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<- Tillandsia stricta subsp. piniformis Rauh ex.Ehers & H.Heidt
(species stricta)

Publ: Die Bromelie 2013(3): 109-115 (2013)

Type: Brasilia, Estado Bahia, Cachoeira Ferro Doido, 18 km orientaliter urbis Morro do Chapeu, 905 m s. m., 28. augusti 2007, floruit in coll. R. Ehlers s.n., augusto 2008, A. Hofacker 611 (holo RB, iso WU).

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Distribution: Brazil: Bahia

Habitat: ca 900 m. Elev.

Etymology: The plant shall wear the name provisionally suggested by Prof. Rauh, Tillandsia stricta subsp. piriformis. The dense leaves resemble somehow a pine cone.

Tillandsia stricta subsp. piniformis