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<- Neoregelia bragarum (E.Pereira & L.B.Sm.) Leme
(subgen. Longipetalopsis)

Publ: Canistropsis, Bromeliads of the Atlantic Forest 78-79,.134,.139. (1998)

Type: Rio de Janeiro, Teresopolis, Posse, morro das torres de televisao, 28 Jan. 1968, P I. S. Braga 64. Holotype: RB; Isotype: US, n. v; HB.

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Distribution: BRAZIL; Rio de Janeiro,

Habitat: , 900-1700 m. Elev.

Etymology: Named in honor of its collector, botanist and orchid specialist Pedro Ivo S. Braga.

Phenology: the flowering period of this species appears to be similar to that of most of the other species, that is, from November to February.

Neoregelia bragarum