A   L I S T   OF   A C C E P T E D   B R O M E L I A C E A E   N A M E S

A List of Accepted Bromeliaceae Names
by Eric J. Gouda and Derek Butcher


This list is not a corrected or edited list of the 'Alphabetical list of Bromeliad Binomials' created by the late Harry Luther, and published every two years by the Marie Selby Botanical Gardens and the Bromeliad Society International, in 14 editions up till September 2014.
The intention of the list is similar and the layout has been maintained in this document but there can be differences based on interpretation and opinion. The list is current up till today and can be printed to a PDF file or printer directly. The print date and time 08-05-2021 03:05:52 will be included in the document.

This list (first version: Oct. 2016) is based on the database used for the 'Encyclopaedia of Bromeliads' and is updated on a daily basis. It should be referenced to as follows:

Gouda, E.J. & Butcher, D. (cont. updated) A List of Accepted Bromeliaceae Names [http://bromeliad.nl/bromNames/]. University Botanic Gardens, Utrecht (accessed: 08-05-2021).

On the next page the Genera are listed with the number of accepted species names and to which subfamily it belongs, the number of species in each subfamily and the total number of species.

How can you use the list:

A full list of all Bromeliaceae names, including synonyms, can be found at bromeliad.nl/taxonlist

University Botanic Gardens
E.J. Gouda
Budapestlaan 17
3584 CD Utrecht

- 1 -

A   L I S T   OF   A C C E P T E D   B R O M E L I A C E A E   N A M E S

Genera with the number of species and subfamily

(number excluding infraspecific taxa,
with the largest genera in bold)

Acanthostachys (Brom. 3)
Aechmea (Brom. 244)
Alcantarea (Till. 41)
Ananas (Brom. 3)
Androlepis (Brom. 3)
Araeococcus (Brom. 8)
Barfussia (Till. 5)
Billbergia (Brom. 63)
Brewcaria (Navi. 6)
Brocchinia (Broc. 20)
Bromelia (Brom. 70)
Canistropsis (Brom. 11)
Canistrum (Brom. 13)
Catopsis (Till. 18)
Cipuropsis (Till. 3)
Connellia (Lind. 6)
Cottendorfia (Navi. 1)
Cryptanthus (Brom. 60)
Deinacanthon (Brom. 1)
Deuterocohnia (Pitc. 16)
Disteganthus (Brom. 4)
Dyckia (Pitc. 176)
Edmundoa (Brom. 3)
Eduandrea (Brom. 1)
Encholirium (Pitc. 37)
Fascicularia (Brom. 1)
Fernseea (Brom. 2)
Forzzaea (Brom. 7)
Fosterella (Pitc. 34)
Glomeropitcairnia (Till. 2)
Goudaea (Till. 2)
Gregbrownia (Till. 4)
Greigia (Brom. 36)
Guzmania (Till. 216)
Hechtia (Hech. 84)
Hohenbergia (Brom. 50)
Hohenbergiopsis (Brom. 1)
Hoplocryptanthus (Brom. 9)
Jagrantia (Till. 1)
Josemania (Till. 5)
Karawata (Brom. 7)
Lapanthus (Brom. 2)
Lemeltonia (Till. 7)
Lindmania (Lind. 39)
Lutheria (Till. 4)
Lymania (Brom. 10)
Mezobromelia (Till. 5)
Navia (Navi. 94)
Neoglaziovia (Brom. 3)
Neoregelia (Brom. 123)
Nidularium (Brom. 47)
Ochagavia (Brom. 4)
Orthophytum (Brom. 67)
Pitcairnia (Pitc. 410)
Portea (Brom. 8)
Pseudaechmea (Brom. 1)
Pseudalcantarea (Till. 3)
Pseudaraeococcus (Brom. 6)
Puya (Puyo. 227)
Quesnelia (Brom. 23)
Racinaea (Till. 82)
Rokautskyia (Brom. 14)
Ronnbergia (Brom. 22)
Sequencia (Navi. 1)
Sincoraea (Brom. 11)
Steyerbromelia (Navi. 9)
Stigmatodon (Till. 20)
Tillandsia (Till. 756)
Ursulaea (Brom. 2)
Vriesea (Till. 230)
Wallisia (Till. 5)
Waltillia (Till. 2)
Werauhia (Till. 95)
Wittmackia (Brom. 44)
Wittrockia (Brom. 7)
x Guzlandsia (Till. 1)
xHohenmea (Brom. 1)
Zizkaea (Till. 1)

Subfamilies: Brom.= Bromelioideae (995); Till.= Tillandsioideae (1508); Navi.= Navioideae (111); Broc.= Brocchinioideae (20); Lind.= Lindmanioideae (45); Pitc.= Pitcairnioideae (673); Hech.= Hechtioideae (84); Puyo.= Puyoideae (227); (total number of gerera: 78, species: 3663).

- 2 -

A   L I S T   OF   A C C E P T E D   B R O M E L I A C E A E   N A M E S

Acanthostachys calcicola Marcusso & Lombardi
Acanthostachys pitcairnioides (Mez) Rauh & Barthlott
Acanthostachys strobilacea (Schult. & Schult.f.) Klotsch

Aechmea abbreviata L.B.Sm.
Aechmea aculeatosepala (Rauh & Barthlott) Leme
Aechmea aenigmatica Lopez-Ferrari, Espejo, Ceja & A.Mendoza
Aechmea aguadocensis Leme & L.Kollmann
Aechmea aiuruocensis Leme
Aechmea alba Mez
Aechmea alegrensis W.Weber
Aechmea alopecurus Mez
Aechmea amicorum B.R.Silva & H.Luther
Aechmea ampla L.B.Sm.
Aechmea andaquiensis Betancur & AguirreSantoro
Aechmea andersonii H.Luther & Leme
Aechmea angustifolia Poepp. & Endl.
Aechmea anomala L.B.Sm.
Aechmea apocalyptica Reitz
Aechmea aquilega (Salisb.) Griseb.
 - forma alba Oliva-Esteve
Aechmea araneosa L.B.Sm.
Aechmea arenaria (Ule) L.B.Sm. & M.A.Spencer
Aechmea aripensis (N.E.Brown) Pittendr.
Aechmea atrovittata Leme & Siqueira
Aechmea avaldoana Leme & W.Till
Aechmea azurea L.B.Sm.
Aechmea bahiana L.B.Sm.
Aechmea bambusoides L.B.Sm. & Reitz
Aechmea baudoensis Aguirre-Santoro & Betancur
Aechmea bauxilumii Ángel Fernández
Aechmea biflora (L.B.Sm.) L.B.Sm. & M.A.Spencer
Aechmea blanchetiana (Baker) L.B.Sm.
Aechmea blumenavii Reitz
 - var. alba Reitz
Aechmea bocainensis Pereira & Leme
Aechmea brachystachys (Harms) L.B.Sm. & M.A.Spencer
Aechmea bracteata (Sw.) Griseb.
Aechmea brassicoides Baker
Aechmea brevicollis L.B.Sm.
Aechmea bromeliifolia (Rudge) Baker ex Benth. & Hook.f.
 - var. albobracteata Philcox
Aechmea bruggeri Leme
Aechmea caesia E.Morren ex Baker
Aechmea callichroma Read & Baensch
Aechmea calyculata (E.Morren) Baker
Aechmea campanulata L.B.Sm.
Aechmea candida E.Morren ex Baker
Aechmea capixabae L.B.Sm.
Aechmea cardenasii Aguirre-Santoro & Betancur
Aechmea cariocae L.B.Sm.
Aechmea carvalhoi E.Pereira & Leme
Aechmea castanea L.B.Sm.
Aechmea castelnavii Baker
Aechmea catendensis J.A.Siqueira & Leme
Aechmea cathcartii C.F.Reed & Read
Aechmea caudata Lindm.
 - forma albiflora W.Weber & Röth
 - var. eipperi Reitz
Aechmea cephaloides J.A.Siqueira & Leme
Aechmea chantinii (Carrière) Baker
 - forma amazonica (Ule) H.Luther
 - var. fuchsii H.Luther
Aechmea chlorophylla L.B.Sm.
Aechmea chrysocoma Baker
Aechmea coelestis (K.Koch) E.Morren
 - var. acutifolia E.Pereira
Aechmea colombiana (L.B.Sm.) L.B.Sm. & M.A.Spencer
Aechmea comata (Gaudich.) Baker
Aechmea confertiflora Aguirre-Santoro & Betancur
Aechmea confusa H.Luther
Aechmea conifera L.B.Sm.
Aechmea contracta (Mart. ex Schult. & Schult.f.) Baker
Aechmea correia-araujoi Pereira & Moutinho
Aechmea corymbosa (Mart. ex Schult. & Schult.f.) Mez
Aechmea costantinii (Mez) L.B.Sm.
Aechmea cucullata H.Luther
Aechmea cylindrata Lindm.
Aechmea cymosopaniculata Baker
Aechmea dactylina Baker
Aechmea dealbata E.Morren ex Baker
Aechmea decurva Proctor
Aechmea dichlamydea Baker
 - var. pariaensis Pittendr.
 - var. trinitensis L.B.Sm.
Aechmea digitata L.B.Sm. & Read
Aechmea discordiae Leme
Aechmea disjuncta (L B Smith) Leme & J A Siqueira
Aechmea distichantha Lem.
 - forma albiflora L.B.Sm.

- 3 -

A   L I S T   OF   A C C E P T E D   B R O M E L I A C E A E   N A M E S

 - var. glaziovii (Baker) L.B.Sm.
 - var. schlumbergeri E.Morren ex Mez
 - var. vernicosa E.Pereira
Aechmea downsiana Pittendr.
Aechmea echinata (Leme) Leme
Aechmea egleriana L.B.Sm.
Aechmea emmerichiae Leme
Aechmea entringeri Leme
Aechmea eurycorymbus Harms
Aechmea farinosa (Regel) L.B.Sm.
 - var. conglomerata (Baker) L.B.Sm.
 - var. discolor (Beer ex Baker) L.B.Sm.
Aechmea fasciata (Lindl.) Baker
 - var. pruinosa Reitz
 - var. purpurea (Guillon) Mez
Aechmea fendleri André ex Mez
Aechmea fernandae (E.Morren) Baker
Aechmea ferruginea L.B.Sm.
Aechmea filicaulis (Griseb.) Mez
Aechmea flavorosea E.Pereira
Aechmea flemingii H.Luther
Aechmea floribunda Mart. ex Schult. & Schult.f.
Aechmea fosteriana L.B.Sm.
 - subsp. rupicola Leme
Aechmea fraudulosa Mez
Aechmea fuerstenbergii E.Morren & Wittm.
Aechmea fulgens Brongn.
 - var. discolor (C.Morren) Brongn. ex Baker
Aechmea gamosepala Wittm.
 - var. nivea Reitz
Aechmea geminiflora (Harms) L.B.Sm. & M.A.Spencer
Aechmea gentryi H.Luther & K.Norton
Aechmea gigantea Baker
Aechmea glandulosa Leme
Aechmea gracilis Lindm.
Aechmea grazielae Martinelli & Leme
Aechmea guainumbiorum J A Siqueira & Leme
Aechmea guarapariensis E.Pereira & Leme
Aechmea guaratingensis Leme & L.Kollmann
Aechmea gurkeniana Pereira & Moutinho
Aechmea haltonii H.Luther
Aechmea heterosepala Leme
Aechmea hoppii (Harms) L.B.Sm.
Aechmea huebneri Harms
Aechmea iguana Wittm.
Aechmea joannis T.Strehl
 - var. alvipetala T.Strehl
Aechmea jungurudoensis H.Luther & K.Norton
Aechmea kentii (H.Luther) L.B.Sm. & M.A.Spencer
Aechmea kertesziae Reitz
Aechmea kleinii Reitz
Aechmea koesteri Manzan.
Aechmea lactifera Leme & J.A.Siqueira
Aechmea lamarchei (E.Morren ex Mez) Mez
Aechmea lanata (L.B.Sm.) L.B.Sm. & M.A.Spencer
Aechmea x lanjouwii (L.B.Sm.) L.B.Sm.emend.E.J.Gouda
Aechmea lasseri L.B.Sm.
Aechmea latifolia (Willd. ex Schult.f.) Klotzsch ex Baker
Aechmea leonard-kentiana H.Luther & Leme
Aechmea leptantha (Harms) Leme & J A Siqueira
Aechmea leucolepis L.B.Sm.
Aechmea lilacinantha Leme
Aechmea longicuspis Baker
 - var. kuntzeana Gouda
Aechmea longifolia (Rudge) L.B.Sm. & M.A.Spencer
Aechmea longipedunculata Betancur & Aguirre-Santoro
Aechmea longiramosa Betancur & Aguirre-Santoro
Aechmea lueddemanniana (K.Koch) Mez
Aechmea lugoi (Gilmartin & H.Luther) L.B.Sm. & M.A.Spencer
Aechmea lymanii W.Weber
Aechmea maasii Gouda & W.Till
Aechmea macrochlamys L.B.Sm.
Aechmea maculata L.B.Sm.
Aechmea magdalenae (André) André ex Baker
Aechmea manzanaresiana H.Luther
Aechmea marauensis Leme
Aechmea marginalis Leme & J.A.Siqueira
Aechmea mariae-reginae H.Wendl
Aechmea melinonii Hook.
Aechmea mertensii (Meyer) Schult. & Schult.f.
Aechmea mexicana Baker
Aechmea microcephala E.Pereira & Leme
Aechmea milsteiniana L.B.Sm. & Read
Aechmea miniata (Beer) hort. ex Baker
 - var. discolor (Beer) Beer ex Baker
Aechmea mira Leme & H.Luther
Aechmea mollis L.B.Sm.
Aechmea moonenii Gouda
Aechmea moorei H.Luther
Aechmea mulfordii L.B.Sm.
Aechmea murcae (L.B.Sm.) L.B.Sm. & M.A.Spencer

- 4 -

A   L I S T   OF   A C C E P T E D   B R O M E L I A C E A E   N A M E S

Aechmea muricata (Arruda da Camara) L.B.Sm.
Aechmea mutica L.B.Sm.
Aechmea nallyi L.B.Sm.
Aechmea napoensis L.B.Sm. & M.A.Spencer
Aechmea nidularioides L.B.Sm.
Aechmea nivea L.B.Sm.
Aechmea novoae Flores-Arg., López-Ferr. & Espejo
Aechmea nudicaulis (L.) Griseb.
 - var. aequalis L.B.Sm. & Reitz
 - var. aureorosea (Antoine) L.B.Sm.
 - var. cuspidata Baker
 - var. nordestina Siqueira & Leme
Aechmea organensis Wawra
Aechmea orlandiana L.B.Sm.
 - subsp. belloi Pereira & Leme
Aechmea ornata Baker
 - var. hoehneana L.B.Sm.
Aechmea pallida L.B.Sm.
Aechmea paniculata Ruiz & Pav.
Aechmea paniculigera (Sw.) Griseb.
Aechmea paradoxa (Leme) Leme
Aechmea paratiensis Leme & Fraga
Aechmea patriciae H.Luther
Aechmea pectinata Baker
Aechmea pedicellata Leme & H.Luther
Aechmea penduliflora André
Aechmea perforata L.B.Sm.
Aechmea phanerophlebia Baker
Aechmea pimenti-velosoi Reitz
 - var. glabra Reitz
Aechmea pineliana (Brongn. ex Planch.) Baker
Aechmea podantha L.B.Sm.
Aechmea poitaei (Baker) L.B.Sm. & M.A.Spencer
Aechmea politii L.B.Sm.
Aechmea polyantha E.Pereira & Reitz
Aechmea prancei L.B.Sm.
Aechmea prava E.Pereira
Aechmea pubescens Baker
Aechmea purpureorosea (Hook.) Wawra
Aechmea pyramidalis Benth
Aechmea racinae L.B.Sm.
 - var. tubiformis E.Pereira
Aechmea ramosa Mart. ex Schult. & Schult.f.
 - var. festiva L.B.Sm.
Aechmea ramusculosa Leme
Aechmea reclinata C.Sastre & R.Brithmer
Aechmea recurvata (Klotzsch) L.B.Sm.
 - var. albobracteata T.Strehl
 - var. benrathii (Mez) Reitz
 - var. ortgiesii (Baker) Reitz
Aechmea recurvipetala Leme & L.Kollmann
Aechmea retusa L.B.Sm.
Aechmea roberto-anselmoi Pereira & Leme
Aechmea roberto-seidelii E.Pereira
Aechmea rodriguesiana (L.B.Sm.) L.B.Sm.
Aechmea roeseliae H.Luther
Aechmea romeroi L.B.Sm.
Aechmea rubens (L.B.Sm.) L.B.Sm
Aechmea rubiginosa Mez
Aechmea rubroaristata Leme & Fraga
Aechmea rubrolilacina Leme
Aechmea seideliana W.Weber
Aechmea seidelii (Leme) Sm. & Spencer
Aechmea serragrandensis Leme & J A Siqueira
Aechmea serrata (L.) Mez
Aechmea servitensis André
 - var. exigua L.B.Sm.
Aechmea setigera Mart. ex Schult. & Schult.f.
Aechmea skotakii H.Luther ex Manzanares
Aechmea smithiorum Mez
 - var. longistipitata E.Gross
Aechmea spectabilis (K.Koch) Brongn. ex Houllet
Aechmea sphaerocephala Baker
Aechmea sphaeroglossa hort.
Aechmea squarrosa Baker
Aechmea stenosepala L.B.Sm.
Aechmea streptocalycoides Philcox
Aechmea strobilacea L.B.Sm.
Aechmea strobilina (Beurl.) L.B.Sm. & Read
Aechmea sucreana Martinelli & C.Vieira
Aechmea sumidourensis Leme
Aechmea tayoensis Gilmartin
Aechmea tessmannii Harms
Aechmea tillandsioides (Mart. ex Schult.f.) Baker
Aechmea timida Leme
Aechmea tocantina Baker
Aechmea tomentosa Mez
Aechmea triangularis L.B.Sm.
Aechmea triticina Mez
Aechmea vallerandii (Carrière) Erhardt, Götz & Seybold
Aechmea vanhoutteana (Van Houtte) Mez
Aechmea vasquezii H.Luther
Aechmea victoriana L.B.Sm.
 - var. discolor M.B.Foster
Aechmea viridipetala A.F.Costa & Amorim
Aechmea warasii E.Pereira

