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<- Ursulaea macvaughii (L.B.Sm.) Read & H.U.Baensch
(subfam. )

Publ: J. Bromeliad Soc. 44(5): 207-209 (1994)

Type: TYPE: McVaugh & Koelz 1491 (holotype, MICH; isotype, US), steep mountainŽside, 8 miles southwest of Pihuamo, 500-600 m alt., Jalisco, Mexico, 6 Dec. 1959. Live material studied at Tropic Beauty, Nassau, Bahamas, Mar. 1993.

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Distribution: MEXICO; Jalisco,

Habitat: mixed tropical forest, almost always as an epiphyte. Abundant on limestone and trees in high, dense forest dominated by Brosimum., 500-600 m. Elev.

Ursulaea macvaughii