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<- Aechmea paradoxa (Leme) Leme
(subgen. Aechmea)

Publ: Canistrum - Bromeliads of the Atlantic Forest 81. (1997)

Type: Bahia, Buerarema, Alvim Seidel 1100 legit, fl. cult. Dec. 1987, E. Leme 1197. Holotype: HB. Paratype: without exact locality, ex hort. Botanical Garden of Rio de Janeiro, fl. cult. Dec. 1987, E. Leme 97 (HB).

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Distribution: BRAZIL; Bahia,

Etymology: The name of this species comes from the Latin paradoxus meaning inconsistent, unusual, or abnormal, reflecting the dilemma of its taxonomic position. At the time it was described, it was judged as having no close relatives among known species.

Phenology: The two clones of A . paradoxa flower from December to February in cultivation in Rio de Janeiro.

Aechmea paradoxa