- 5 -

A   L I S T   OF   A C C E P T E D   B R O M E L I A C E A E   N A M E S

 - var. discolor E.Pereira
 - var. intermedia (E.Pereira) E.Pereira & Leme
Aechmea weberi (E.Pereira & Leme) Leme
Aechmea weilbachii F.Didr.
 - forma leodiensis (André) Pereira & Leme
 - forma pendula Reitz
 - forma viridisepala Pereira & Leme
 - var. albipetala Leme & And.Costa
Aechmea werdermannii Harms
Aechmea williamsii (L.B.Sm.) L.B.Sm. & M.A.Spencer
Aechmea winkleri Reitz
Aechmea wittmackiana (Regel) Mez
Aechmea woronowii Harms
Aechmea xinguana A.K.Koch, Ilkiu-Borg. & Forzza
Aechmea zebrina L.B.Sm.
Aechmea 'Orange River'

Alcantarea abacta Versieux
Alcantarea acuminatifolia Leme
Alcantarea aurantiaca Versieux
Alcantarea australiana Versieux & Smythe
Alcantarea benzingii Leme
Alcantarea burle-marxii (Leme) J.R.Grant
Alcantarea cerosa Leme, A.P.Fontana & O.B.C.Ribeiro
Alcantarea compacta Leme & O.B.C.Ribeiro
Alcantarea distractila Leme & Paula
Alcantarea duarteana (L.B.Sm.) J.R.Grant
Alcantarea extensa (L.B.Sm.) J.R.Grant
Alcantarea farneyi (Martinelli & A.Costa) J.R.Grant
Alcantarea galactea Coser & Versieux
Alcantarea geniculata (Wawra) J.R.Grant
Alcantarea glaucifolia Leme & L.Kollmann
Alcantarea glaziouana (Lemaire) Leme
Alcantarea heloisae J.R.Grant
Alcantarea imperialis (Carrière) Harms
Alcantarea lanceopetala Leme
Alcantarea longibracteata Leme & Fraga
Alcantarea martinellii Versieux & Wand.
Alcantarea mucilaginosa Leme
Alcantarea nahoumii (Leme) J.R.Grant
Alcantarea nana Leme
Alcantarea nevaresii Leme
Alcantarea nigripetala Leme & L.Kollmann
Alcantarea occulta Leme
Alcantarea odorata (Leme) J.R.Grant
Alcantarea pataxoana Versieux
Alcantarea patriae Versieux & Wanderley
Alcantarea recurvifolia Leme
Alcantarea regina (Vell.) Harms
Alcantarea roberto-kautskyi Leme
Alcantarea simplicisticha Leme & A.P.Fontana
Alcantarea tortuosa Versieux & Wand
Alcantarea trepida Versieux & Wand.
Alcantarea turgida Versieux & Wand.
Alcantarea vandenbergii Versieux
Alcantarea vasconcelosiana Leme
Alcantarea vinicolor (E.Pereira & Reitz) J.R.Grant
Alcantarea x ‘Landsendt Blue Grey’

Ananas ananassoides (Baker) L.B.Sm.
 - var. nanus L.B.Sm.
Ananas parguazensis Camargo & L.B.Sm.
Ananas sagenaria (Arruda) Schult. & Schult.f.

Androlepis fragrans Leme & H.Luther
Androlepis najarroi Ramírez-Díaz & I. Ramírez
Androlepis skinneri Brongniart ex Houllet

Araeococcus chlorocarpus (Wawra) Leme & J A Siqueira
Araeococcus flagellifolius Harms
Araeococcus goeldianus L.B.Sm.
Araeococcus lageniformis R.A.Pontes & Versieux
Araeococcus micranthus Brongn.
Araeococcus montanus Leme
Araeococcus pectinatus L.B.Sm.
Araeococcus sessiliflorus Leme & J A Siqueira

Barfussia laxissima (Mez) Manzan. & W.Till
Barfussia moorei (H. Luther) Gouda
Barfussia platyrhachis (Mez) Manzan. & W.Till
Barfussia robusta Gouda
Barfussia wagneriana (L.B.Sm.) Manzan. & W.Till

Billbergia acreana H.Luther
Billbergia alfonsi-joannis Reitz
Billbergia amoena (Loddiges) Lindley
 - forma viridiflora Pereira & Moutinho
 - var. carnea Pereira

- 6 -

A   L I S T   OF   A C C E P T E D   B R O M E L I A C E A E   N A M E S

 - var. cylindracea E.Pereira
 - var. flavescens Reitz
 - var. minor (Antoine & Beer ex Beer) L.B.Sm.
 - var. robertiana Pereira & Leme
 - var. stolonifera Pereira & Moutinho
 - var. viridis L.B.Sm.
Billbergia brachysiphon L.B.Sm.
 - var. breviflora H.Luther
 - var. paraensis L.B.Sm.
Billbergia bradeana L.B.Sm.
Billbergia brasiliensis L.B.Sm.
Billbergia cardenasii L.B.Sm.
Billbergia castelensis Pereira
Billbergia chiapensis Matuda
Billbergia chlorantha L.B.Sm.
Billbergia x claudioi Leme
Billbergia cylindrostachya Mez
Billbergia dasilvae Leme
Billbergia decipiens Pereira & Reitz
Billbergia decora Poepp. & Endl.
Billbergia distachia (Vell.) Mez
 - var. concolor Reitz
 - var. maculata Reitz
 - var. straussiana (Wittm.) L.B.Sm.
Billbergia eloiseae L.B.Sm. & Read
Billbergia euphemiae E.Morren
 - var. nudiflora L.B.Sm.
 - var. purpurea M.B.Foster
 - var. saundersioides L.B.Sm.
Billbergia formosa Ule
Billbergia fosteriana L.B.Sm.
Billbergia horrida Regel
 - var. tigrina hort. ex Baker
Billbergia incarnata (Ruiz & Pavon) Schult. & Schult.f.
Billbergia iridifolia (Nees & Mart.) Lindley
 - var. concolor L.B.Sm.
Billbergia issingiana T.Kromer & E.Gross
Billbergia jandebrabanderi R.Vasquez & Ibisch
Billbergia kautskyana Pereira
Billbergia laxiflora L.B.Sm.
Billbergia leptopoda L.B.Sm.
Billbergia lietzei E.Morren
 - var. chlorantha E.Morren
Billbergia lymanii Pereira & Leme
 - var. angustifolia Pereira & Leme
Billbergia macracantha Pereira
Billbergia macrocalyx Hook.
Billbergia macrolepis L.B.Sm.
Billbergia magnifica Mez
 - var. acutisepala Hassl.
Billbergia manarae Steyerm.
Billbergia matogrossensis Leme
Billbergia meyeri Mez
Billbergia microlepis L.B.Sm.
Billbergia minarum L.B.Sm.
 - var. viridiflora Pereira & Leme
Billbergia morelii Brongn.
Billbergia nana Pereira
Billbergia nutans H.Wendl. ex Regel
 - var. schimperiana (Wittm. ex Baker) Mez
 - var. striata Reitz
Billbergia oxysepala Mez
Billbergia pallidiflora Liebm.
Billbergia pohliana Mez
Billbergia porteana Brongn. ex Beer
Billbergia pyramidalis (Sims) Lindl.
 - var. lutea Leme & W.Weber
Billbergia reichardtii Wawra
Billbergia robert-readii E.Gross & Rauh
Billbergia rosea Beer
Billbergia rubicunda Mez
Billbergia rupestris L.B.Sm.
Billbergia sanderiana E.Morren
Billbergia saundersii W.Bull
Billbergia seidelii L.B.Sm. & Reitz
Billbergia speciosa Thunb.
Billbergia stenopetala Harms
Billbergia tessmannii Harms
Billbergia tweedieana Baker
 - var. latisepala L.B.Sm.
Billbergia violacea Beer
Billbergia viridiflora H.Wendl
Billbergia vittata Brongn. ex Morel
Billbergia zebrina (Herb.) Lindl.

Brewcaria brocchinioides (L.B.Sm.) B.Holst
Brewcaria duidensis L.B.Sm., Steyerm. & H.Rob.
Brewcaria hechtioides (L.B.Sm.) B.Holst
Brewcaria hohenbergioides (L.B.Sm.) B.Holst
Brewcaria marahuacae L.B.Sm., Steyerm. & H.Rob.
Brewcaria reflexa (L.B.Sm.) B.Holst

- 7 -

A   L I S T   OF   A C C E P T E D   B R O M E L I A C E A E   N A M E S

Brocchinia acuminata L.B.Sm.
Brocchinia amazonica L.B.Sm.
Brocchinia cataractarum (Sandwith) B.Holst
Brocchinia cowanii L.B.Sm.
Brocchinia delicatula L.B.Sm.
Brocchinia gilmartiniae G.S.Varad.
Brocchinia hechtioides Mez
Brocchinia hitchcockii L.B.Sm.
Brocchinia maguirei L.B.Sm.
Brocchinia melanacra L.B.Sm.
Brocchinia micrantha (Baker) Mez
Brocchinia paniculata Schult. & Schult.f.
Brocchinia prismatica L.B.Sm.
Brocchinia reducta Baker
Brocchinia rupestris (Gleason) B.Holst
Brocchinia steyermarkii L.B.Sm.
Brocchinia tatei L.B.Sm.
Brocchinia uaipanensis (Maguire) Givnish
Brocchinia vestita L.B.Sm.
Brocchinia wurdackiana B.Holst

Bromelia agavifolia Brongn. ex Houllet
Bromelia alsodes St.John
Bromelia alta L.B.Sm.
Bromelia amplifolia Leme & W.Till
Bromelia antiacantha Bertol
Bromelia araujoi P.J.Braun, Esteves & Scharf
Bromelia arenaria Ule
Bromelia arubaiensis P.L.Ibisch & R.Vásquez
Bromelia auriculata L.B.Sm.
Bromelia balansae Mez
 - var. tricolor (M.B.Foster) L.B.Sm.
 - forma tricolor hortus ex M.B.Foster
Bromelia binotii E.Morren ex Mez
Bromelia braunii Leme & Esteves
Bromelia charlesii Braun, Esteves & Scharf
Bromelia chrysantha Jacq
Bromelia dilatata Esteves, Hofacker & Scharf
Bromelia eitenorum L.B.Sm.
Bromelia epiphytica L.B.Sm.
Bromelia estevesii Leme
Bromelia exigua Mez
Bromelia ferox Esteves
Bromelia flemingii I.Ramírez & Carnevali
Bromelia fosteriana L.B.Sm.
Bromelia fragilis L.B.Sm.
Bromelia glaziovii Mez
Bromelia goeldiana L.B.Sm.
Bromelia goyazensis Mez
Bromelia gracilisepala R.F.Monteiro & Forzza
Bromelia grandiflora Mez
Bromelia granvillei L.B.Sm. & Gouda
Bromelia gurkeniana Pereira & Moutinho
 - var. funchiana Pereira & Leme
Bromelia hemisphaerica Lamarck
Bromelia hieronymi Mez
Bromelia horstii Rauh
Bromelia humilis Jacq.
Bromelia ignaciana R.Vásquez & P.L.Ibisch
Bromelia interior L.B.Sm.
Bromelia irwinii L.B.Sm.
Bromelia karatas L.
Bromelia laciniosa Mart. ex Schult. & Schult.f.
Bromelia lagopus Mez
Bromelia legrellae (E.Morren) Mez
Bromelia lindevaldae Leme & Esteves
Bromelia macedoi L.B.Sm.
Bromelia magnifica Esteves & Gouda
Bromelia michaelii Esteves, Hofacker & Scharf
Bromelia minima Leme & Esteves
Bromelia morreniana (Regel) Mez
Bromelia neotenuifolia I.M.Turner
Bromelia nidus-puellae (André) André ex Mez
Bromelia oliveirae L.B.Sm.
Bromelia palmeri Mez
Bromelia pinguin L.
Bromelia poeppigii Mez
Bromelia redoutei (Baker) L.B.Sm.
Bromelia regnellii Mez
Bromelia reversacantha Mez
Bromelia richardii Esteves, Hofacker & Scharf
Bromelia rondoniana L.B.Sm.
Bromelia rosea Esteves, Hofacker & Scharf
Bromelia scarlatina (Linden) E.Morren
Bromelia serra Griseb.
Bromelia superba Mez
Bromelia superficialis P.J.Braun & Esteves
Bromelia sylvicola S.Moore
Bromelia tarapotina Ule
Bromelia tocantinense Esteves & Gouda
Bromelia trianae Mez
Bromelia tubulosa L.B.Sm.
Bromelia unaensis Leme & Scharf
Bromelia villosa Mez

- 8 -

A   L I S T   OF   A C C E P T E D   B R O M E L I A C E A E   N A M E S

Canistropsis albiflora (L.B.Sm.) H.Luther & Leme
Canistropsis billbergioides (Schult.f.) Leme
 - forma azurea (E.Pereira & Leme) Leme
Canistropsis burchellii (Baker) Leme
Canistropsis correia-araujoi (E.Pereira & Leme) Leme
Canistropsis elata (E.Pereira & Leme) Leme
Canistropsis exigua (E.Pereira & Leme) Leme
Canistropsis marceloi (E.Pereira & Moutinho) Leme
Canistropsis microps (E.Morren ex Mez) Leme
 - forma bicensis (Ule) Leme
 - forma pallida (L.B.Sm.) Leme
Canistropsis pulcherrima (E.Pereira) Leme
Canistropsis seidelii (L.B.Sm. & Reitz) Leme
Canistropsis simulans (E.Pereira & Leme) Leme

Canistrum alagoanum Leme & J.A.Siqueira
Canistrum aurantiacum E.Morren
Canistrum auratum Leme
Canistrum camacaense Martinelli & Leme
Canistrum fosterianum L.B.Sm.
Canistrum guzmanioides Leme
Canistrum improcerum Leme & J.A.Siqueira
Canistrum lanigerum H.H.Luther & Leme
Canistrum montanum Leme
Canistrum pickelii (A.Lima & L.B.Sm.) Leme & J.A.Siqueira
Canistrum sandrae Leme
Canistrum seidelianum W.Weber
Canistrum triangulare L.B.Sm. & Reitz

Catopsis berteroniana (Schult.f.) Mez
Catopsis compacta Mez
Catopsis delicatula L.B.Sm.
Catopsis floribunda (Brongn.) L.B.Sm.
Catopsis hahnii Baker
Catopsis juncifolia Mez & Wercklé
Catopsis micrantha L.B.Sm.
Catopsis minimiflora Matuda
Catopsis morreniana Mez
Catopsis nitida (Hook.) Griseb.
Catopsis nutans (Sw.) Griseb.
 - var. robustior L.B.Sm.
Catopsis occulta Mart.-Correa, Espejo & López-Ferr.
Catopsis paniculata E.Morren
Catopsis pisiformis Rauh
Catopsis sessiliflora (Ruiz & Pav.) Mez
Catopsis subulata L.B.Sm.
Catopsis wangerinii Mez & Wercklé ex Mez
 - var. pisiformis Palaci
Catopsis wawranea Mez

Cipuropsis amicorum (I.Ramírez & Bevilacqua) Gouda
Cipuropsis asmussii Gouda
Cipuropsis subandina Ule

Connellia augustae (M.R.Schomb.) N.E.Br.
Connellia caricifolia L.B.Sm.
Connellia nahoumii Leme
Connellia nutans L.B.Sm.
Connellia quelchii N.E.Br.
Connellia varadarajanii L.B.Sm. & Steyerm.

Cottendorfia florida Schult. & Schult.f.

Cryptanthus acaulis (Lindley) Beer
 - var. ruber Beer
Cryptanthus alagoanus Leme & J.A.Siqueira
Cryptanthus arelii H.Luther
Cryptanthus argyrophyllus Leme
Cryptanthus bahianus L.B.Sm.
Cryptanthus beuckeri E.Morren
Cryptanthus bibarrensis Leme
Cryptanthus bivittatus (Hook.) Regel
 - var. atropurpureus Mez
Cryptanthus boanovensis Leme
Cryptanthus brevifolius Leme
Cryptanthus bromelioides Otto & A.Dietr.
Cryptanthus capitatus Leme
Cryptanthus capitellatus Leme & L.Kollmann
Cryptanthus cinereus D.M.C. Ferreira & Louzada
Cryptanthus colnagoi Rauh & Leme
Cryptanthus coriaceus Leme
Cryptanthus correia-araujoi Leme
Cryptanthus crassifolius Leme
Cryptanthus cruzalmensis Leme & E.H. Souza
Cryptanthus delicatus Leme
Cryptanthus diamantinensis Leme
Cryptanthus dianae Leme
Cryptanthus dorothyae Leme
Cryptanthus felixii J.A.Siqueira & Leme

- 9 -

A   L I S T   OF   A C C E P T E D   B R O M E L I A C E A E   N A M E S

Cryptanthus giganteus Leme & A.P Fontana
Cryptanthus grazielae H.Luther
Cryptanthus guanduensis Leme & L. Kollmann
Cryptanthus heimenii P.J.Braun & Gonçalves Brito
Cryptanthus ilhanus Leme
Cryptanthus incrassatus L.B.Sm.
Cryptanthus lacerdae Antoine
Cryptanthus lutherianus I.Ram¡rez
Cryptanthus lyman-smithii Leme
Cryptanthus marginatus L.B.Sm.
Cryptanthus maritimus L.B.Sm.
Cryptanthus minarum L.B.Sm.
Cryptanthus osiris W.Weber
Cryptanthus pickelii L.B.Sm.
Cryptanthus praetextus E.Morren ex Baker
Cryptanthus pseudopetiolatus Philcox
Cryptanthus reisii Leme
Cryptanthus reptans Leme & J.A.Siqueira
Cryptanthus rigidifolius Leme
Cryptanthus robsonianus Leme
Cryptanthus ruthae Philcox
Cryptanthus santateresinhensis Leme
Cryptanthus seidelianus W.Weber
Cryptanthus sergipensis I.Ramirez
Cryptanthus sinuosus L.B.Sm.
Cryptanthus tabuleiricola Leme & L.Kollmann
Cryptanthus teretifolius Leme
Cryptanthus ubairensis I.Ram¡rez
Cryptanthus univittatus Leme
Cryptanthus venecianus Leme & L.Kollmann
Cryptanthus vexatus Leme
Cryptanthus viridipetalus Leme & L.Kollmann
Cryptanthus viridovinosus Leme
Cryptanthus walkerianus Leme & L.Kollmann
Cryptanthus warren-loosei Leme
Cryptanthus zonatus (Vis.) Beer

Deinacanthon urbanianum (Mez) Mez

Deuterocohnia abstrusa (A.Cast.) N.Schütz
Deuterocohnia brevifolia (Griseb.) M.A.Spencer & L.B.Sm.
Deuterocohnia brevispicata Rauh & L.Hrom.
Deuterocohnia chrysantha (Phil.) Mez
Deuterocohnia digitata L.B.Sm.
Deuterocohnia gableana R.Vásquez & Ibisch
Deuterocohnia glandulosa E.Gross
Deuterocohnia haumanii A.Cast.
Deuterocohnia longipetala (Baker) Mez
Deuterocohnia lotteae (Rauh) M.A.Spencer & L.B.Sm.
Deuterocohnia meziana Kuntze ex Mez
 - subsp. carmineoviridiflora (Rauh) N.Schutz
 - subsp. pedicellata (Till) N.Schutz
 - subsp. vallegrandensis Gómez Romero, Slanis & Grau
 - subsp. vogtii N.Schutz
Deuterocohnia recurvipetala E.Gross
Deuterocohnia scapigera (Rauh & L.Hrom.) M.A.Spencer & L.B.Sm.
Deuterocohnia schreiteri A.Cast.
Deuterocohnia seramisiana R.Vasquez, Ibisch & E.Gross
Deuterocohnia strobilifera Mez
 - var. inermis L.B.Sm.

