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<- Forzzaea viridifolia Leme & O.B.C. Ribeiro
(subfam. )

Publ: Phytotaxa 430(3): 175-177(figs. 8 A–G) (2019)

Type: BRAZIL. Minas Gerais: Couto de Magalhães de Minas, road to Cachoeira da Fábrica, 828 m elevation, 18°07’25” S, 43°27’00.5” W, 9 August 2017, E. Leme 9229, O. Ribeiro & R. Oliveira (holotype RB!)

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Distribution: BRAZIL: Minas Gerais

Habitat: forms large and dense saxicolous groups of plants, growing in crevices on vertical quartizitic rock formation typical of the Campos Rupestres, as well as on accumulated organic substrate on inclined to nearly horizontal rock outcrops, both in sunny and in more shaded places, 800-1000 m. Elev.

Etymology: The name of this new species is a direct reference to the light green color of the adaxial surface of its leaf blades, which immediately demonstrates its distinctness in comparison to other known species. It is based on the Latin words viridis, meaning ‘green’, and folium, folia, meaning ‘leaves’. Additional specimens examined (paratypes):–– BRAZIL. Minas Gerais: Couto de Magalhães de Minas, road to Garimpo Acaba-Saco, 1008 m elevation, 18°08’06.2” S, 43°28’21.3” W, 18 November 2015, E. Leme 9080 & O. Ribeiro (RB); ibidem, right side of Manso River, proximity of Cachoeira da Fábrica, trail toward Garimpo, 902 m elevation, 18°07’29.5” S, 43°26’10.6” W, 9 August 2017, E. Leme 9230, O. Ribeiro & R. Oliveira (RB!)

Forzzaea viridifolia