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<- Orthophytum santosianum Leme
(subfam. )

Publ: Phytotaxa 430(3): 188-189 (fig. 14 A–C) (2020)

Type: BRAZIL. Bahia: Jussiape, distrito de Caraguataí, mountain near the village, saxicolous in Campos Rupestres vegetation, ca. 800 m elevation, February 2015, J.E. dos Santos & R.F. Reis Jr. s. n., fl. cult. E. Leme 8977 (holotype RB!)

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Distribution: BRAZIL: Bahia

Habitat: form dense groups in sun exposed sites in a mountain range, ca 800 m. Elev.

Etymology: The name chosen for this new species honors its collector, João Eduardo dos Santos, responsible for the preservation of an important fragment of Atlantic Forest in the county of Itapebi, Bahia state, from where he presented new species of different botanical families to the scientific community

Orthophytum santosianum