Disteganthus basilateralis Lem.
Disteganthus gracieae Aguirre-Santoro & Michelang.
Disteganthus lateralis (L.B.Sm.) Gouda
Disteganthus morii Aguirre-Santoro & Michelang

Dyckia acutiflora Leme & Z.J.G.Miranda
Dyckia affinis Baker
Dyckia agudensis Irgang & Sobral
Dyckia alba Winkler
Dyckia areniticola Leme
Dyckia atratiflora P.J.Braun, Esteves & Scharf
Dyckia aurea L.B.Sm.
Dyckia barthlottii R.Vasquez & Ibisch
Dyckia beateae E.Gross & Rauh
Dyckia brachyphylla L.B.Sm.
Dyckia brachystachya Rauh & E.Gross
Dyckia bracteata (Wittmack) Mez
Dyckia brasiliana L.B.Sm.
Dyckia braunii Rauh
Dyckia brevifolia Baker
Dyckia burchellii Baker
Dyckia burle-marxii L.B.Sm. & Read
Dyckia cabrerae L.B.Sm. & Reitz
Dyckia cangaphila P.J.Braun, Esteves & Scharf
Dyckia choristaminea Mez
Dyckia cinerea Mez
Dyckia commixta Hassl.
Dyckia conceicionensis O.B.C.Ribeiro & Leme
Dyckia consimilis Mez

- 10 -

A   L I S T   OF   A C C E P T E D   B R O M E L I A C E A E   N A M E S

Dyckia coximensis L.B.Sm. & Reitz
Dyckia crassifolia Rauh
Dyckia crocea L.B.Sm.
Dyckia dawsonii L.B.Sm.
Dyckia delicata Larocca & Sobral
Dyckia deltoidea (L.B.Sm.) L.B.Sm.
Dyckia densiflora Schult. & Schult.f.
Dyckia dissitiflora Schult. & Schult.f.
Dyckia distachya Hassl.
Dyckia divaricata Leme & H.Büneker
Dyckia domfelicianensis T.Strehl
Dyckia duckei L.B.Sm.
Dyckia dusenii L.B.Sm.
Dyckia edwardii P.J.Braun, Esteves & Scharf
Dyckia elata Mez
Dyckia elisabethae Winkler
Dyckia elongata Mez
Dyckia eminens Mez
Dyckia encholirioides (Gaudich.) Mez
 - var. rubra (Wittm.) Reitz
Dyckia espiritosantensis Leme & A.P.Fontana
Dyckia estevesii Rauh
Dyckia excelsa Leme
Dyckia exserta L.B.Sm.
Dyckia ferox Mez
Dyckia ferrisincola O.B.C.Ribeiro & Leme
Dyckia ferruginea Mez
Dyckia floribunda Griseb.
Dyckia formosensis Leme & Z.J.G Miranda
Dyckia fosteriana L.B.Sm.
 - var. robustior L.B.Sm.
Dyckia frigida Hook.f.
Dyckia glabrifolia Leme & O.B.C.Ribeiro
Dyckia glandulosa L.B.Sm. & Reitz
Dyckia goehringii Rauh
Dyckia goiana L.B.Sm.
Dyckia gouveiana Leme & O.B.C.Ribeiro
Dyckia gracilis Mez
Dyckia grandidentata P.J.Braun & Esteves
Dyckia granmogulensis Rauh
Dyckia hatschbachii L.B.Sm.
Dyckia hebdingii L.B.Sm.
Dyckia hohenbergioides Leme & Esteves
Dyckia horridula Mez
Dyckia ibicuiensis T.Strehl
Dyckia ibiramensis Reitz
Dyckia incana O.B.C.Ribeiro & Leme
Dyckia inflexifolia E.A.E.Guarçoni & M.A.Sartori
Dyckia insignis Hassl.
Dyckia irmgardiae L.B.Sm.
Dyckia irwinii L.B.Sm.
Dyckia joanae-marcioi P J Braun, Esteves & Scharf
Dyckia jonesiana T.Strehl
Dyckia julianae T.Strehl
Dyckia kranziana Leme
Dyckia lagoensis Mez
Dyckia leptostachya Baker
Dyckia limae L.B.Sm.
Dyckia lindevaldae Rauh
Dyckia linearifolia Baker
Dyckia lunaris Leme
Dyckia lutziana L.B.Sm.
Dyckia macedoi L.B.Sm.
Dyckia machrisiana L.B.Sm.
Dyckia macropoda L.B.Sm.
Dyckia maracasensis Ule
Dyckia maranhensis Guarçoni & Saraiva
Dyckia maritima Baker
Dyckia marnier-lapostollei L.B.Sm.
 - var. estevesii Rauh
Dyckia martinellii B.R.Silva & Forzza
Dyckia mauriziae Esteves & Hofacker
Dyckia mellobarretoi L.B.Sm.
Dyckia mezii Krapp
Dyckia microcalyx Baker
 - var. ostenii L.B.Sm.
Dyckia milagrensis Leme
Dyckia minarum Mez
Dyckia mirandiana Leme & Z.J.G.Miranda
Dyckia mitis A.Cast.
Dyckia montezumensis Leme
Dyckia monticola L.B.Sm. & Reitz
Dyckia nana Leme & O.B.C.Ribeiro
Dyckia nervata Rauh
Dyckia niederleinii Mez
Dyckia nigrospinulata T.Strehl
Dyckia nobilis H.Büneker
Dyckia odorata L.B.Sm.
Dyckia oligantha L.B.Sm.
Dyckia orobanchoides Mez
Dyckia oscarii Guarçoni & Sartori
Dyckia pampeana Büneker
Dyckia paraensis L.B.Sm.
Dyckia pauciflora L.B.Sm. & Read
Dyckia paucispina Leme & Esteves
Dyckia pectinata L.B.Sm. & Reitz
Dyckia pernambucana L.B.Sm.
Dyckia piauiensis Esteves & Gouda
Dyckia piracanjubensis Esteves & Gouda
Dyckia platyphylla L.B.Sm.

- 11 -

A   L I S T   OF   A C C E P T E D   B R O M E L I A C E A E   N A M E S

Dyckia polyclada L.B.Sm.
Dyckia pontesii H.Büneker, L.Witeck & K.Soares
Dyckia pottiorum Leme
Dyckia princeps Lem.
Dyckia pseudococcinea L.B.Sm.
Dyckia pulquinensis Wittm.
Dyckia pumila L.B.Sm.
Dyckia racemosa Baker
Dyckia racinae L.B.Sm.
Dyckia ragonesei A.Cast.
Dyckia rariflora Schult. & Schult.f.
Dyckia reitzii L.B.Sm.
Dyckia remotiflora Otto & Dietrich
 - var. angustior L.B.Sm.
 - var. montevidensis (K.Koch bis) L.B.Sm.
 - var. tandilensis (Speg.) Cabrera
Dyckia retardata Winkler
Dyckia retroflexa Winkler
Dyckia richardii P.J.Braun & Esteves
Dyckia rigida T.Strehl
Dyckia rondonopolitana Leme
Dyckia saxatilis Mez
Dyckia schwackeana Mez
Dyckia secunda L.B.Sm.
Dyckia secundifolia Leme
Dyckia selloa (K.Koch bis) Baker
Dyckia sellowiana Mez
Dyckia seringeriana P.J.Braun & Gastaldi
Dyckia sickii L.B.Sm.
Dyckia silvae L.B.Sm.
Dyckia simulans L.B.Sm.
Dyckia sordida Baker
Dyckia spinulosa L.B.Sm. & Reitz
Dyckia splendida Esteves & Gouda
Dyckia stenophylla L.B.Sm.
Dyckia stolonifera P.J.Braun & Esteves
Dyckia strehliana H.Büneker & R.Ponte
Dyckia subinermis Mez
Dyckia sulcata Guarçoni
Dyckia tenebrosa Leme & H.Luther
Dyckia tenuis Mez
Dyckia tobatiensis Hassl.
Dyckia tomentella Mez
Dyckia trichostachya Baker
Dyckia tuberosa (Vell.) Beer
Dyckia tubifilamentosa Wand. & G.Sousa
Dyckia tweediei Mez
Dyckia uleana Mez
Dyckia ursina L.B.Sm.
Dyckia velascana Mez
Dyckia velloziifolia Mez
Dyckia vestita Hassl.
Dyckia vicentensis T.Strehl
Dyckia vilsonii P.J.Braun & Gastaldi
Dyckia virgata Mez
Dyckia waechteri T.Strehl
Dyckia walteriana Leme
Dyckia warmingii Mez
Dyckia weddelliana Baker

Edmundoa ambigua (Wanderley & Leme) Leme
Edmundoa lindenii (Regel) Leme
 - var. rosea (E.Morren) Leme
Edmundoa perplexa (L.B.Sm.) Leme

Eduandrea selloana (Baker) Leme, W.Till, G.K.Brown, J.R.Grant & Govaerts

Encholirium agavoides Forzza & Zappi
Encholirium anteroi Braun, Esteves & R.Esteves
Encholirium ascendens Leme
Encholirium belemii L.B.Sm. & Read
Encholirium biflorum (Mez) Forzza
Encholirium brachypodum L.B.Sm. & R.W.Read
Encholirium bracteatum P. J. Braun & Esteves
Encholirium bradeanum L.B.Sm.
Encholirium ctenophyllum Forzza & Zappi
Encholirium diamantinum Forzza
Encholirium disjunctum Forzza
Encholirium eddie-estevesii Leme & Forzza
Encholirium erectiflorum L.B.Sm.
Encholirium fragae Forzza
Encholirium gracile L.B.Sm.
Encholirium heloisae (L.B.Sm.) Forzza & Wanderley
Encholirium horridum L.B.Sm.
Encholirium irwinii L.B.Sm.
Encholirium josinoi-narcisae P. J. Braun & Esteves
Encholirium kranzianum Leme & Forzza
Encholirium longiflorum Leme
Encholirium luxor L.B.Sm. & R.W.Read
Encholirium lymanianum Pereira & Martinelli
Encholirium magalhaesii L.B.Sm.
Encholirium maximum Forzza & Leme
Encholirium pedicellatum (Mez) Rauh
Encholirium pernambucanum L.B.Sm. & Read

- 12 -

A   L I S T   OF   A C C E P T E D   B R O M E L I A C E A E   N A M E S

Encholirium pierre-braunii Esteves
Encholirium pulchrum Forzza, Leme & O.B.C.Ribeiro
Encholirium reflexum Forzza & Wand.
Encholirium scrutor (L.B.Sm.) Rauh
Encholirium spectabile Mart. ex Schult. & Schult.f.
Encholirium splendidum Forzza
Encholirium subsecundum (Baker) Mez
Encholirium viride P. J. Braun & Esteves
Encholirium viridicentrum Leme & O.B.C.Ribeiro
Encholirium vogelii Rauh

Fascicularia bicolor (Ruiz & Pavon) Mez
 - subsp. canaliculata E.C.Nelson & G.Zizka

Fernseea bocainensis Pereira & Moutinho
 - forma brevifolia R.F.Monteiro
Fernseea itatiaiae (Wawra) Baker

Forzzaea coutensis Leme & O.B.C. Ribeiro
Forzzaea flavipetala Leme & O.B.C. Ribeiro
Forzzaea leopoldo-horstii (Rauh)) Leme, S. Heller & Zizka
Forzzaea micra (Louzada, Wand. & Versieux) Leme, S. Heller & Zizka
Forzzaea pseudomicra Leme & O.B.C. Ribeiro
Forzzaea viridifolia Leme & O.B.C. Ribeiro
Forzzaea warasii (E. Pereira)) Leme, S. Heller & Zizka

Fosterella albicans (Griseb.) L.B.Sm.
Fosterella aletroides (L.B.Sm.) L.B.Sm.
Fosterella atlantica Leme, O.B.C. Ribeiro & Forzza
Fosterella batistana Ibisch, Leme & J.Peters
Fosterella bodoquenensis Leme & Forzza
Fosterella caulescens Rauh
Fosterella chaparensis Ibisch, R.Vasquez & E.Gross
Fosterella christophii Ibisch, Leme & J.Peters
Fosterella cotacajensis Kessler, Ibisch & E.Gross
Fosterella elviragrossiae Ibisch, Leme & J.Peters
Fosterella floridensis Ibisch, R.V squez & E.Gross
Fosterella gracilis (Rusby) L.B.Sm.
Fosterella graminea (L.B.Sm.) L.B.Sm.
Fosterella hatschbachii L.B.Sm. & Read emend. Leme & Forzza.
Fosterella heterophylla Rauh
Fosterella kroemeri Ibisch, Leme & J.Peters
Fosterella lilliputiana Leme & Forzza
Fosterella micrantha (Lindl.) L.B.Sm.
Fosterella nicoliana Peters, Weising & Ibisch
Fosterella pearcei (Baker) L.B.Sm.
Fosterella penduliflora (C.H.Wright) L.B.Sm.
Fosterella petiolata (Mez) L.B.Sm.
Fosterella rexiae Ibisch, R.V squez & E.Gross
Fosterella robertreadii Ibisch, Leme & J.Peters
Fosterella rojasii (L.B.Sm.) L.B.Sm.
Fosterella rusbyi (Mez) L.B.Sm.
Fosterella schidosperma (Baker) L.B.Sm.
Fosterella spectabilis H.Luther
Fosterella vasquezii E.Gross & Ibisch
Fosterella villosula (Harms) L.B.Sm.
Fosterella weberbaueri (Mez) L.B.Sm.
Fosterella weddelliana (Brongn. ex Baker) L.B.Sm.
Fosterella windischii L.B.Sm. & Read
Fosterella yuvinkae Ibisch, R.V squez, E.Gross & S.Reichle

Glomeropitcairnia erectiflora Mez
Glomeropitcairnia penduliflora (Griseb.) Mez

Goudaea chrysostachys (E.Morren) W.Till & Barfuss
 - var. stenophylla (L.B.Sm.) W.Till & Barfuss
Goudaea ospinae (H.Luther) W.Till & Barfuss
 - var. gruberi (H.Luther) W.Till & Barfuss

Gregbrownia brownii (H.Luther) W.Till & Barfuss
Gregbrownia fulgens (L.B.Sm.) W.Till & Barfuss
Gregbrownia hutchisonii (L.B.Sm.) W.Till & Barfuss
Gregbrownia lyman-smithii (Rauh & Barthlott) W.Till & Barfuss

Greigia acebeyi B.Will, T.Krömer, M.Kessler, D.Karger & H.Luther
Greigia alborosea (Griseb.) Mez
Greigia aristeguietae L.B.Sm.
Greigia atrobrunnea H.Luther
Greigia atrocastanea H.Luther
Greigia berteroi Skottsb.
Greigia cochabambae H.Luther

- 13 -

A   L I S T   OF   A C C E P T E D   B R O M E L I A C E A E   N A M E S

Greigia collina L.B.Sm.
Greigia columbiana L.B.Sm.
 - var. subinermis L.B.Sm.
Greigia danielii L.B.Sm.
Greigia exserta L.B.Sm.
Greigia juareziana L.B.Sm.
Greigia kessleri H.Luther
Greigia landbeckii (Lechl. ex Phil.) Phil.
Greigia leymebambana H.Luther
Greigia macbrideana L.B.Sm.
Greigia marioae B.Will, T.Krömer, M.Kessler, D.Karger & H.Luther
Greigia membranacea B.Will, T.Krömer, M.Kessler, D.Karger & H.Luther
Greigia mulfordii L.B.Sm.
 - var. macrantha L.B.Sm.
Greigia nubigena L.B.Sm.
Greigia oaxacana L.B.Sm.
Greigia ocellata L.B.Sm. & Steyerm
Greigia pearcei Mez
Greigia racinae L.B.Sm.
Greigia raporum H.Luther
Greigia rohwederi L.B.Sm.
Greigia sanctae-martae L.B.Sm.
Greigia sodiroana Mez
Greigia sphacelata (Ruiz & Pavon) Regel
Greigia stenolepis L.B.Sm.
Greigia steyermarkii L.B.Sm.
Greigia sylvicola Standl.
Greigia tillettii L.B.Sm. & Read
Greigia van-hyningii L.B.Sm.
Greigia vilcabambae H.Luther
Greigia vulcanica André

