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<- Encholirium magalhaesii L.B.Sm.
(subfam. )

Publ: Phytologia 13(2): 152 pl. 7 fig. 17 (1966)

Type: Brasil, Minas Gerais, Municipio de Diamantina, sobre pedras (campo), col. G. M. Magalhaes 18056, VIL 1960, fl. (holotype IAN, photo SP, SPF).

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Distribution: BRAZIL; Minas Gerais,

Habitat: It occurs in rupestral fields , preferrably on rock or, more rarely, in sandstone soils.

Phenology: Specimens in flower and fruit can be found during several months of the year. Though, as well as the great majority of the species of the genus that occur in the Cadeia do Espinhaco (MG), most of the individuals flower and fruit between the months of December and March.

Encholirium magalhaesii