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<- Quesnelia augustocoburgii Wawra
(subgen. Billbergiopsis)

Publ: Oest. Bot. Zeitschr. 30: 150 (1880)

Orthography: Quesnelia augustocoburgii (see ICN 60.C.2)

Type: Brasil, Minas Gerais, Juiz de Fora, Wawra II-185, Wawra 11-196 (Syntype - W, perdidos) ou estampas em Wawra, It. Sax.-Cob. 453, t. 28 e 35b. 1883.

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Distribution: BRAZIL; Minas Gerais, Rio de Janeiro

Habitat: Plants rupicolous or epiphytic, endemic to the southeast portion of the Atlantic Pluvial Forest. It occurs on the hillsides of the serras do Mar and the Mantiqueira,, 400 to 1200 m. Elev.

Phenology: It was recorded in flower in the months of May to July, fruits being observed in July to December. Martinelli (1994) verified for this species the occurrence of fruits in March.

Quesnelia augustocoburgii