Guzmania acorifolia (Griseb.) Mez
Guzmania acuminata L.B.Sm.
Guzmania acutispica E.Gross
Guzmania adscendens H.Luther & K.Norton
Guzmania aequatorialis L.B.Sm.
Guzmania albescens H.Luther & Determann
Guzmania alborosea H.Luther
Guzmania alcantareoides H.Luther
Guzmania alliodora E.Gross
Guzmania altsonii L.B.Sm.emend Gouda
Guzmania x amoena H.Luther
Guzmania amplectens L.B.Sm.
Guzmania andreana (E.Morren) Mez
Guzmania andreettae Rauh
Guzmania angustifolia (Baker) Wittm.
 - var. nivea L.B.Sm.
Guzmania apiculata L.B.Sm.
Guzmania armeniaca H.Luther
Guzmania asplundii L.B.Sm.
Guzmania atrocastanea H.Luther
Guzmania attenuata L.B.Sm. & Read
Guzmania bakeri (Wittm.) Mez
Guzmania bergii H.Luther
Guzmania berteroniana (Schult.f.) Mez
Guzmania besseae H.Luther
Guzmania betancurii H.Luther
Guzmania bicolor L.B.Sm.
Guzmania bipartita L.B.Sm.
Guzmania blassii Rauh
Guzmania brackeana Manzanares
Guzmania bracteosa (André) André ex Mez
Guzmania brasiliensis Ule
Guzmania breviscapa H.Luther
Guzmania brevispatha Mez
Guzmania butcheri Rauh
Guzmania cabrerae Gilmartin
Guzmania calamifolia André ex Mez
 - var. rosacea J.R.Grant
Guzmania calothyrsus Mez
Guzmania candelabrum (André) André ex Mez
Guzmania caricifolia (André ex Baker) L.B.Sm.
Guzmania cerrohoyaensis H.Luther
Guzmania cinnabarina H.Luther & K.Norton
Guzmania circinnata Rauh
Guzmania claviformis H.Luther
Guzmania compacta Mez
Guzmania condensata Mez & Wercklé
Guzmania condorensis H.Luther
Guzmania confinis L.B.Sm.
Guzmania confusa L.B.Sm.
Guzmania conglomerata H.Luther
 - var. pyrrosia Gouda
Guzmania conifera (André) André ex Mez
Guzmania coriostachya (Griseb.) Mez
Guzmania corniculata H.Luther
Guzmania cuatrecasasii L.B.Sm.
Guzmania cuzcoensis L.B.Sm.
Guzmania cylindrica L.B.Sm.
Guzmania dalstroemii H.Luther
Guzmania danielii L.B.Sm.
Guzmania darienensis H.Luther
Guzmania delicatula L.B.Sm.
Guzmania densiflora Mez
Guzmania densispica Gouda & Manzanares
Guzmania desautelsii L.B.Sm. & Read

- 14 -

A   L I S T   OF   A C C E P T E D   B R O M E L I A C E A E   N A M E S

Guzmania devansayana E.Morren
Guzmania diazii H.Luther
Guzmania diffusa L.B.Sm.
Guzmania dissitiflora (André) L.B.Sm.
Guzmania donnellsmithii Mez ex Donn.Sm.
Guzmania dudleyi L.B.Sm.
Guzmania dussii Mez
Guzmania ecuadorensis Gilmartin
Guzmania eduardii André ex Mez
Guzmania ekmanii (Harms) Harms ex Mez
Guzmania elvallensis H.Luther
Guzmania erythrolepis Brongn. ex Planch.
Guzmania farciminiformis H.Luther
Guzmania fawcettii Mez
Guzmania ferruginea H.Luther
Guzmania filiorum L.B.Sm.
Guzmania flagellata S.Pierce & J.R.Grant
Guzmania foetida Rauh
Guzmania formosa H.Luther
Guzmania fosteriana L.B.Sm.
Guzmania x fuerstenbergiana (Kirchoff & Wittmack) Wittmack
Guzmania fuquae H.Luther & Determann
Guzmania garciaensis Rauh
Guzmania glaucophylla Rauh
Guzmania globosa L.B.Sm.
Guzmania glomerata Mez & Wercklé
Guzmania gloriosa (André) André ex Mez
Guzmania goudotiana Mez
Guzmania gracilior (André) Mez
Guzmania gracilis H.Luther
Guzmania graminifolia (André ex Baker) L.B.Sm.
Guzmania harlingii H.Luther
Guzmania hedychioides L.B.Sm.
Guzmania henniae H.Luther
Guzmania herrerae H.Luther & W.J.Kress
Guzmania hirtzii H.Luther
Guzmania hitchcockiana L.B.Sm.
Guzmania hollinensis H.Luther
Guzmania inexpectata H.Luther
Guzmania inkaterrae Gouda & C.Soto
Guzmania izkoi Manzanares & W.Till
Guzmania jaramilloi H.Luther
Guzmania kalbreyeri (Baker) L.B.Sm.
Guzmania kareniae H.Luther & K.F.Norton
Guzmania kennedyae L.B.Sm. & R.W.Read
Guzmania kentii H.Luther
Guzmania killipiana L.B.Sm.
Guzmania kraenzliniana Wittm.
Guzmania kressii H.Luther & K.Norton
Guzmania laeta H.Luther
Guzmania lehmanniana (Wittm.) Mez
Guzmania lemeana Manzan.
Guzmania leonard-kentiana H.Luther & K.Norton
Guzmania lepidota (André) André ex Mez
Guzmania lindenii (André) Mez
 - var. concolor Rauh
Guzmania lingulata (L.) Mez
 - var. cardinalis (André) André ex Mez
 - var. concolor Proctor & Cede�o-Maldonado
 - var. flammea (L.B.Sm.) L.B.Sm.
Guzmania x litaensis H.Luther
Guzmania loeflingiana Y.Vivas & B.Hoist
Guzmania longibracteata Betancur & Salinas
Guzmania longipetala (Baker) Mez
Guzmania loraxiana J.R.Grant
Guzmania lychnis L.B.Sm.
Guzmania macropoda L.B.Sm.
Guzmania madisonii H.Luther
Guzmania manzanaresiorum H.Luther
Guzmania marantoidea (Rusby) H.Luther
Guzmania megastachya (Baker) Mez
Guzmania melinonis Regel
Guzmania membranacea L.B.Sm. & Steyerm.
Guzmania mitis L.B.Sm.
Guzmania monostachia (L.) Rusby ex Mez
 - forma alba (Ariza-Julia) Gouda
Guzmania morreniana (Linden ex E.Morren) Mez
Guzmania mosquerae (Wittm.) Mez
Guzmania mucronata (Griseb.) Mez
Guzmania multiflora (André) André ex Mez
Guzmania musaica (Linden & André) Mez
 - var. concolor L.B.Sm.
 - var. discolor H.Luther
 - var. rosea H.Luther
 - var. zebrina Cutak
Guzmania nangaritzae H.Luther & K.Norton
Guzmania nicaraguensis Mez & C.F.Baker ex Mez
Guzmania nidularioides L.B.Sm. & Read
Guzmania nubicola L.B.Sm.
Guzmania nubigena L.B.Sm.
Guzmania obtusiloba L.B.Sm.
Guzmania osyana (E.Morren) Mez
Guzmania pallida L.B.Sm.
Guzmania palustris (Wittm.) Mez
Guzmania panamensis Cáceres González

- 15 -

A   L I S T   OF   A C C E P T E D   B R O M E L I A C E A E   N A M E S

Guzmania paniculata Mez
Guzmania pattersoniae Manzan.
Guzmania patula Mez & Wercklé
Guzmania pearcei (Baker) L.B.Sm.
Guzmania pennellii L.B.Sm.
Guzmania plicatifolia L.B.Sm.
Guzmania plumieri (Griseb.) Mez
Guzmania polycephala Mez & Wercklé ex Mez
Guzmania poortmanii (André) André ex Mez
Guzmania pseudodissitiflora H.Luther & K.Norton
Guzmania pseudospectabilis H.Luther
Guzmania pungens L.B.Sm.
Guzmania puyoensis Rauh
Guzmania radiata L.B.Sm.
Guzmania rauhiana H.Luther
Guzmania regalis H.Luther
Guzmania remediosensis E.Gross
Guzmania remyi L.B.Sm.
Guzmania retusa L.B.Sm.
Guzmania rhonhofiana Harms
 - forma variegata H.Luther
Guzmania roezlii (E.Morren) Mez
Guzmania rosea L.B.Sm.
Guzmania roseiflora Rauh
Guzmania rubrolutea Rauh
Guzmania rugosa L.B.Sm. & Read
Guzmania sanguinea (André) André ex Mez
 - var. brevipedicellata Gilmartin
 - var. comosa H.Luther
Guzmania scandens H.Luther & W.J.Kress
Guzmania scherzeriana Mez
Guzmania septata L.B.Sm.
Guzmania sibundoyorum L.B.Sm.
Guzmania sieffiana H.Luther
Guzmania skotakii H.Luther
Guzmania sneidernii L.B.Sm.
Guzmania spectabilis (Mez & Wercklé) Utley
Guzmania sphaeroidea (André) André ex Mez
Guzmania sprucei (André) L.B.Sm.
Guzmania squarrosa (Mez & Sodiro) L.B.Sm. & Pittendr.
Guzmania stenostachya L.B.Sm.
Guzmania steyermarkii L.B.Sm.
Guzmania straminea (K.Koch bis) Mez
Guzmania striata L.B.Sm.
Guzmania stricta L.B.Sm.
Guzmania strobilantha (Ruiz & Pav.) Mez
Guzmania subcorymbosa L.B.Sm.
Guzmania tarapotina Ule
Guzmania tenuifolia (H.Luther) Betancur & Salinas
Guzmania terrestris L.B.Sm. & Steyerm.
Guzmania testudinis L.B.Sm. & Read
 - var. splendida H.Luther
Guzmania teucamae H.Luther & K.Norton
Guzmania teuscheri L.B.Sm.
Guzmania triangularis L.B.Sm.
Guzmania undulatobracteata (Rauh) Rauh
Guzmania vanvolxemii (André) André ex Mez
Guzmania variegata L.B.Sm.
Guzmania ventricosa (Griseb.) Mez
Guzmania verecunda L.B.Sm.
Guzmania victoriae Rauh
Guzmania vinacea H.Luther & Norton
Guzmania virescens (Hook.) Mez
Guzmania viridiflora E.Gross
Guzmania vittata (Mart. ex Schult. & Schult.f.) Mez
Guzmania weberbaueri Mez
Guzmania wittmackii (André) André ex Mez
Guzmania xanthobractea Gilmartin
Guzmania xipholepis L.B.Sm.
Guzmania zahnii (Hook.f.) Mez
 - var. longiscapa Rauh
Guzmania zakii H.Luther
Guzmania x 'Colombian Gold'

Hechtia aquamarina I.Ramírez & C.Jiménez
Hechtia argentea (B.S.Williams) Baker
Hechtia bracteata Mez
Hechtia caerulea (Matuda) L.B.Sm.
Hechtia capituligera Mez
Hechtia carlsoniae Burt-Utley & Utley
Hechtia caudata L.B.Sm.
Hechtia caulescens Lopez-Ferrari, Espejo & Martinez-Correa
Hechtia chichinautzensis Martínez-Correa, Espejo & López-Ferrari
Hechtia colossa Martínez-Correa, Espejo & L�pez-Ferrari
Hechtia complanata Burt-Utley
Hechtia conzattiana L.B.Sm.
Hechtia deceptrix I.Ramírez & Hornung
Hechtia dichroantha Donn.Sm.
Hechtia edulis I.Ramı́rez, Espejo & López-Ferr.
Hechtia elegans Siekkinen, Hern.-Cardenas, Lopez-Ferr. & Espejo
Hechtia ensifolia Hern.-Cardenas, Siekkinen, Lopez-Ferr. & Espejo
Hechtia epigyna Harms

- 16 -

A   L I S T   OF   A C C E P T E D   B R O M E L I A C E A E   N A M E S

Hechtia flexilifolia I.Ramírez & Carnevali
Hechtia fosteriana L.B.Sm.
Hechtia fragilis Burt-Utley & Utley
Hechtia galeottii Mez
Hechtia gayorum L.W.Lenz
Hechtia ghiesbreghtii Lem.
Hechtia glauca Burt-Utley & Utley
Hechtia glomerata Zuccharini
Hechtia guatemalensis Mez
Hechtia gypsophila López-Ferr., Espejo & Hern.-Cárdenas
Hechtia hernandez-sandovalii I.Ramírez, C.F.Jiménez & Treviño
Hechtia hidalguense (K. Romero, C.T. Hornung & I. Ramírez) Ined.
Hechtia hintoniana Burt-Utley, Utley & García-Mendoza
Hechtia huamelulaensis I.Ramírez & Carnevali
Hechtia ibugana Flores-Argüelles, Espejo & López-Ferr.
Hechtia iltisii Burt-Utley & Utley
Hechtia isthmusiana Burt-Utley
Hechtia ixtlanensis Burt-Utley
Hechtia jaliscana L.B.Sm.
Hechtia laevis L.B.Sm.
Hechtia lanata L.B.Sm.
Hechtia laxissima L.B.Sm.
Hechtia lepidophylla I.Ramírez
Hechtia lundelliorum L.B.Sm.
Hechtia lyman-smithii Burt-Utley & Utley
Hechtia malvernii Gilmartin
Hechtia mapimiana López-Ferrari et Espejo
Hechtia marnierlapostollei L.B.Sm.
Hechtia matudae L.B.Sm.
Hechtia medusae Hern.-Cardenas, Siekkinen, Lopez-Ferr. & Espejo
Hechtia melanocarpa L.B.Sm.
Hechtia michoacana Burt-Utley, Utley, and García-Mendoza
Hechtia minuta Hern-Cárdenas, Espejo & López-Ferr.
Hechtia montana Brandegee
Hechtia montis-frigidi González-Rocha, Espejo, López-Ferr. & Cerros-Tlatilpa
Hechtia mooreana L.B.Sm.
Hechtia myriantha Mez
Hechtia nivea I.Ramírez & C.F.Jiménez
Hechtia nuusaviorum Espejo & López-Ferrari
Hechtia oaxacana Burt-Utley, Utley, and García-Mendoza
Hechtia pedicellata S.Watson
Hechtia perotensis I.Ramírez & Martínez-Correa
Hechtia platyphylla Hern.-Cárdenas, Siekkinen, López-Ferr. & Espejo
Hechtia podantha Mez
Hechtia pretiosa Espejo & López-Ferrari
Hechtia pringlei B.L.Rob. & Greenm.
Hechtia pueblensis Burt-Utley, Utley & García-Mendoza
Hechtia pumila Burt-Utley & Utley
Hechtia purhepecha García, Espejo & López-Ferr.
Hechtia purpusii Brandegee
Hechtia pycnostachya Hern.-Cárdenas, Siekkinen, López-Ferr. & Espejo
Hechtia reflexa L.B.Sm.
Hechtia reticulata L.B.Sm.
Hechtia rosea E.Morren ex Baker
Hechtia roseana L.B.Sm.
Hechtia rubicunda Lopez-Ferrari & Espejo
Hechtia santanae I.Ramírez & P.Carrillo
Hechtia schottii Baker
Hechtia sphaeroblasta B.L.Robinson
Hechtia stenopetala Klotzsch
Hechtia suaveolens Morr. ex Mez
Hechtia subalata L.B.Sm.
Hechtia tehuacana B.L.Rob.
Hechtia texensis S.Watson
Hechtia tillandsioides (André) L.B.Sm.
Hechtia zamudioi Espejo, López-Ferrari & I.Ramírez

Hohenbergia aechmeoides Leme
Hohenbergia andina Betancur
Hohenbergia arcuata Leme & M.Machado
Hohenbergia augusta (Vell.) E.Morren
Hohenbergia barbarespina Leme & Fraga
Hohenbergia belemii L.B.Sm. & Read
Hohenbergia blanchetii (Baker) Mez
Hohenbergia brachycephala L.B.Sm.
Hohenbergia burle-marxii Leme & W.Till
Hohenbergia capitata Schult. & Schult.f.
Hohenbergia castellanosii L.B.Sm. & Read
Hohenbergia catingae Ule
Hohenbergia conquistensis Leme
Hohenbergia correia-araujoi Pereira & Moutinho
Hohenbergia edmundoi L.B.Sm. & Read
Hohenbergia eriantha (Brongniart ex Baker) Mez
Hohenbergia estevesii Pereira & Moutinho
Hohenbergia flava Leme & C.C.Paula
Hohenbergia halutheriana Leme
Hohenbergia hatschbachii Leme

- 17 -

A   L I S T   OF   A C C E P T E D   B R O M E L I A C E A E   N A M E S

Hohenbergia horrida Harms
Hohenbergia humilis L.B.Sm. & Read
Hohenbergia igatuensis Leme
Hohenbergia isepponae R.Oliveira & Wand.
Hohenbergia itamarajuensis Leme & Baracho
Hohenbergia ituberaensis B.P. Cavalcante, E.H. Souza & Versieux
Hohenbergia lanata Pereira & Moutinho
Hohenbergia lativaginata J.R.Maciel & Louzada
Hohenbergia lemei H.H.Luther & K.Norton
Hohenbergia leopoldo-horstii E.Gross, Rauh & Leme
Hohenbergia littoralis L.B.Sm.
Hohenbergia loredanoana Leme & L.Kollmann
Hohenbergia magnispina Leme
Hohenbergia membranostrobilus Mez
Hohenbergia minor L.B.Sm.
Hohenbergia mutabilis Leme & L.Kollmann
Hohenbergia oxoniensis W.Weber
Hohenbergia pabstii L.B.Sm. & Read
Hohenbergia pennae Pereira
Hohenbergia ramageana Mez
Hohenbergia reconcavensis Leme & Fraga
Hohenbergia ridleyi (Baker) Mez
Hohenbergia rosea L.B.Sm. & Read
Hohenbergia salzmannii (Baker) E.Morren ex Mez
Hohenbergia sandrae Leme
Hohenbergia stellata Schult. & Schult.f.
Hohenbergia undulatifolia Leme & H.Luther
Hohenbergia utriculosa Ule
Hohenbergia vestita L.B.Sm.
Hohenbergia viridorubra Leme

Hohenbergiopsis guatemalensis (L.B.Sm.) L.B.Sm. & Read

Hoplocryptanthus caracensis (Leme & E. Gross) Leme, S. Heller & Zizka
Hoplocryptanthus ferrarius (Leme & C.C. Paula) Leme, S. Heller & Zizka
Hoplocryptanthus glaziovii (Mez) Leme, S. Heller & Zizka
Hoplocryptanthus knegtianus O. B. C. Ribeiro & Leme
Hoplocryptanthus lavrasensis (Leme) Leme, S. Heller & Zizka
Hoplocryptanthus regius (Leme) Leme, S. Heller & Zizka
Hoplocryptanthus schwackeanus (Mez) Leme, S. Heller & Zizka
Hoplocryptanthus tiradentesensis (Leme) Leme, S. Heller & Zizka
Hoplocryptanthus vidaliorum (O.B.C. Ribeiro & C.C. Paula) Leme, S. Heller & Zizka

