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<- Pseudaraeococcus lageniformis (R.A.Pontes & Versieux) R.A.Pontes & Versieux  (comb. nov.)

Publ: PlantNow 1(2): 47 (2020)

Type: BRAZIL. Bahia. Apuarema, Concessão da Rio Tinto, 13.5643°S, 39.4110°W, 20 Nov 2013 (fl; fr), Aona, et al. 3279 (holotype: HURB; isotype: UFRN).

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Distribution: BRAZIL. Bahia

Habitat: epiphyte or occasionally as terrestrial in the Atlantic Forest, 700–720 m. Elev.

Etymology: The epithet refers to the morphology of the leaf rosette, forming a flask-shaped tank.

Pseudaraeococcus lageniformis