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<- Aechmea lactifera Leme & J.A.Siqueira
(subgen. Aechmea)

Publ: Fragm. Mata Atl. Nordeste 199-202 (2006)

Type: Brazil: Pernambuco, Ipojuca, Fazenda Merepe, 300 m from Praia do Cupe, behind the Aqualider, 827'01,8"S, 3459'15,8"W, sea level, 13 Jan. 1997, J. A. Siqueira-Filho 796 (cult. Bbio 252), cult. E. Leme 4812. Holotype: UFP. Isotype: HB.

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Distribution: BRAZIL; Pernambuco, Alagoas,

Habitat: Restinga forest, sea level m. Elev.

Etymology: The most striking characteristic of A. lactifera, from which comes its name, is the presence at anthesis of a copious milky substance at the calyx apex, and between this and the floral bract. As mentioned earlier, the production of this substance is not limited to A. lactifera, but occurs occasionally and less abundantly in A. aquilega and A. chrysocoma. Although the nature and chemical composition of this substance has not yet been investigated using modern techniques (E. Morren's study was in 1877), it may be a mechanism to protect flowers against insect attack. On the other hand, hummingbirds such as Amazilia fimbriata, one of its main pollinators, are attracted to the colors of A. lactifera.

Aechmea lactifera