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<- Wittmackia limae (Leme) Aguirre-Santoro

Publ: Plant Syst. Evol. 303(online): 21 (2017)

Type: BRAZIL. Bahia: Ituberá, Fazenda Michelin, Sapucaia, Mata do Pacangê, May 2004, Lima s.n., fl. cult. March 2010, Leme 6307 (holotype RB).

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Distribution: BRAZIL: Bahia

Habitat: Epiphytic understory dweller in the marshy lowland Atlantic Forest

Etymology: This species is named in honor of its its collector, Pedro Lima, a Brazilian ornithologist and conservation activist, for his valuable contributions to the biological knowledge of the Atlantic Forest of Bahia.

Wittmackia limae