Jagrantia monstrum (Mez) Barfuss & W.Till

Josemania asplundii (L.B.Sm.) W.Till & Barfuss
Josemania delicatula (L.B.Sm.) W.Till & Barfuss
Josemania pinnata (Mez & Sodiro) W.Till & Barfuss
Josemania singularis (Mez & Wercklé) W.Till & Barfuss
Josemania truncata (L.B.Sm.) W.Till & Barfuss
 - var. major (H.Luther) W.Till & Barfuss

Karawata depressa (L.B. Sm.) J.R. Maciel & G. Sousa
Karawata gustavoi (J.A. Siqueira and Leme) J.R. Maciel & G. Sousa
Karawata hostilis (E. Pereira) J.R. Maciel & G. Sousa
Karawata multiflora (L.B. Sm.) J.R. Maciel & G. Sousa
Karawata nigribracteata (J.R. Maciel, Louzada and M. Alves) J.R. Maciel & G. Sousa
Karawata prasinata (G. Sousa and Wanderley) J.R. Maciel & G. Sousa
Karawata saxicola (L.B. Sm.) J.R. Maciel & G. Sousa,

Lapanthus duartei (L.B.Sm.) Louzada & Versieux
Lapanthus itambensis (Versieux & Leme) Louzada & Versieux

Lemeltonia acosta-solisii (Gilmartin) Barfuss & W.Till
Lemeltonia cornuta (Mez & Sodiro) Barfuss & W.Till
Lemeltonia dodsonii (L.B.Sm.) Barfuss & W.Till
Lemeltonia monadelpha (E.Morren) Barfuss W. & Till
Lemeltonia narthecioides (C.Presl) Barfuss & W.Till
Lemeltonia scaligera (Mez & Sodiro) Barfuss & W.Till
Lemeltonia triglochinoides (C.Presl) Barfuss & W.Till

- 18 -

A   L I S T   OF   A C C E P T E D   B R O M E L I A C E A E   N A M E S

Lindmania arachnoidea (L.B.Sm., Steyermark & H.Rob.) L.B.Sm.
Lindmania argentea L.B.Sm.
Lindmania atrorosea (L.B.Sm., Steyermark & H.Rob.) L.B.Sm.
Lindmania aurea L.B.Sm., Steyerm. & H.Rob.
Lindmania brachyphylla L.B.Sm.
 - var. angustior (Smith, Steyermark & H.Rob.) L.B.Sm.
Lindmania candelabriformis B.Holst
Lindmania cylindrostachya L.B.Sm.
Lindmania dendritica (L.B.Sm.) L.B.Sm.
Lindmania dyckioides (L.B.Sm.) L.B.Sm.
Lindmania geniculata L.B.Sm.
 - var. minor (Smith, Steyermark & H.Rob.) L.B.Sm.
Lindmania gracillima (L.B.Sm.) L.B.Sm.
Lindmania guianensis (Beer) Mez
 - var. vestita (L.B.Sm.) L.B.Sm.
Lindmania holstii Steyerm. & L.B.Sm.
Lindmania huberi L.B.Sm., Steyerm. & H.Rob.
Lindmania imitans L.B.Sm., Steyerm. & H.Rob.
Lindmania lateralis (L.B.Sm. & R.W.Read) L.B.Sm. & H.Rob.
Lindmania longipes (L.B.Sm.) L.B.Sm.
Lindmania maguirei (L.B.Sm.) L.B.Sm.
Lindmania marahuacae (L.B.Sm., Steyermark & H.Rob.) L.B.Sm.
Lindmania minor L.B.Sm.
Lindmania navioides L.B.Sm.
Lindmania nubigena (L.B.Sm.) L.B.Sm.
Lindmania oliva-estevae Steyerm. & L.B.Sm. ex B.Holst
Lindmania paludosa L.B.Sm.
Lindmania phelpsiae L.B.Sm.
Lindmania piresii L.B.Sm., Steyerm. & H.Rob.
Lindmania riparia L.B.Sm., Steyerm. & H.Rob.
Lindmania savannensis (L.B.Sm.) L.B.Sm.
Lindmania saxicola L.B.Sm., Steyerm. & H.Rob.
Lindmania serrulata L.B.Sm.
 - var. reducta L.B.Sm.
Lindmania sessilis L.B.Sm., Steyerm. & H.Rob.
Lindmania smithiana (Steyermark & Luteyn) L.B.Sm.
Lindmania stenophylla L.B.Sm.
Lindmania steyermarkii L.B.Sm.
Lindmania subsimplex L.B.Sm.
Lindmania thyrsoidea L.B.Sm.
Lindmania tillandsioides L.B.Sm.
Lindmania vinotincta B.Holst & Y.Vivas
Lindmania wurdackii L.B.Sm.

Lutheria bibeatricis (Morillo) Barfuss & W.Till
Lutheria glutinosa (Lindl.) Barfuss & W.Till
Lutheria soderstromii (L.B.Sm.) Barfuss & W.Till
Lutheria splendens (Brongn.) Barfuss & W.Till
 - var. chlorostachya (Oliva-Esteve) Barfuss & W.Till
 - var. formosa (Suringar ex Witte) Barfuss & W.Till
 - var. oinochroma (Steyerm.) Barfuss & W.Till
 - var. striatifolia (M.B. Foster) Barfuss & W.Till

Lymania alvimii (L.B.Sm. & Read) Read
Lymania azurea Leme
Lymania brachycaulis (E.Morren ex Baker) L.F.Sousa
Lymania corallina (Brongn. ex Beer) Read
Lymania globosa Leme
Lymania involucrata Leme & E.H. Souza
Lymania languida Leme
Lymania marantoides (L.B.Sm.) Read
Lymania smithii Read
Lymania spiculata Leme & Forzza

Mezobromelia bicolor L.B.Sm.
Mezobromelia capituligera (Griseb.) J.R.Grant
Mezobromelia hospitalis (L.B.Sm.) J.R.Grant
Mezobromelia magdalenae (L.B.Sm.) J.R.Grant
Mezobromelia pleiosticha (Grisebach) Utley & H.Luther

Navia abysmophila L.B.Sm.
Navia acaulis Mart. ex Schult. & Schult.f.
Navia affinis L.B.Sm.
Navia aliciae L.B.Sm., Steyerm. & H.Rob.
Navia aloifolia L.B.Sm.
Navia angustifolia Mez
Navia arida L.B.Sm. & Steyerm.
Navia aurea L.B.Sm.
Navia axillaris Betancur
Navia barbellata L.B.Sm.
Navia berryana L.B.Sm., Steyerm. & H.Rob.
Navia bicolor L.B.Sm.

- 19 -

A   L I S T   OF   A C C E P T E D   B R O M E L I A C E A E   N A M E S

Navia brachyphylla L.B.Sm.
Navia breweri L.B.Sm. & Steyerm.
Navia cardonae L.B.Sm.
Navia caricifolia L.B.Sm.
Navia carnevalii L.B.Sm. & Steyerm.
Navia caulescens Mart. ex Schult. & Schult.f.
 - var. minor Schult. & Schult.f.
Navia caurensis L.B.Sm.
Navia colorata L.B.Sm.
Navia connata L.B.Sm. & Steyerm.
Navia corrugata Barbosa-Silva & Martinelli
Navia crassicaulis L.B.Sm., Steyerm. & H.Rob.
Navia cretacea L.B.Sm.
Navia crispa L.B.Sm.
Navia cucullata L.B.Sm.
Navia culcitaria L.B.Sm., Steyerm. & H.Rob.
Navia duidae L.B.Sm.
 - var. glabrior L.B.Sm.
Navia ebracteata Betancur & Pérez Arbel.
Navia eldorado Barbosa-Silva & Forzza
Navia emergens L.B.Sm., Steyerm. & H.Rob.
Navia filifera L.B.Sm., Steyerm. & H.Rob.
Navia fontoides L.B.Sm.
Navia geaster L.B.Sm., Steyerm. & H.Rob.
Navia glandulifera B.Holst
Navia glauca L.B.Sm.
Navia gleasonii L.B.Sm.
Navia graminifolia L.B.Sm.
Navia heliophila L.B.Sm.
Navia huberiana L.B.Sm., Steyerm. & H.Rob.
Navia igneosicola L.B.Sm., Steyerm. & H.Rob.
Navia immersa L.B.Sm.
Navia incrassata L.B.Sm. & Steyerm.
Navia intermedia L.B.Sm. & Steyerm.
Navia involucrata L.B.Sm.
Navia jauana L.B.Sm., Steyerm. & H.Rob.
Navia lactea L.B.Sm., Steyerm. & H.Rob.
Navia lanigera L.B.Sm.
Navia lasiantha L.B.Sm. & Steyerm.
Navia latifolia L.B.Sm.
Navia lepidota L.B.Sm.
Navia liesneri L.B.Sm., Steyerm. & H.Rob.
Navia lindmanioides L.B.Sm.
Navia linearis L.B.Sm., Steyerm. & H.Rob.
Navia luzuloides L.B.Sm., Steyerm. & H.Rob.
Navia maguirei L.B.Sm.
Navia mima L.B.Sm.
Navia mosaica B.Holst
Navia myriantha L.B.Sm.
Navia navicularis L.B.Sm. & Steyerm.
Navia nubicola L.B.Sm.
Navia ocellata L.B.Sm.
Navia octopoides L.B.Sm.
Navia ovoidea L.B.Sm., Steyerm. & H.Rob.
Navia paruana B.Holst
Navia parvula L.B.Sm.
 - var. expansa L.B.Sm.
Navia patria L.B.Sm. & Steyerm.
Navia pauciflora L.B.Sm.
Navia phelpsiae L.B.Sm.
Navia pilarica Betancur
Navia piresii L.B.Sm., Steyerm. & H.Rob.
Navia polyglomerata L.B.Sm., Steyerm. & H.Rob.
Navia pulvinata L.B.Sm.
Navia pungens L.B.Sm.
Navia robinsonii L.B.Sm.
Navia sandwithii L.B.Sm.
Navia saxicola L.B.Sm.
Navia schultesiana L.B.Sm.
Navia scirpiflora L.B.Sm., Steyerm. & H.Rob.
Navia scopulorum L.B.Sm.
Navia semiserrata L.B.Sm.
Navia serrulata L.B.Sm.
Navia splendens L.B.Sm.
Navia stenodonta L.B.Sm.
Navia steyermarkii L.B.Sm.
Navia subpetiolata L.B.Sm.
Navia tentaculata B.Holst
Navia tenuifolia Barbosa-Silva & Forzza
Navia terramarae L.B.Sm. & Steyerm.
Navia trichodonta L.B.Sm.
Navia umbratilis L.B.Sm.
Navia viridis L.B.Sm.
Navia wurdackii L.B.Sm.
Navia xyridiflora L.B.Sm.

Neoglaziovia burle-marxii Leme
Neoglaziovia concolor C.H.Wright
Neoglaziovia variegata (Arruda) Mez

Neoregelia abendrothae L.B.Sm.
Neoregelia altocaririensis Leme & L. Kollmann
Neoregelia amandae W.Weber
Neoregelia ampullacea (E.Morren) L.B.Sm.
Neoregelia angustibracteolata Pereira & Leme
Neoregelia angustifolia E.Pereira
Neoregelia atroviridifolia Weber & Röll

- 20 -

A   L I S T   OF   A C C E P T E D   B R O M E L I A C E A E   N A M E S

Neoregelia azevedoi Leme
Neoregelia bahiana (Ule) L.B.Sm.
Neoregelia binotii (Antoine) L.B.Sm.
Neoregelia bragarum (E.Pereira & L.B.Sm.) Leme
Neoregelia brevifolia L.B.Sm. & Reitz
Neoregelia brigadeirensis Paula & Leme
Neoregelia brownii Leme
Neoregelia burlemarxii Read
 - subsp. meeana Read
Neoregelia camorimiana Pereira & I.A.Penna
Neoregelia capixaba Pereira & Leme
Neoregelia carcharodon (Baker) L.B.Sm.
 - var. atroviolacea Reitz
Neoregelia carinata Leme
Neoregelia carolinae (Beer) L.B.Sm.
Neoregelia cathcartii C.F.Reed & Read
Neoregelia chlorosticta (hort. Saunders ex W.Marshall) L.B.Sm.
Neoregelia coimbrae Pereira & Leme
Neoregelia compacta (Mez) L.B.Sm.
Neoregelia concentrica (Vell.) L.B.Sm.
Neoregelia coriacea (Antoine) L.B.Sm.
Neoregelia x correia-araujoi Pereira & I.A.Penna
Neoregelia crispata Leme
Neoregelia cruenta (Graham) L.B.Sm.
Neoregelia cyanea (Beer) L.B.Sm.
Neoregelia dactyloflammans Leme & L.Kollmann
Neoregelia dayvidiana Leme & A.P.Fontana
Neoregelia desenganensis Leme
Neoregelia diversifolia E.Pereira
Neoregelia doeringiana L.B.Sm.
Neoregelia dungsiana E.Pereira
Neoregelia eleutheropetala (Ule) L.B.Sm.
 - var. bicolor L.B.Sm.
Neoregelia eltoniana W.Weber
Neoregelia farinosa (Ule) L.B.Sm.
Neoregelia fluminensis L.B.Sm.
Neoregelia fosteriana L.B.Sm.
Neoregelia gavionensis Martinelli & Leme
Neoregelia gigas Leme & L.Kollmann
Neoregelia guttata Leme
Neoregelia hoehneana L.B.Sm.
Neoregelia ibitipocensis (Leme) Leme
Neoregelia ilhana Leme
Neoregelia indecora (Mez) L.B.Sm.
Neoregelia inexspectata Leme
Neoregelia insulana Leme
Neoregelia johannis (Carrière) L.B.Sm.
Neoregelia johnsoniae H.Luther
Neoregelia kautskyi E.Pereira
Neoregelia kerryi Leme
Neoregelia kuhlmannii L.B.Sm.
Neoregelia lactea H.Luther & Leme
Neoregelia laevis (Mez) L.B.Sm.
 - forma maculata H.Luther
Neoregelia leprosa L.B.Sm.
Neoregelia leucophoea (Baker) L.B.Sm.
Neoregelia leviana L.B.Sm.
Neoregelia lilliputiana E.Pereira
Neoregelia lillyae W.Weber
 - var. acuminata W.Weber
Neoregelia longipedicellata Leme
Neoregelia longisepala E.Pereira & I.A.Penna
Neoregelia lymaniana R.Braga & Sucre
Neoregelia macahensis (Ule) L.B.Sm.
Neoregelia macrosepala L.B.Sm.
Neoregelia maculata L.B.Sm.
Neoregelia macwilliamsii L.B.Sm.
Neoregelia magdalenae L.B.Sm. & Reitz
 - var. teresae L.B.Sm. & Reitz
Neoregelia margaretae L.B.Sm.
Neoregelia marmorata (Baker) L.B.Sm.
Neoregelia martinellii W.Weber
Neoregelia melanodonta L.B.Sm.
Neoregelia menescalii Leme
Neoregelia mooreana L.B.Sm.
Neoregelia mucugensis Leme
Neoregelia myrmecophila (Ule) L.B.Sm.
Neoregelia nevaresii Leme & H.Luther
Neoregelia nivea Leme
Neoregelia odorata Leme
Neoregelia olens (Hook.f.) L.B.Sm.
Neoregelia oligantha L.B.Sm.
Neoregelia paratiensis Leme
Neoregelia pascoaliana L.B.Sm.
Neoregelia pauciflora L.B.Sm.
Neoregelia paulistana E.Pereira
Neoregelia pendula L.B.Sm.
 - var. brevifolia L.B.Sm.
Neoregelia pernambucana Leme & J.A.Siqueira
Neoregelia petropolitana Leme
Neoregelia pineliana (Lem.) L.B.Sm.
Neoregelia pontualii Leme
Neoregelia princeps (Baker) L.B.Sm.
Neoregelia punctatissima (Ruschi) Ruschi
Neoregelia retrorsa Leme & L.Kollmann
Neoregelia richteri W.Weber
Neoregelia roethii W.Weber
Neoregelia rosea L.B.Sm.
Neoregelia rothinessa Leme, H.Luther & W.Till

- 21 -

A   L I S T   OF   A C C E P T E D   B R O M E L I A C E A E   N A M E S

Neoregelia rubrifolia Ruschi
Neoregelia rubrovittata Leme
Neoregelia ruschii Leme & B.R.Silva
Neoregelia sanguinea Leme
Neoregelia sapiatibensis Pereira & I.A.Penna
Neoregelia sarmentosa (Regel) L.B.Sm.
Neoregelia seideliana L.B.Sm. & Reitz
Neoregelia silvomontana Leme & J.A.Siqueira
Neoregelia simulans L.B.Sm.
Neoregelia smithii W.Weber
Neoregelia spectabilis (Moore) L.B.Sm.
Neoregelia stolonifera L.B.Sm.
Neoregelia tarapotoensis Rauh
Neoregelia tenebrosa Leme
Neoregelia tigrina (Ruschi) Ruschi
Neoregelia tristis (Beer) L.B.Sm.
Neoregelia uleana L.B.Sm.
Neoregelia viridolineata Leme
Neoregelia viridovinosa Leme & L.Kollmann
Neoregelia watersiana Leme
Neoregelia wilsoniana M.B.Foster
Neoregelia wurdackii L.B.Sm.
Neoregelia zaslawskyi Pereira & Leme
Neoregelia zonata L.B.Sm.

