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Vriesea imperialis is a synonym of:

<- Alcantarea imperialis (Carrière) Harms

Publ: Bromeliaceae ed. 2, 15a: 126 (1930)

Type: Cultivated material of Paris Museum, no specimen preserved. Neotype: description and plate, Mez (1894): Fl. bras. vol. iii. pars 3, t. 105.

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Distribution: Brasil. Minas Gerais, Rio de Janeiro

Habitat: Heliophyte in rocky outcrops of great inclines and plateaus in high areas, 800-1800 m. Elev. img

Etymology: According to Carriere (1888), the epithet imperialis was dedicated to the Emperor of Brazil, Dom Pedro II, who sent live plants of this species to the Natural History Museum of Paris, in the year 1887.

Phenology: Blooms from November to March, with a peak between December and January. Its fruits become ripe in early June (Martinelli 1997).

Alcantarea imperialis