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<- Forzzaea flavipetala Leme & O.B.C. Ribeiro

Publ: Phytotaxa 430(3): 171-172 (fig. 6 A–F) (2020)

Type: BRAZIL. Minas Gerais: Gouveia, Usina Eólica, 1151 m elevation, 18°32’16.6” S, 43°53’47.9” W, 19 September 2015, E. Leme 9085 & O. Ribeiro (holotype RB!)

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Distribution: BRAZI:. Minas Gerais

Habitat: saxicolous or terrestrial, in partial shaded spots, on or around more or less horizontal quartzitic rock outcrops in the Campos Rupestres, 1120-1150 m. Elev. img

Etymology: The chosen name for this new species is a reference to its unusual pale greenish-yellow petal color, which is in contrast to the white petals of all other known Forzzaea species

Forzzaea flavipetala