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<- Stigmatodon freicanecanus (J.A.Siqueira & Leme) D.R.Couto & A.F.Costa

Publ: Systematic Botany 47(2): 6 (2022)

Type: Brazil. Pernambuco, Jaqueira, RPPN Frei Caneca, Serra do Espelho, Pedra do Cruzeiro, 843'23"S, 3550'20"W, 700 m elev, 29 Sept. 1997, J. A. Siqueira-Filho 740 & M. J. A. Campelo, cult. Bbio 235. Holotype: UFR. Isotype: UNIVASF.

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Distribution: BRAZIL; Pernambuco,

Habitat: rupicolous, restricted to the top of inselbergs on flat or somewhat sloping rocky surfaces, ca. 700 m. Elev.

Phenology: flowers subannually from February to November Some 200 synchronously flowering plants have been counted during the flowering period, which is apparently influenced by the lunar cycle (J. A. Siqueira, pers. obs.). Each plant has an average of 3.2 0.94 flowers (n=18). Floral attributes such as nocturnal anthesis, campanulate flowers, nectar volume and concentration, and a garlicky odor suggest bat pollination (see Chapter 6).

Stigmatodon freicanecanus