotally glabrous156
glabrous but a few scales at tip, with waxyromeroi
coating, infloshort axis, to 5 complanate spikes
terminal the longest at 30cm
romeroi but flowering to 40 cm not 100cmromeroi v gruberi
Leaf sheaths very dark violet
Glabrous outside, scaled inside155B
155BINFLORESCENCETo 30cm long, with 14 spikes, to 6cm longbarbeyana
To 35cm long, 6-8 spikes to 18cm longlajensis
To 80cm long, floral bracts chestnut browndenudata
To 80cm long, floral bracts green, plantlets fromdenudata v. vivipara
156FLORAL BRACT"Pink - lilac; Petal with 6 - 9 mm"wagneriana
wide,. deep dark blue blade
Golden yellow, Inflorescence to 1m highkessleri
tripinnate at base then bipinnate
Other colours157
157INFLORESCENCEWith young plants attached161
Without young plants attached157A
157AINFLORESCENCEHanging. Sepals joined for 1/2 length.beutelspacheri
158FLORAL BRACTInflated, only lower ones a little keeledlucida
158AINFLORESCENCElaxly pyramidal, branches spreadingpyramidata
short pinnate to subdigitate, branches erectdeppeana
digitate, branches only 5cm longbrevilingua
bipinnate to 20cm long, 4-5 spikes, erect,kuntzeana
5-10cm long
Bipinnate to 40cm long, spikes to 15cm longmacrodactylon
159 (154)SPIKE20 - 60 cm long, 1.5 cm thick159A
ca 2 - 15 cm long, 0.7 - 5 cm wide.160
159ASPIKERodlike, cylindric.eres
Flattened, complanate to 40 cm long.elongata
Flattened, complanate to 20 cm long.var subimbricata
160AFLOWERViolet-pink. Spike 5 - 6 cm long, 7-8 mm widelatifolia v. divaricata
Pale violet, spike 13 cm long, 25 mm widesubconcolor
160BSTYLEvery short, shorter than the stamens, petalsplatyrhachis
dark violet, spikes ca 15cm long, 5cm wide
about as long as stamens160C
160CSPIKESnodding, floral bracts 17mm long,boliviana
spreading to bent downwards, floral bractselvirae-grossiae
12mm long, pale carmine red on one side
spreading, floral bracts 12mm long, violet totovarensis
dark violet
161 (157)SCAPE3 cm thickpyramidata v. vivapara
6 mm thicksomnians