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<- Cryptanthus santateresinhensis Leme
(subfam. )

Publ: Phytotaxa 430(3): 163-165 (fig. 3 A–D) (2020)

Type: BRAZIL. Bahia: Santa Teresinha, close to the border with Castro Alves, Serra da Jibóia, ca. 600 m elevation, 12º51’ S, 39º28’ W, May 1998, S. Linhares s.n., fl. cult. E. Leme 4222 (holotype RB!).

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Distribution: BRAZIL: Bahia

Habitat: terrestrial in shaded sites in dry Atlantic Forest fragments, ca 600 m. Elev.

Etymology: The name of C. santateresinhensis refers to the county of Santa Teresinha, Bahia, where it was collected

Cryptanthus santateresinhensis