Nidularium albiflorum (L.B.Sm.) Leme
Nidularium alegrense Leme & L.Kollmann
Nidularium altimontanum Leme
Nidularium alvimii W.Weber
Nidularium amazonicum (Baker) Linden & E.Morren ex Lindman
Nidularium amorimii Leme
Nidularium angustibracteatum Leme
Nidularium angustifolium Ule
Nidularium antoineanum Wawra
Nidularium apiculatum L.B.Sm.
 - var. serrulatum L.B.Sm.
Nidularium atalaiaense E.Pereira & Leme
Nidularium azureum (L.B.Sm.) Leme
Nidularium bicolor (E.Pereira) Leme
Nidularium bocainensis Leme
Nidularium campoalegrense Leme
Nidularium camposportoi (L.B.Sm.) Wanderley & B.A.Moreira
 - var. robustum (E.Pereira & I.A.Penna) Leme
Nidularium cariacicaense (W.Weber) Leme
Nidularium catarinense Leme
Nidularium corallinum (Leme) Leme
Nidularium espiritosantense Leme
Nidularium ferdinando-coburgi Wawra
Nidularium ferrugineum Leme
Nidularium fradense Leme
Nidularium fulgens Lem.
Nidularium innocentii Lem.
Nidularium itatiaiae L.B.Sm.
Nidularium jonesianum Leme
Nidularium kautskyanum Leme
Nidularium krisgreeniae Leme
Nidularium linehamii Leme
Nidularium longiflorum Ule
Nidularium mangaratibense Leme
Nidularium marigoi Leme
Nidularium meeanum Leme
Nidularium minutum Mez
Nidularium organense Leme
Nidularium picinguabense Leme
Nidularium procerum Lindm.
Nidularium purpureum Beer
Nidularium rolfianum Leme
Nidularium rosulatum Ule
Nidularium rubens Mez
Nidularium rutilans E.Morren
Nidularium scheremetiewii Regel
Nidularium serratum Leme
Nidularium utriculosum Ule
Nidularium viridipetalum Leme

Ochagavia andina (Phil.) Zizka, Trumpler & Zoellner
Ochagavia carnea (Beer) L.B.Sm. & Looser
Ochagavia elegans Phil.
Ochagavia litoralis (Phil.) Zizka

Orthophytum alagoanum Leme & A.P. Fontana
Orthophytum alvimii W.Weber
Orthophytum arcanum Leme
Orthophytum argentum Louzada & Wand.
Orthophytum atalaiense J.A.Siqueira & Leme
Orthophytum benzingii Leme & H.Luther
Orthophytum boudetianum Leme & L.Kollmann
Orthophytum braunii Leme
Orthophytum brejoense Leme
Orthophytum buranhense Leme & A.P.Fontana
Orthophytum catingae Leme
Orthophytum cearense Leme & F.Monteiro
Orthophytum compactum L.B.Sm.

- 22 -

A   L I S T   OF   A C C E P T E D   B R O M E L I A C E A E   N A M E S

Orthophytum conquistense Leme & M.Machado
Orthophytum cristaliense Leme
Orthophytum diamantinense Leme
Orthophytum disjunctum L.B.Sm.
 - var. angustobracteatum Rauh
 - var. striatum Rauh
 - var. variegatum Rauh
 - var. viridiflorum Rauh
Orthophytum duartei L.B.Sm.
Orthophytum eddie-estevesii Leme
Orthophytum elegans Leme
Orthophytum erigens Leme
Orthophytum estevesii (Rauh) Leme
Orthophytum falconii Leme
Orthophytum foliosum L.B.Sm.
Orthophytum formosense Leme
Orthophytum fosterianum L.B.Sm.
Orthophytum glabrum (Mez) Mez
Orthophytum gouveianum Leme & O.B.C. Ribeiro
Orthophytum graomogolense Leme & C.C.Paula
Orthophytum grossiorum Leme & C.C.Paula
Orthophytum guaratingense Leme & L.Kollmann
Orthophytum gurkenii Hutchison
Orthophytum harleyi Leme & M.Machado
Orthophytum horridum Leme
Orthophytum jabrense Baracho & J.A.Siqueira
Orthophytum jacaraciense Leme
Orthophytum lanuginosum Leme & Paula
Orthophytum lemei Pereira & I.A.Penna
Orthophytum leprosum (Mez) Mez
Orthophytum lucidum Leme & H.Luther
Orthophytum lymanianum Pereira & I.A.Penna
Orthophytum macroflorum Leme & M.Machado
Orthophytum magalhaesii L.B.Sm.
Orthophytum maracasense L.B.Sm.
Orthophytum mello-barretoi L.B.Sm.
Orthophytum minimum Leme & O.B.C.Ribeiro
Orthophytum piranianum Leme & C.C.Paula
Orthophytum pseudostoloniferum Leme & L.Kollmann
Orthophytum pseudovagans Leme & L.Kollmann
Orthophytum riocontense Leme
Orthophytum roseolilacinum Leme
Orthophytum rubiginosum Leme
Orthophytum rubrum L.B.Sm.
Orthophytum sanctum L.B.Sm.
Orthophytum santaritense Leme, S. Heller & Zizka
Orthophytum santosianum Leme
Orthophytum saxicola (Ule) L.B.Sm.
Orthophytum schulzianum Leme & M.Machado
Orthophytum striatifolium Leme & L.Kollmann
Orthophytum sucrei H.Luther
Orthophytum teofilo-otonense Leme & L.Kollmann
Orthophytum toscanoi Leme
Orthophytum triunfense J.A.Siqueira & Leme
Orthophytum vagans M.B.Foster
Orthophytum vasconcelosianum Leme
Orthophytum viridissimum Leme
Orthophytum zanonii Leme

Pitcairnia abundans L.B.Sm.
Pitcairnia abyssicola Leme & L.Kollmann
Pitcairnia acicularis L.B.Sm.
Pitcairnia adscendens L.B.Sm.
Pitcairnia aequatorialis L.B.Sm.
 - var. bogneri (Rauh) Manzan. & W.Till
Pitcairnia agavifolia L.B.Sm.
Pitcairnia alata L.B.Sm.
 - var. andreetae (H.Luther) Manzan. & W.Till
Pitcairnia albiflos Herbert
Pitcairnia albifolia Cáceres González & A.Ibáñez
Pitcairnia albolutea J.R.Grant
Pitcairnia alborubra Baker
Pitcairnia alexanderi (H.Luther) D.C.Taylor & H.Rob.
Pitcairnia altensteinii (Link, Klotzsch & Otto) Lem.
 - var. gigantea (Hook.) Baker
 - var. minor L.B.Sm.
Pitcairnia amblyosperma L.B.Sm.
Pitcairnia amboroensis Ibisch, R.V squez, E.Gross & Kessler
Pitcairnia anarosae Gonz.-Rocha, Mejía-Marín & Espejo
Pitcairnia ancuashii L.B.Sm. & Read
Pitcairnia andreana Linden
Pitcairnia angustifolia Aiton
 - var. simplicior Proctor & Cedeno-Mald.
Pitcairnia anomala Hoehne
Pitcairnia aphelandriflora Lem.
Pitcairnia archeri L.B.Sm.
Pitcairnia arcuata André
Pitcairnia arenicola L.B.Sm.
Pitcairnia arida L.B.Sm. & Betancur
Pitcairnia armata Maury
Pitcairnia asplundii L.B.Sm.
Pitcairnia atrorubens (Beer) Baker

- 23 -

A   L I S T   OF   A C C E P T E D   B R O M E L I A C E A E   N A M E S

Pitcairnia attenuata L.B.Sm. & Read
Pitcairnia augustii Harms
Pitcairnia aurea Rusby ex L.B.Sm.
Pitcairnia aureobrunnea Rauh
Pitcairnia azouryi Martinelli & Forzza
Pitcairnia bakeri (André) André ex Mez
Pitcairnia bakiorum Manzan. & W Till
Pitcairnia barbatostigma Leme & A.P.Fontana
Pitcairnia barrigae L.B.Sm.
Pitcairnia basincurva L.B.Sm. & Betancur
Pitcairnia beachiae Utley & Burt-Utley
Pitcairnia bella L.B.Sm.
 - var. densior L.B.Sm.
Pitcairnia bergii H.Luther
Pitcairnia betancurii L.B.Sm.
Pitcairnia beycalema Beer
Pitcairnia bicolor L.B.Sm. & Read
Pitcairnia bifaria L.B.Sm.
Pitcairnia biflora L.B.Sm.
Pitcairnia bifrons (Lindl.) Read
Pitcairnia bifurcatispina Manzan. & W.Till
Pitcairnia billbergioides L.B.Sm.
Pitcairnia brachysperma André
 - var. snowii G.S.Varad. & Forero
Pitcairnia brackeana Manzan. & Till
Pitcairnia bradei Markgr.
Pitcairnia breedlovei L.B.Sm.
Pitcairnia brevicalycina Mez
Pitcairnia brittoniana (Mez) Mez
Pitcairnia bromeliifolia L\'Heritier
 - var. graminifolia Griseb.
 - var. wynteri Read
Pitcairnia brongniartiana André
 - var. ornata Manzan. & W.Till
 - var. variegata Manzan. & W.Till
Pitcairnia brunnescens L.B.Sm.
Pitcairnia bulbosa L.B.Sm.
Pitcairnia burchellii (Mez) Mez
Pitcairnia burle-marxii Braga & Sucre
Pitcairnia buscalionii W.Till
Pitcairnia caduciflora Rauh & E.Gross
Pitcairnia calatheoides L.B.Sm.
Pitcairnia calcicola J.R.Grant & J.F.Morales
Pitcairnia calderonii Standl. & L.B.Sm.
Pitcairnia calophylla L.B.Sm.
Pitcairnia camposii H.Luther
Pitcairnia cana B.Holst
Pitcairnia cantuoides Vasquez & Ibisch
Pitcairnia capitata L.B.Sm.
Pitcairnia capixaba Fraga & Leme
Pitcairnia cardenasii L.B.Sm.
Pitcairnia caricifolia Mart. ex Schult. & Schult.f.
 - var. macrantha L.B.Sm.
Pitcairnia carinata Mez
Pitcairnia carioana Wittm.
Pitcairnia carnea Beer
Pitcairnia carnososepala Rauh & Gross
Pitcairnia cassapensis Mez
Pitcairnia cataractae Manzan. & W.Till
Pitcairnia caulescens (K.Koch ex Mez) Mez
Pitcairnia cerrateana L.B.Sm.
Pitcairnia chiapensis Miranda
Pitcairnia chiquitana Vasquez & Ibisch
Pitcairnia chiriguana A.Cast.
Pitcairnia chiriquensis L.B.Sm.
Pitcairnia chocoensis L.B.Sm.
Pitcairnia clarkii H.Luther
Pitcairnia clavata L.B.Sm.
Pitcairnia cofanorum Manzan. & Till
Pitcairnia colimensis L.B.Sm.
Pitcairnia commixta L.B.Sm.
Pitcairnia compostelae McVaugh
Pitcairnia condorensis Manzan. & Till
Pitcairnia corallina Linden & André
 - var. viridis L.B.Sm.
Pitcairnia cosangaensis Gilmartin
Pitcairnia costata L.B.Sm.
Pitcairnia crassa L.B.Sm.
Pitcairnia cremersii Gouda
Pitcairnia crinita Pereira & Martinelli
Pitcairnia cristalinensis (Leme) D.C.Taylor & H.Rob.
Pitcairnia croatii H.Luther
Pitcairnia ctenophylla L.B.Sm.
Pitcairnia cuatrecasana L.B.Sm.
Pitcairnia cubensis (Mez) L.B.Sm.
Pitcairnia curvidens L.B.Sm. & Read
Pitcairnia cuzcoensis L.B.Sm.
Pitcairnia cyanopetala Ule
Pitcairnia cylindrostachya L.B.Sm.
Pitcairnia x daiseyana H.Luther
Pitcairnia decidua L.B.Sm.
Pitcairnia decurvata L.B.Sm.
Pitcairnia delicata H.Luther
Pitcairnia dendroidea André
Pitcairnia densiflora Brongn. ex Lem.
Pitcairnia deroosei Manzan. & Till

- 24 -

A   L I S T   OF   A C C E P T E D   B R O M E L I A C E A E   N A M E S

Pitcairnia devansayana André
Pitcairnia diffusa L.B.Sm.
Pitcairnia divaricata Wittm.
Pitcairnia diversifolia Leme & A.P.Fontana
Pitcairnia dodsonii H.Luther
Pitcairnia dolichopetala Harms
Pitcairnia domingensis L.B.Sm.
Pitcairnia echinata Hook.
 - var. sublaevis L.B.Sm.
 - var. vallensis L.B.Sm.
Pitcairnia egleri L.B.Sm.
Pitcairnia elizabethae L.B.Sm.
Pitcairnia ellenbergii L.B.Sm.
Pitcairnia elliptica Mez & Sodiro
Pitcairnia elongata L.B.Sm.
Pitcairnia elvirae D.C.Taylor & H.Rob.
Pitcairnia encholirioides L.B.Sm.
Pitcairnia ensifolia Mez
Pitcairnia epiphytica L.B.Sm.
Pitcairnia espejoi Beutelspacher et García-Martínez
Pitcairnia eximia Mez
Pitcairnia explosiva L.B.Sm. & Betancur
Pitcairnia exserta L.B.Sm.
Pitcairnia farinosa L.B.Sm. & Betancur
Pitcairnia feliciana (A.Chev.) Harms & Mildbr.
Pitcairnia fendleri (Mez) Mez
Pitcairnia ferrell-ingramiae H.Luther & Dalström
Pitcairnia ferreyrae L.B.Sm.
Pitcairnia filifera L.B.Sm. ex H.Luther
Pitcairnia filispina L.B.Sm.
Pitcairnia fimbriatobracteata Rauh
Pitcairnia flagellaris L.B.Sm.
Pitcairnia flammea Lindl.
 - var. floccosa L.B.Sm.
 - var. glabrior L.B.Sm.
 - var. macropoda L.B.Sm. & Reitz
 - var. pallida L.B.Sm.
 - var. roezlii (E.Morren) L.B.Sm.
 - var. spinulosa E.Pereira
Pitcairnia flavescenta Matuda
Pitcairnia flexuosa L.B.Sm.
Pitcairnia floresii Gouda & Ric.Fernández
Pitcairnia fluvialis L.B.Sm. & Betancur
Pitcairnia foliacea L.B.Sm.
Pitcairnia foreroi H.Luther & G.S.Varad.
Pitcairnia formosa L.B.Sm. & Betancur
Pitcairnia fosteriana L.B.Sm.
Pitcairnia fractifolia L.B.Sm.
Pitcairnia frequens L.B.Sm. & B.Holst ex Saraiva & Forzza
Pitcairnia fruticosa L.B.Sm. & Betancur
Pitcairnia fuertesii Mez
Pitcairnia funkiae M.A.Spencer & L.B.Sm.
Pitcairnia fusca H.Luther
Pitcairnia gemmipara L.B.Sm. & Betancur
Pitcairnia geotropa J.R.Grant
Pitcairnia geyskesii L.B.Sm.
Pitcairnia glauca Leme & A.P.Fontana
Pitcairnia glaziovii Baker
Pitcairnia glymiana K.Koch
Pitcairnia goudae Manzanares & W.Till
Pitcairnia graniticola B.Holst
Pitcairnia grubbiana L.B.Sm.
Pitcairnia guaritermae André
Pitcairnia gutteana W.Weber
Pitcairnia guzmanioides L.B.Sm.
Pitcairnia halophila L.B.Sm.
Pitcairnia hammelii H.Luther
Pitcairnia harlingii L.B.Sm.
Pitcairnia harrylutheri D.C.Taylor & H.Rob.
Pitcairnia hatschbachii Pereira
Pitcairnia haughtii L.B.Sm.
Pitcairnia heerdeae E.Gross & Rauh
Pitcairnia heliophila L.B.Sm.
Pitcairnia heterophylla (Lindl.) Beer
 - forma albiflora Standl. & L.B.Sm.
 - var. exscapa Mez
Pitcairnia heydlauffii R.Vasquez & Ibisch
Pitcairnia hintoniana L.B.Sm.
Pitcairnia hirtzii H.Luther
Pitcairnia hitchcockiana L.B.Sm.emended L.B.Sm. & Read
Pitcairnia holstii (H.Luther) J.R.Grant
Pitcairnia hooveri (H.Luther) D.C.Taylor & H.Rob.
Pitcairnia huilensis Betancur & Jimenez-Escobar
Pitcairnia imbricata (Brongn.) Regel
Pitcairnia inaequalis W.Weber
Pitcairnia inermis (Meyer in Presl) Meyer ex Schult.f.
 - var. flava L.B.Sm.
Pitcairnia insularis Tatagiba & R J V Alves
Pitcairnia integrifolia Ker Gawl.
Pitcairnia irwiniana L.B.Sm.
Pitcairnia jaliscana S.Watson
Pitcairnia jaramilloi G.S.Varad. & Forero
Pitcairnia jareckii Proctor & Cedeno-Mald.
Pitcairnia jimenezii L.B.Sm.

