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<- Stigmatodon francae D.R. Couto, Manhães & A. F. Costa

Publ: NOVON 28: 276-280 fig. 2c-e (2020)

Type: Brazil. Rio de Janeiro: Rio de Janeiro, Jacarepagu´a, Parque Estadual da Pedra Branca, Pedra do Hime, em superf´ıcie vertical, 22°559520S, 043°249470W, 275 m, 10 Sep. 2018, V. C. Manhães & F. P. Uribbe 897 (holotype, R 239586)

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Distribution: Brazil: Rio de Janeiro

Habitat: Rupicolous (epilithic), exclusively inhabiting the cliff ecosystems on inselbergs, usually grow on the north face, where they form a medium-sized population, ca 275 m. Elev. img

Etymology: The specific epithet “francae” honors one of the collectors of the type specimen, the biologist and climber Claudio Ricardo Peixoto França, an enthusiast of the Bromeliaceae who has contributed greatly to knowledge of the distribution of Stigmatodon in Rio de Janeiro municipality

Phenology: This species flowers from September toMay.

Stigmatodon francae