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<- Neoregelia tenebrosa Leme
(subgen. Longipetalopsis)

Publ: Canistropsis, Bromeliads of the Atlantic Forest 70-72,.139. (1998)

Type: Rio de Janeiro, Teresopolis near Nova Friburgo, way to Tres Picos, Oct. 1993, E. Leme 2218, P Nahoum & H. Cintra, fl. cult. Jan. 1996. Holotype: HB. Isotype: RB

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Distribution: BRAZIL; Rio de Janeiro,

Etymology: From the Latin tenebrosus (= "dark", "obscure", "gloomy"), th e name of N. tenebrosa represents the rare very dark wine-purple color, almost black, of the petals.

Phenology: Flowering occurs from November to January

Neoregelia tenebrosa