- 25 -

A   L I S T   OF   A C C E P T E D   B R O M E L I A C E A E   N A M E S

Pitcairnia johannis L.B.Sm.
Pitcairnia juncoides L.B.Sm.
Pitcairnia juzepczukii W.Weber
Pitcairnia kalbreyeri Baker
Pitcairnia karwinskyana Schult. & Schult.f.
Pitcairnia killipiana L.B.Sm.
 - var. viridis G.S.Varad. & Forero
Pitcairnia kirkbridei L.B.Sm. & Read
Pitcairnia kniphofioides L.B.Sm.
Pitcairnia koeneniana E.Gross & Barthlott
Pitcairnia kressii H.Luther
Pitcairnia kroemeri H.Luther
Pitcairnia kunhardtiana L.B.Sm.
Pitcairnia lanosisepala Matuda
Pitcairnia lanuginosa Ruiz & Pav.
Pitcairnia laxissima Baker
Pitcairnia lechleri Baker
Pitcairnia lehmannii Baker
Pitcairnia leopoldii (W.Till & S.Till) B.Holst
Pitcairnia lepidopetalon L.B.Sm.
Pitcairnia leprosa L.B.Sm.
Pitcairnia lignosa L.B.Sm.
Pitcairnia limae L.B.Sm.
Pitcairnia lindae Betancur
Pitcairnia loki-schmidtiae Barthlott & Rauh
Pitcairnia longebracteata (Bouché ex Mez) Mez
Pitcairnia longipes Mez
Pitcairnia longissimiflora Ibisch, R.Vasquez & E.Gross
Pitcairnia lopezii L.B.Sm.
Pitcairnia luschnathii W.Weber
Pitcairnia lutescens Mez & Sodiro
Pitcairnia luteyniorum L B Sm. & R W Read
Pitcairnia lutheri Manzan. & W Till
Pitcairnia lymansmithiana H.Luther
Pitcairnia macarenensis L.B.Sm.
Pitcairnia macranthera André
Pitcairnia macrobotrys André
Pitcairnia maguirei L.B.Sm.
Pitcairnia maidifolia (C.Morren) Decne. ex Planch.
Pitcairnia marinii Manzan. & W Till
Pitcairnia maritima L.B.Sm.
Pitcairnia marnier-lapostollei L.B.Sm.
Pitcairnia martinellii Gouda ined.
Pitcairnia matogrossensis E.Pereira & Leme
Pitcairnia matudae L.B.Sm.
Pitcairnia megasepala Baker
Pitcairnia melanopoda L.B.Sm.
Pitcairnia membranifolia Baker
Pitcairnia meridensis (Klotzsch ex Mez) Mez
Pitcairnia micheliana André
Pitcairnia micotrinensis Read
Pitcairnia microcalyx Baker
 - var. elliptica L.B.Sm.
 - var. schlimii (Baker) L.B.Sm.
Pitcairnia micropoda L.B.Sm.
Pitcairnia minicorallina (H.Luther) Grant
Pitcairnia mirandae J.Utley & Burt-Utley
Pitcairnia mituensis L.B.Sm.
Pitcairnia modesta L.B.Sm.
Pitcairnia mohammadii Ibisch & R.Vasquez
Pitcairnia monticola Brandegee
Pitcairnia mooreana L.B.Sm.
Pitcairnia moritziana C.Koch & C.D.Bouché
Pitcairnia mucida L.B.Sm. & Read
Pitcairnia multiflora L.B.Sm.
Pitcairnia multiramosa Mez
Pitcairnia neeana (L.B.Sm. ex H.Luther) Grant
Pitcairnia neglecta (H.Luther) D.C.Taylor & H.Rob.
Pitcairnia neillii Manzanares & Till
Pitcairnia nematophora L.B.Sm. & Read
Pitcairnia nigra (Carrière) André
 - var. pulchella (Mez) H.Luther
Pitcairnia nobilis Mez & Sodiro
Pitcairnia nubigena Planch. & Linden
Pitcairnia nuda Baker
Pitcairnia oaxacana L.B.Sm.
Pitcairnia oblongifolia L.B.Sm.
Pitcairnia occidentalis L.B.Sm.
 - var. alversonii (L.B.Sm. & Read) G.S.Varad. & Forero
Pitcairnia ochroleuca (Koch & Bouché) Baker
Pitcairnia ocotensis Beutelspacher & López
Pitcairnia odontopoda Baker
Pitcairnia oliva-estevae J.R.Grant
Pitcairnia oranensis L.B.Sm.
Pitcairnia orchidifolia Mez
Pitcairnia oxapampae H.Luther
Pitcairnia palaciosii Manzan. & W.Till
Pitcairnia pallidiflavens Rauh
Pitcairnia palmeri S.Watson
Pitcairnia palmoides Mez & Sodiro
Pitcairnia paniculata (Ruiz & Pav.) Ruiz & Pav.
Pitcairnia paraguayensis L.B.Sm.
Pitcairnia patentiflora L.B.Sm.
 - var. armata L.B.Sm.
 - var. macrantha L.B.Sm.

- 26 -

A   L I S T   OF   A C C E P T E D   B R O M E L I A C E A E   N A M E S

 - var. subintegra L.B.Sm.
Pitcairnia pavonii (Mez) Mez
Pitcairnia pectinata L.B.Sm.
Pitcairnia peruana (H.Luther) Grant
Pitcairnia petraea L.B.Sm.
Pitcairnia phelpsiae (L.B.Sm.) B.Holst & L.B.Sm.
Pitcairnia piepenbringii Rauh & E.Gross
Pitcairnia platypetala Mez
Pitcairnia platystemon Mez
Pitcairnia poeppigiana Mez
Pitcairnia pomacochae Rauh
Pitcairnia poortmanii André
Pitcairnia prolifera Rauh
Pitcairnia pruinosa Kunth
Pitcairnia pseudopungens Rauh
Pitcairnia pseudoundulata Rauh
Pitcairnia pteropoda L.B.Sm.
Pitcairnia puberula Mez & J.D.Sm.
Pitcairnia pulverulenta Ruiz & Pav.
Pitcairnia pungens Kunth
 - forma alba Manzanares & Till
 - var. flava L.B.Sm.
Pitcairnia punicea Scheidw.
Pitcairnia pusilla (Mez) Mez
Pitcairnia puyoides L.B.Sm.
Pitcairnia queroana Espejo & López-Ferr.
Pitcairnia quesnelioides L.B.Sm.
Pitcairnia ramosii M.A.Spencer & L.B.Sm.
Pitcairnia rectiflora Rauh
Pitcairnia recurvata (Scheidweiler) C.Koch
Pitcairnia reflexiflora André
Pitcairnia rigida Mez
Pitcairnia ringens Klotzsch
Pitcairnia riparia Mez
Pitcairnia robert-downsii González-Rocha, Espejo, López-Ferr. & M. Castillo
Pitcairnia rojasii H.Luther
Pitcairnia rondonicola L.B.Sm. & Read
Pitcairnia roseana L.B.Sm.
Pitcairnia roseoalba E.Gross & Rauh
 - var. rubra E.Gross & Rauh
Pitcairnia rubiginosa (Brongn. ex E.Morren) Baker
 - var. amazonica (Baker) L.B.Sm.
 - var. integra L.B.Sm.
Pitcairnia rubronigriflora Rauh
Pitcairnia ruderalis L.B.Sm.
Pitcairnia ruiziana (Mez) Mez
Pitcairnia rundelliana J.R.Grant
Pitcairnia sagasteguii L.B.Sm. & Read
Pitcairnia saltensis L.B.Sm.
Pitcairnia samuelssonii L.B.Sm.
Pitcairnia sandemanii L.B.Sm.
Pitcairnia sanguinea (H.Luther) D.C.Taylor & H.Rob.
Pitcairnia sastrei L.B.Sm. & Read
Pitcairnia saxicola L.B.Sm.
Pitcairnia saxosa Gouda
Pitcairnia scandens Ule
Pitcairnia sceptriformis Mez
Pitcairnia sceptrigera Mez
Pitcairnia schiedeana Baker
Pitcairnia schultzei Harms
Pitcairnia schunkei L.B.Sm. & Read
Pitcairnia secundiflora L.B.Sm.
Pitcairnia semaphora L.B.Sm.
Pitcairnia semijuncta Baker emend.Gouda
Pitcairnia serrulata L.B.Sm. & Read
Pitcairnia setipetiola L.B.Sm. & Betancur
Pitcairnia similis L.B.Sm.
Pitcairnia simulans H.Luther
 - var. ornata H.Luther
Pitcairnia singularis Flores-Argüelles
Pitcairnia smithiorum H.Luther
Pitcairnia sneidernii L.B.Sm.
Pitcairnia sodiroi Mez
Pitcairnia sordida L.B.Sm.
Pitcairnia spectabilis (Mez) Mez
Pitcairnia spicata (Lam.) Mez
Pitcairnia sprucei Baker
Pitcairnia squarrosa L.B.Sm.
 - var. aurantiaca L.B.Sm.
 - var. colorata L.B.Sm.
Pitcairnia staminea Lodd.
Pitcairnia stenophylla André
Pitcairnia stevensonii H.Luther & Whitten
Pitcairnia steyermarkii L.B.Sm.
Pitcairnia straminea (Poepp. ex Mez) Mez
Pitcairnia suaveolens Lindl.
Pitcairnia subfuscopetala Rauh & Hebding
Pitcairnia subulifera L.B.Sm.
Pitcairnia sulphurea Andrews
Pitcairnia susannae Manzan. & Till
Pitcairnia sylvestris L.B.Sm.
Pitcairnia tabuliformis Linden
Pitcairnia tarapotensis Baker
Pitcairnia tatzyanae (H.Luther) D.C.Taylor & H.Rob.
Pitcairnia tillandsioides L.B.Sm.
Pitcairnia tillii Manzan.
Pitcairnia tolimensis L.B.Sm.
Pitcairnia torresiana L.B.Sm.

- 27 -

A   L I S T   OF   A C C E P T E D   B R O M E L I A C E A E   N A M E S

 - var. glaberrima Pereira
Pitcairnia trianae André
 - var. retusa L.B.Sm.
Pitcairnia trimorpha L.B.Sm.
Pitcairnia truncata L.B.Sm.
Pitcairnia tuberculata L.B.Sm.
Pitcairnia tuerckheimii Donn.Sm.
Pitcairnia tumulicola L.B.Sm.
Pitcairnia turbinella L.B.Sm.
Pitcairnia tympani L.B.Sm.
Pitcairnia uaupensis Baker
Pitcairnia ulei L.B.Sm.emend.L.B.Sm. & R.W.Read
Pitcairnia undulata Scheidw.
Pitcairnia unilateralis L.B.Sm.
Pitcairnia utcubambensis Rauh
Pitcairnia valerioi Standl.
Pitcairnia vallisoletana Lexarza
Pitcairnia vandersteenii Gouda
Pitcairnia vargasiana L.B.Sm.
Pitcairnia vargasii R.Vasquez & P.L.Ibisch
Pitcairnia venezuelana L.B.Sm. & Steyerm.
Pitcairnia ventidirecta L.B.Sm. & Betancur
Pitcairnia verrucosa L.B.Sm.
Pitcairnia villetaensis Rauh
Pitcairnia virginalis Utley & Burt-Utley
Pitcairnia volker-schaedlichii P.J.Braun
Pitcairnia wendlandii Baker
Pitcairnia wendtiae Tatagiba & B R Silva
Pitcairnia werffii (Luther) ined.
Pitcairnia wilburiana Utley
Pitcairnia windischii Pereira & L.B.Sm.
Pitcairnia wolfei L.B.Sm.
Pitcairnia woronowii W Weber
Pitcairnia xanthocalyx Mart.
Pitcairnia yaupibajaensis Rauh
Pitcairnia yocupitziae Espejo & López-Ferrarri

Portea alatisepala Philcox
Portea filifera L.B.Sm.
Portea fosteriana L.B.Sm.
Portea grandiflora Philcox
Portea kermesina Brongniart ex C.Koch
Portea nana Leme & H.Luther
Portea petropolitana (Wawra) Mez
 - var. extensa L.B.Sm.
 - var. noettigii (Wawra) L.B.Sm.
Portea silveirae Mez

Pseudaechmea ambigua L.B.Sm. & Read

Pseudalcantarea grandis (Schltdl.) Pinzón & Barfuss
Pseudalcantarea macropetala (Wawra) Pinzón & Barfuss
Pseudalcantarea viridiflora (Beer) Pinzón & Barfuss

Pseudaraeococcus chlorocarpus (Wawra) R.A.Pontes & Versieux
Pseudaraeococcus lageniformis (R.A.Pontes & Versieux) R.A.Pontes & Versieux
Pseudaraeococcus montanus (Leme) R.A.Pontes & Versieux
Pseudaraeococcus nigropurpureus (Leme & J.A.Siqueira) R.A.Pontes & Versieux
Pseudaraeococcus parviflorus (Mart. ex. Schult. f.) R.A. Pontes & Versieux
Pseudaraeococcus sessiliflorus (Leme & J.A.Siqueira) R.A.Pontes & Versieux

Puya adscendens L.B.Sm.
Puya aequatorialis André
 - forma albiflora (André) Gouda
Puya alata L.B.Sm.
Puya alba L.B.Sm.
Puya alpestris (Poeppig) Gay
 - subsp. zoellneri Zizka, J.V.Schneid. & Novoa
Puya alpicola L.B.Sm.
Puya angelensis E.Gross & Rauh
Puya angulonis L.B.Sm.
Puya angusta L.B.Sm.
Puya antioquiensis L.B.Sm. & Read
Puya araneosa L.B.Sm.
Puya argentea L.B.Sm.
Puya aristeguietae L.B.Sm.
Puya asplundii L.B.Sm.
Puya assurgens L.B.Sm.
Puya atra L.B.Sm.
Puya barkleyana L.B.Sm.
Puya bermejana Gomez, Slanis & Grau
Puya x berteroniana Mez
Puya bicolor Mez
Puya boliviensis Baker
Puya boopiensis R.Vásquez, Ibisch & R.Lara

- 28 -

A   L I S T   OF   A C C E P T E D   B R O M E L I A C E A E   N A M E S

Puya boyacana Cuatrec.
Puya brachystachya Mez
Puya brackeana Manzanares & W.Till
Puya bravoi Aráoz & A.Grau
Puya brittoniana Baker
Puya cahuachensis A.Galán, J.Montoya, J.A.Vicente & E.Linares
Puya cajasensis Manzanares & W.Till
Puya cardenasii L.B.Sm.
Puya cardonae L.B.Sm.
Puya casmichensis L.B.Sm.
Puya castellanosii L.B.Sm.
Puya cerrateana L.B.Sm.
Puya chilensis Molina
Puya claudiae Ibisch, R.Vasquez & E.Gross
Puya clava-herculis Mez & Sodiro
Puya cleefii L.B.Sm. & Read
Puya cochabambensis R.Vásquez & Ibisch
Puya coerulea Lindley
 - var. intermedia (L.B.Sm. & Looser) L.B.Sm. & Looser
 - var. monteroana (L.B.Sm. & Looser) L.B.Sm. & Looser
 - var. violacea (Brongn.) L.B.Sm. & Looser
Puya colcaensis Treviño, Quip. & Gouda
Puya commixta L.B.Sm.
Puya compacta L.B.Sm.
Puya coriacea L.B.Sm.
Puya cristata L.B.Sm.
Puya cryptantha Cuatrec.
Puya ctenorhyncha L.B.Sm.
Puya cuatrecasasii L.B.Sm.
Puya cuevae Manzanares & W.Till
Puya cylindrica Mez
Puya dasylirioides Standl.
Puya densiflora Harms
Puya depauperata L.B.Sm.
Puya dichroa L.B.Sm. & Read
Puya dodsonii Manzanares & W.Till
Puya dolichostrobila Harms
Puya donneriana R.Vasquez, S.Altamirano & Ibisch
Puya dyckioides (Baker) Mez
Puya elviragrossiae R.Vásquez & P.L.Ibisch
Puya entreriosensis Ibisch & E.Gross
Puya erlenbachiana Ibisch & R.Vasquez
Puya eryngioides André
Puya exigua Mez
Puya exuta L.B.Sm. & Read
Puya fastuosa Mez
Puya ferox Mez
Puya ferreyrae L.B.Sm.
Puya ferruginea (Ruiz & Pav.) L.B.Sm.
Puya fiebrigii Mez
Puya floccosa (Linden) E.Morren ex Mez
 - var. compacta (Linden) E.Morren
Puya fosteriana L.B.Sm.
Puya fulgens L.B.Sm.
Puya furfuracea (Willd.) L.B.Sm.
Puya gargantae L.B.Sm.
Puya gerdae W.Weber
Puya gerd-muelleri W.Weber
Puya gigas André
Puya gilmartiniae G.S.Varad. & Flores
Puya glabrescens L.B.Sm.
Puya glandulosa L.B.Sm.
Puya glareosa L.B.Sm.
Puya glaucovirens Mez
Puya glomerifera Mez & Sodiro
Puya goudotiana Mez
Puya gracilis L.B.Sm.
Puya grafii Rauh
Puya grandidens Mez
Puya grantii L.B.Sm.
Puya grubbii L.B.Sm.
Puya guaramacalana Stergios, Caracas, Dorr & S.M.Niño
Puya gutteana W.Weber
Puya hamata L.B.Sm.emended L.B.Sm. & R.W.Read.
Puya harmsii (A.Cast.) A.Cast.
Puya harry-lutheri Gouda
Puya herrerae Harms
Puya herzogii Wittm.
Puya hirtzii Manzanares & W.Till
Puya hofstenii Mez
Puya horrida L.B.Sm. & Read
Puya hortensis L.B.Sm.
Puya hoxeyi Janeba
Puya huancavelicae L.B.Sm.
Puya humilis Mez
Puya hutchisonii L.B.Sm.
Puya ibischii R.Vásquez
Puya iltisiana L.B.Sm.
Puya isabellina Mez
Puya joergensenii H.Luther
Puya killipii Cuatrecasas
Puya kuntzeana Mez
Puya laccata Mez
Puya lanata (Kunth) Schult. & Schult.f.

