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<- Hohenbergia ituberaensis B.P. Cavalcante, E.H. Souza & Versieux

Publ: Phytotaxa 439(2): 120-125 (figs. 1–3) (2020)

Type: BRAZIL. Bahia: Ituberá, Rodovia BA-250, Estrada da praia de Pratiji, 13º40’23,2”S, 39º07’02.2”W, 29 m.s.m., 31 July 2018, B. Cavalcante & E.H. Souza 15. (holotype HURB 22226, isotype UFRN 25726) (Fig.3).

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Distribution: BRAZIL: Bahia

Habitat: Terrestrial or more rarely epiphytic in wet fragments of the Atlantic Forest

Etymology: The specific epithet ituberaensis refers to the type locality, the municipality of Ituberá.

Phenology: The beginning of the flowering season was not observed, but herbarium material indicates blooming from February to July, during the rainy season.

Hohenbergia ituberaensis