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<- genus Vriesea Lindl.
(subtrib. Vrieseinae)

Publ: Bot. Reg. 29: pl. 10 (1843)

Orthography: Vriesia

Type: Tillandsia psittacina Hook. [≡ Hexalepis psittacina (Hook.) Raf., Vriesea psittacina (Hook.) Lindl.]

Number of species: 214
   and 41 infraspecific taxa
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Genus Notes:

Edward’s Bot. Reg. 29: ad t. 10. 7 Feb 1843, (‘Vriesia’), nom. cons. [against Hexalepis Raf., Fl. tellur. 4: 24. 1838 (med.) (‘1836’)], non Vriesea Hassk., Flora 25. Beibl.: 27. 1842, Scrophulariaceae).
Type Tillandsia psittacina Hook., Bot. Mag. 55: ad t. 2841. 1828. Vriesea psittacina (Hook.) Lindl., Edward’s Bot. Reg. 29: ad t. 10. 7 Feb 1843. Currently recognized in the subfam. Tillandsioideae. The conservation of Vriesea over Hexalepis effectively conserved not only the corrected orthography of Beer (1856) (over the original Vriesia), but protected the name from the earlier homonym Vriesea Hassk. (1842) (Scrophulariaceae), and from a later renaming to Neovriesia by Britton (1923). Named in honor of Dutch botanist and physician Willem Hendrik de Vriese (1806-1862), of Leiden, The Netherlands.

The orthographic variant ‘Vrieseida’ cited by Rojas Acosta (in Cat. Hist. Nat. Corrientes 85. 1897) is not a separate generic name, rather a nom. nud. Therefore, its recognition is not warranted, and should be removed from any listing of generic names.
(from Grant & Zijlstra 1998)