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<- Vriesea philippo-coburgi Wawra

Publ: Oest. Bot. Zeitschr. 30: 219 (1880)

Orthography: Vriesea philippocoburgii (ICN 60.C.2)

Type: Wawra II-1 (holotype W n v lost), Petropolis, Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil. In case no isotype is discovered, the species is well typified by Wawra's illustrations: It. Sax.-Cob. pl. 29, 37-A. 1883.

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Distribution: BRAZIL; Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Parana, Santa Catarina, Rio Grande do Sul,

Habitat: Saxicolous and epiphytic, coastal scrub to mountain cliffs and rainforest,, 2-1200 m. Elev.

Vriesea philippocoburgi
Vriesea philippo-coburgi