note The Bromeliad Hybrid list

   by Eric Gouda & Derek Butcher, updated: 2024-06-17 15:10:02

This list is based on the database used for the ' Encyclopaedia of Bromeliads' and is updated on a daily basis. It should be referenced to as follows:

Most of the natural hybrids are not named yet and if they occur often in the wild it would be preferable to describe them and name them. If not named they will appear in the list as a hybrid formula of both parents if those are known. Some hybrids do have a CV name in the BCR and those are shown between 'quotes'. Excluded Taxa are mainly hybrids of man made origin, so not natural hybrids.

If there is a note after the hybrid formula, there is comment when you put the mouse cursor on it.

If you need a printed list of the accepted names only, you can access: A List of Accepted Bromeliaceae Names, which is formatted for printing on Letter size paper.

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