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<- Stigmatodon bifidus (Leme & L.Kollmann) Leme, G.K.Br. & Barfuss

Publ: Phytotaxa 279 (1): 57 (2016)

Type: BRAZIL. Espírito Santo: Água Doce do Norte, near the city, Morro da Torre, 616 m elevation, 18° 34’ 17” S, 40° 59’ 10” W, 27 May 2008, E.Leme 7368, L.Kollmann, A.Fontana, M.Zanoni & O.Ribeiro (holotype RB!).

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Distribution: BRAZIL. Espírito Santo

Habitat: rupicole, living on bare, nearly vertical granitic surfaces of inselbergs, the heliophytic plants are scattered and form a small to medium-sized population, ca. 620 m. Elev.

Etymology: The name of this new species refers to the apex of the petal appendages which is distinctly bifidcaudate, an unusual characteristic useful in the identification of this taxon.

Stigmatodon bifidus