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<- Wittrockia superba Lindm.

Publ: Svensk. Akad. Handl. 24: 8 20 pl. 2 figs. 13-21 (1891)

Type: Sao Paulo, Santos-Sao Vicente, Ponta de Taipu, 20 Apr. 1875, Mosen 3704. Lectotype: S. Isolectotypes. S.

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Distribution: BRAZIL; Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Parana, Santa Catarina,

Habitat: , up to 400 m. Elev.

Phenology: The data we do have indicate that these plants flower from January to July. In southeastern Brazil, flowering is mainly from April to July, while in the south, it moves up to the warmer months, that is, from January to March.

Wittrockia superba