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Tillandsia lindenii var. vera vera major is a synonym of:

<- Wallisia cyanea Barfuss & W.Till  (non Tillandsia cyanea K.Koch 1867)  (nom. nov. pro Tillandsia lindenii K. Koch (23 May 1868))

Publ: Phytotaxa 279 (1): 47 (2016)

Type: Wallis in Linden Hortus s n (LG? n v), Huancabamba, Peru. E. Morren notes the identity of Tillandsia cyanea with his T. lindeni thereby making the latter essentially an illegitimate substitute name. The type locality is doubtful in view of later collections.

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Distribution: ECUADOR; PERU(?)

Habitat: Epiphytic in forest, 850 m. Elev. img

Etymology: The specific epithet refers to the blue petal color as in the cornflower (Centaurea cyanus, Asteraceae).

Wallisia cyanea