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<- Orthophytum minimum Leme & O.B.C.Ribeiro
(subfam. )

Publ: Phytotaxa 430(3): 186-187 (fig. 13 A–D) (2020)

Type: BRAZIL. Minas Gerais: Riacho dos Machados, Morro do Capim, saxicolous on iron-rich outcrops known as “canga” in Campos Rupestres, 925 m elevation, 16°04’26” S, 42°45’04” W, December 2017, R.C. Mota s. n., fl. cult. E. Leme 9313 (holotype RB!)

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Distribution: BRAZIL: Minas Gerais

Habitat: form dense groups in sun exposed sites on iron-rich soils, 900-925 m. Elev.

Etymology: The name chosen for this new species is based on the Latin word “minimus”, meaning very small, very short, which is a reference to the very small size of O. minimum

Orthophytum minimum