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<- Aechmea bracteata (Sw.) Griseb.
(subgen. Aechmea)

Publ: Fl. Brit. W. Ind. [i]-xvi: 592 (1865)

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Distribution: Mexico to N. Colombia and Venezuela

Habitat: Epiphyte in oak forests, riparian forests, tropical deciduous forests, tropical sub-deciduous forests, tropical sub-evergreen forests, mangroves, seasonally flooded savannahs, and secondary vegetation, 0-1000 m. Elev. img

Etymology: Not specified in the protologue, however, “bracteata” might be a reference to the inflorescence bracts this species possesses.

Phenology: This species has been collected flowering and fructifying almost all year long, however, flowering occurs most commonly from October to May, while fructification mostly occurs from January to August.

Aechmea bracteata