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<- Neoregelia coimbrae Pereira & Leme
(subgen. Neoregelia)

Publ: Revista Biol. (Lisbon) 45(4): 631 (1985)

Type: State of Rio de Janeiro, between the municipalities of Cachoeira and of Macacu e Mage, approximately near Centre de Primatologia of Rio de Janeiro - CPRJ/FEEMA. Leg. Elton M C Leme No.553, 9/7/1984. Plant epiphytic, mesophyte, in Atlantic Forest. Flowered in cultivation in Dec. 1984. Holotype HB Isotype RB

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Distribution: BRAZIL; Rio de Janeiro,

Habitat: epiphytic, mesophyte,

Etymology: Named in honor of Prof. Adelmar F. Coimbra-Filho, director of CPRJ/FEEMS

Neoregelia coimbrae