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<- Neoregelia rothinessa Leme, H.Luther & W.Till
(subgen. Longipetalopsis)

Publ: Journal of the Bromeliad Society 60(5): 197-202 (2010)

Type: Brazil, Bahia, Iguaí, near the border with Dário Meira, Serra dos Índios, nascente do Rio dos Índios, Alfredo Pinheiro farm, ca. 926 m elev, 14º31.74’S 40º05.17’W, 26 May 2007, E. Leme 7062, R. F. Reis Jr., J. C. Falcon, A. O. S. Filho, C. Rizério & L. Del Grande. Holotype: RB.

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Distribution: BRAZIL; Bahia

Habitat: rupicolous at the border of humid montane Atlantic Forest, 900-1050 m. Elev.

Etymology: The name of Neoregelia rothinessa honors collectively the children of the senior author, Rodrigo, Thiago, and Vanessa Leme, for all their encouragement, support and understanding of their father’s bromeliad passion.

Neoregelia rothinessa