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<- Stigmatodon multifoliatus (Leme & G.K.Br.) Leme, G.K.Br. & Barfuss

Publ: Phytotaxa 279 (1): 57 (2016)

Type: BRAZIL. ESPÍRITO SANTO: Serra, próximo a BR 101, Morro do Vilante, 20º06’13”S, 40º19’30”W, ca. 290 m elev., R. Oliveira s.n., fl. cult. IX.1997 (holotype RB 495804; isotype MBML).

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Distribution: BRAZIL: Espírito Santo

Habitat: Rupiculous on steep rock surfaces in the Atlantic Forest, ca. 300 m. Elev.

Etymology: The name chosen for Vriesea multifoliata is a reference to its unusual number of leaves per rosette, which allows the easily identification of the species.

Stigmatodon multifoliatus