- 29 -

A   L I S T   OF   A C C E P T E D   B R O M E L I A C E A E   N A M E S

Puya lanuginosa (Ruiz & Pavon) Schult. & Schult.f.
Puya larae R.Vásquez & Ibisch
Puya lasiopoda L.B.Sm.
Puya laxa L.B.Sm.
Puya lehmanniana L.B.Sm.
Puya leptostachya L.B.Sm.
Puya lilloi A.Cast.
Puya lineata Mez
Puya llatensis L.B.Sm.
Puya loca Madriñán
Puya lokischmidtiae R.Vasquez & Ibisch
Puya longisepala Mez
Puya longispina Manzanares & W.Till
Puya longistyla Mez
Puya lopezii L.B.Sm.
Puya x loxensis Manzan. & W.Till
Puya lutheri W.Till
Puya macbridei L.B.Sm.
 - subsp. yungayensis W.Weber
Puya macropoda L.B.Sm.
Puya macrura Mez
Puya maculata L.B.Sm.
Puya mariae L.B.Sm.
Puya medica L.B.Sm.
Puya membranacea L.B.Sm.
Puya meziana Wittm.
Puya micrantha Mez
Puya mima L.B.Sm. & Read
Puya minima L.B.Sm.
Puya mirabilis (Mez) L.B.Sm.
Puya mitis Mez
Puya mollis Baker ex Mez
Puya mucronata Manzanares
Puya nana Wittm.
Puya navarroana Manzanares & W.Till
Puya nigrescens L.B.Sm.
Puya nitida Mez
 - var. glabrior L.B.Sm. & Read
Puya nivalis Baker
Puya novarae Varadarajan ex Gomez Romero & A.Grau
Puya nutans L.B.Sm.
Puya obconica L.B.Sm.
Puya occidentalis L.B.Sm.
Puya ochroleuca Betancur & Callejas
Puya olivacea Wittm.
Puya oxyantha Mez
Puya parviflora L.B.Sm.
Puya pattersoniae Manzanares & W.Till
Puya paupera Mez
Puya pearcei (Baker) Mez
Puya penduliflora L.B.Sm.
Puya x pichinchae Mez & Sodiro emend Manzan & W.Till
Puya pitcairnioides L.B.Sm.
Puya pizarroana R.Vasquez, Ibisch & S.Beck
Puya ponderosa L.B.Sm.
Puya potosina L.B.Sm.
Puya pratensis L.B.Sm.
Puya prosanae Ibisch & E.Gross
Puya pygmaea L.B.Sm.
Puya pyramidata (Ruiz & Pavon) Schult. & Schult.f.
Puya raimondii Harms
Puya ramonii L.B.Sm.
Puya ramosa L.B.Sm.
Puya rauhii L.B.Sm.
Puya reducta L.B.Sm.
Puya reflexiflora Mez
Puya retrorsa Gilmartin
Puya riparia L.B.Sm.
Puya robin-fosteri G.S.Varadarajan & H.Luther
Puya roezlii E.Morren
Puya roldanii Betancur & Callejas
Puya roseana L.B.Sm.
Puya rusbyi (Baker) Mez
Puya sagasteguii L.B.Sm.
Puya sanctaecrucis (Baker) L.B.Sm.
Puya sanctae-martae L.B.Sm.
Puya santanderensis Cuatrec.
Puya santosii Cuatrec.
 - var. verdensis Cuatr.
Puya secunda L.B.Sm.
Puya sehuencasensis R.Vasquez, Ibisch & R.Lara
Puya silvaebaccae L.B.Sm. & Read
Puya simulans L.B.Sm.
Puya smithii A.Cast.
Puya sodiroana Mez
Puya solomonii G.S.Varad.
Puya spathacea (Griseb.) Mez
Puya stenothyrsa (Baker) Mez
Puya stipitata L.B.Sm.
Puya strobilantha Mez
Puya textoragricolae W.Weber
Puya thomasiana André
Puya tillii Manzan.
Puya tovariana L.B.Sm.
Puya trianae Baker
 - var. amplior L.B.Sm. & Read
Puya tristis L.B.Sm.
Puya trollii L.B.Sm.
Puya tuberosa Mez

- 30 -

A   L I S T   OF   A C C E P T E D   B R O M E L I A C E A E   N A M E S

Puya tunarensis Mez
Puya tyleriana Sagástegui, Zapata & M.O.Dillon
Puya ugentiana L.B.Sm.
Puya ultima L.B.Sm.
Puya valida L.B.Sm.
Puya vargasiana L.B.Sm.
Puya vasquezii Ibisch & E.Gross
Puya venezuelana L.B.Sm.
Puya venusta (Baker) Phil.
Puya vervoorstii Gomez Romero & A.Grau
Puya vestita André
Puya volcanensis A.Cast.
Puya weberbaueri Mez
Puya weberiana E.Morren ex Mez
Puya weddelliana (Baker) Mez
Puya werneriana Read & L.B.Sm.
Puya westii L.B.Sm.
Puya wrightii L.B.Sm.
Puya wurdackii L.B.Sm.
Puya yakespala A.Cast.

Quesnelia alborosea A.F.Costa & T.Fontoura
Quesnelia alvimii Leme
Quesnelia arvensis (Vell.) Mez
Quesnelia augustocoburgii Wawra
Quesnelia clavata Amorim & Leme
Quesnelia conquistensis Leme
Quesnelia dubia Leme
Quesnelia edmundoi L.B.Sm.
 - var. intermedia Pereira & Leme
 - var. rubrobracteata Pereira
Quesnelia humilis Mez
Quesnelia imbricata L.B.Sm.
Quesnelia indecora Mez
Quesnelia kautskyi C.Vieira
Quesnelia koltesii Amorim & Leme
Quesnelia lateralis Wawra
Quesnelia liboniana (De Jonghe) Mez
Quesnelia marmorata (Lem.) Read
Quesnelia quesneliana (Brongn.) L.B.Sm.
Quesnelia seideliana L.B.Sm. & Reitz
Quesnelia strobilispica Wawra
Quesnelia testudo Lindm.
Quesnelia tubifolia Leme & L.Kollmann
Quesnelia vasconcelosiana Leme
Quesnelia violacea Wanderley & S.L.Proença

Racinaea adpressa (André) J.R.Grant
 - subsp. orthiantha (Standl.) J.R.Grant
Racinaea aeris-incola (Mez) M.A.Spencer & L.B.Sm.
Racinaea almeriae (Rauh) J.R.Grant
Racinaea blassii (L.B.Sm.) M.A.Spencer & L.B.Sm.
Racinaea commixa (Mez) M.A.Spencer & L.B.Sm.
Racinaea condorensis Manzan. & Gouda
Racinaea contorta (Mez) M.A.Spencer & L.B.Sm.
Racinaea cresporum Manzanares
Racinaea crispa (Baker) M.A.Spencer & L.B.Sm.
Racinaea cuspidata (L.B.Sm.) M.A.Spencer & L.B.Sm.
Racinaea decipiens (André) Gouda & Manzan.
 - var. tomensis (L.B.Sm.) Gouda & Manzan.
Racinaea dielsii (Harms) H.Luther
Racinaea diffusa (L.B.Sm.) M.A.Spencer & L.B.Sm.
Racinaea domingosmartinsis (Rauh) J.R.Grant
Racinaea dyeriana (André) Barfuss & W.Till
Racinaea elegans (L.B.Sm.) M.A.Spencer & L.B.Sm.
Racinaea euryelytra J.R.Grant
Racinaea fawcettii (Mez) M.A.Spencer & L.B.Sm.
Racinaea filifolia Gouda
Racinaea flexuosa (Baker) M.A.Spencer & L.B.Sm.
Racinaea fraseri (Baker) M.A.Spencer & L.B.Sm.
Racinaea gentryana Manzanares & W.Till
Racinaea ghiesbreghtii (Baker) M.A.Spencer & L.B.Sm.
Racinaea gilmartiniae (L.B.Sm.) M.A.Spencer & L.B.Sm.
Racinaea goudae Manzanares & W.Till
Racinaea grantii Manzanares & W.Till
Racinaea guacamayosensis Manzan. & Gouda
Racinaea hamaleana (E.Morren) Barfuss & W.Till
Racinaea hasei Höpfel & Scharf
Racinaea hauggiae (Rauh) J.R.Grant
Racinaea homostachya (André) M.A.Spencer & L.B.Sm.
Racinaea inconspicua (André) M.A.Spencer & L.B.Sm.
Racinaea insularis (Mez) M.A.Spencer & L.B.Sm.
 - var. latilamina (Gilmartin) M.A.Spencer & L.B.Sm.
Racinaea jaramilloi Manzanares
Racinaea jenmanii (Baker) M.A.Spencer & L.B.Sm.
Racinaea kalliantha J.R.Grant
Racinaea kessleri H.Luther
Racinaea lutheri Manzanares & W.Till
Racinaea lymansmithiana J.R.Grant
Racinaea macrantha H.Luther
Racinaea marioportillae Frank Höpfel & Uwe Scharf
Racinaea membranacifolia (L.B.Sm.) M.A.Spencer & L.B.Sm.

- 31 -

A   L I S T   OF   A C C E P T E D   B R O M E L I A C E A E   N A M E S

Racinaea michelii (Mez) M.A.Spencer & L.B.Sm.
Racinaea miniata (Rauh) J.R.Grant
Racinaea monticola (Mez & Sodiro) M.A.Spencer & L.B.Sm.
Racinaea multiflora (Benth.) M.A.Spencer & L.B.Sm.
Racinaea neillii Manzan.
Racinaea pallidoflavens (Mez) M.A.Spencer & L.B.Sm.
Racinaea pardina (L.B.Sm.) M.A.Spencer & L.B.Sm.
Racinaea parviflora (Ruiz & Pav.) M.A.Spencer & L.B.Sm.
 - var. expansa (L.B.Sm.) M.A.Spencer & L.B.Sm.
Racinaea pattersoniae Manzanares & W Till
Racinaea pectinata (André) M.A.Spencer & L.B.Sm.
Racinaea penduliflora Gouda & Manzan.
Racinaea pendulispica (Mez) M.A.Spencer & L.B.Sm.
Racinaea penlandii (L.B.Sm.) M.A.Spencer & L.B.Sm.
 - var. pedunculata (L.B.Sm.) M.A.Spencer & L.B.Sm.
Racinaea pseudotetrantha (Gilmartin & H.Luther) J.R.Grant
Racinaea pugiformis (L.B.Sm.) M.A.Spencer & L.B.Sm.
Racinaea pulchella (Andre) Gouda & Manzanares
Racinaea quadripinnata (Mez & Sodiro) M.A.Spencer & L.B.Sm.
Racinaea riocreuxii (André) M.A.Spencer & L.B.Sm.
Racinaea ropalocarpa (André) M.A.Spencer & L.B.Sm.
Racinaea rothschuhiana (Mez) M.A.Spencer & L.B.Sm.
Racinaea sanctaemartae (L.B.Sm.) M.A.Spencer & L.B.Sm.
Racinaea schumanniana (Wittm.) J.R.Grant
Racinaea schunkei (L.B.Sm.) Gouda
Racinaea seemannii (Baker) M.A.Spencer & L.B.Sm.
Racinaea sinuosa (L.B.Sm.) M.A.Spencer & L.B.Sm.
Racinaea spiculosa (Griseb.) M.A.Spencer & L.B.Sm.
 - var. micrantha (Baker) M.A.Spencer & L.B.Sm.
 - var. stenoglossa (L.B.Sm.) M.A.Spencer & L.B.Sm.
 - var. ustulata (Reitz) M.A. Spencer & L.B.Sm.
Racinaea steyermarkii (L.B.Sm.) M.A.Spencer & L.B.Sm.
Racinaea strobeliorum Manzanares & W.Till
Racinaea subalata (André) M.A.Spencer & L.B.Sm.
Racinaea tandapiana (Luther) M.A.Spencer & L.B.Sm.
Racinaea tenuispica (Andre) M.A.Spencer & L.B.Sm.
Racinaea terrestris Manzan. & Gouda
Racinaea tetrantha (Ruiz & Pav.) M.A.Spencer & L.B.Sm.
 - var. aurantiaca (Grisebach) M.A.Spencer & L.B.Sm.
 - var. caribaea (L.B.Sm.) M.A.Spencer & L.B.Sm.
 - var. densiflora (André) M.A.Spencer & L.B.Sm.
 - var. miniata (André) M.A.Spencer & L.B.Sm.
 - var. ramosior (L.B.Sm.) M.A.Spencer & L.B.Sm.
 - var. scarlatina (André) M.A.Spencer & L.B.Sm.
Racinaea tillii Manzan. & Gouda
Racinaea trapeziformis (Mez) M.A.Spencer & L.B.Sm.
Racinaea tripinnata (Baker) M.A.Spencer & L.B.Sm.
Racinaea undulifolia (Mez) Luther
Racinaea venusta (Mez & Wercklé) Barfuss & W.Till
Racinaea wuelfinghoffii Hopfel & Scharf
Racinaea zingleri Höpfel & Scharf

Rokautskyia aracruzensis (Leme & L. Kollmann) Leme, S. Heller & Zizka
Rokautskyia caulescens (I. Ramírez) Leme, S. Heller & Zizka
Rokautskyia exaltata (H.Luther) Leme, S. Heller & Zizka
Rokautskyia fernseeoides (Leme) Leme, S. Heller & Zizka
Rokautskyia latifolia (Leme) Leme, S. Heller & Zizka
Rokautskyia leuzingerae (Leme) Leme, S. Heller & Zizka
Rokautskyia microglazioui (I. Ramírez) Leme, S. Heller & Zizka
Rokautskyia odoratissima (Leme) Leme, S. Heller & Zizka
Rokautskyia pseudoglazioui (Leme) Leme, S. Heller & Zizka
Rokautskyia pseudoscaposa (L.B.Sm.) Leme, S. Heller & Zizka
Rokautskyia roberto-kautskyi (Leme) Leme, S. Heller & Zizka
Rokautskyia sanctaluciae (Leme & L. Kollmann) Leme, S. Heller & Zizka
Rokautskyia scaposa (E. Pereira) Leme, S. Heller & Zizka
Rokautskyia whitmanii (Leme) Leme, S. Heller & Zizka

- 32 -

A   L I S T   OF   A C C E P T E D   B R O M E L I A C E A E   N A M E S

Ronnbergia aciculosa (Mez & Sodiro) Aguirre-Santoro
Ronnbergia allenii (L.B.Sm.) Aguirre-Santoro
Ronnbergia campanulata Gilmartin & H.Luther
Ronnbergia columbiana E.Morren
Ronnbergia deleonii L.B.Sm.
Ronnbergia drakeana (André) Aguirre-Santoro
Ronnbergia explodens L.B.Sm.
Ronnbergia fraseri (Baker) Aguirre-Santoro
Ronnbergia germinyana (Carriere) Aguirre-Santoro
Ronnbergia hathewayi L.B.Sm.
Ronnbergia involucrata (André) Aguirre-Santoro
Ronnbergia killipiana L.B.Sm.
Ronnbergia maidifolia Mez
Ronnbergia morreniana Linden & André
Ronnbergia nidularioides H.Luther
Ronnbergia petersii L.B.Sm.
Ronnbergia subpetiolata (L.B.Sm.) Aguirre-Santoro
Ronnbergia tonduzii (Mez & Pittier ex Mez) Aguirre-Santoro
Ronnbergia veitchii (Baker) Aguirre-Santoro
Ronnbergia viridispica (Aguirre-Santoro & Betancur) Aguirre-Santoro
Ronnbergia weberbaueri (Harms) Aguirre-Santoro
Ronnbergia wuelfinghoffii (E.Gross.) Aguirre-Santoro

Sequencia serrata (L.B.Sm.) Givnish

Sincoraea albopicta (Philcox) Louzada & Wand.
Sincoraea amoena Ule
Sincoraea burle-marxii (L.B.Sm. & Read) Louzada & Wand.
Sincoraea hatschbachii (Leme) Louzada & Wand.
Sincoraea heleniceae (Leme) Louzada & Wand.
Sincoraea humilis (L.B.Sm.) Louzada & Wand.
Sincoraea mucugensis (Wand. & A.A.Conc.) Louzada & Wand.
Sincoraea navioides (L.B.Sm.) Louzada & Wand.
Sincoraea ophiuroides (Louzada & Wand.) Louzada & Wand.
Sincoraea rafaelii (Leme) Louzada & Wand.
Sincoraea ulei (Louzada & Wand.) Louzada & Wand.

Steyerbromelia deflexa L.B.Sm. & H.Rob.
Steyerbromelia diffusa L.B.Sm., Steyerm. & H.Rob.
Steyerbromelia discolor L.B.Sm. & H.Rob.
Steyerbromelia garcia-barrigae (L.B.Sm.) Aguirre-Santoro
Steyerbromelia naquenensis Betancur & Aguirre-Santoro
Steyerbromelia nukakii Betancur & Aguirre-Santoro
Steyerbromelia plowmanii (L.B.Sm., Steyermark & H.Rob.) H.Rob. & D.Taylor
Steyerbromelia ramosa (L.B.Sm.) B.Holst
Steyerbromelia thomasii (L.B.Sm., Steyermark & H.Rob.) B.Holst

Stigmatodon amadoi (Leme) Leme
Stigmatodon apparicianus (E.Pereira & Reitz) Leme, G.K.Br. & Barfuss
Stigmatodon attenuatoides D.R. Couto, Manhães & A.F. Costa
Stigmatodon belloi (Leme) Leme, G.K.Br. & Barfuss
Stigmatodon bifidus (Leme & L.Kollmann) Leme, G.K.Br. & Barfuss
Stigmatodon brassicoides (Baker) Leme, G.K.Br. & Barfuss
Stigmatodon costae (B.R.Silva & Leme) Leme, G.K.Br. & Barfuss
Stigmatodon croceanus (Leme & G.K.Br.) Leme, G.K.Br. & Barfuss
Stigmatodon euclidianus (Leme & G.K.Br.) Leme, G.K.Br. & Barfuss
Stigmatodon fontellanus (Leme & G.K.Br.) Leme, G.K.Br. & Barfuss
Stigmatodon francae D.R. Couto, Manhães & A. F. Costa
Stigmatodon funebris (L.B.Sm.) Leme, G.K.Br. & Barfuss
Stigmatodon gastinianus (Leme & G.K.Br.) Leme, G.K.Br. & Barfuss
Stigmatodon goniorachis (Baker) Leme, G.K.Br. & Barfuss
Stigmatodon harrylutheri (Leme & G.K.Br.) Leme, G.K.Br. & Barfuss
Stigmatodon magnibracteatus (Leme & K.Kollmann) Leme, G.K.Br. & Barfuss
Stigmatodon multifoliatus (Leme & G.K.Br.) Leme, G.K.Br. & Barfuss
Stigmatodon plurifolius (Leme) Leme, G.K.Br. & Barfuss
Stigmatodon rosulatulus (E.M.C.Leme) E.M.C.Leme, G.K.Br. & Barfuss
Stigmatodon sanctateresensis (Leme & K.Kollmann) Leme, G.K.Br. & Barfuss

- 33 -

A   L I S T   OF   A C C E P T E D   B R O M E L I A C E A E   N A M E S

Tillandsia abbreviata H.Luther
Tillandsia achyrostachys E.Morren ex Baker
Tillandsia acuminata L.B.Sm.
Tillandsia adamsii Read
Tillandsia adpressiflora Mez
Tillandsia aequatorialis L.B.Sm.
Tillandsia aeranthos (Loisel.) L.B.Sm.
 - var. aemula T.Strehl
 - var. alba T.Strehl & G.Rohde
 - var. albeobracteata T.Strehl
 - var. flava T.Strehl
 - var. rosea T.Strehl
Tillandsia afonsoana T.Strehl
Tillandsia aguascalientensis Gardner
Tillandsia aizoides Mez
Tillandsia albertiana Verv.
Tillandsia albida Mez & Purpus
Tillandsia alfredo-laui Rauh & Lehmann
Tillandsia altomayoensis Gouda
Tillandsia alvareziae Rauh
Tillandsia andicola Gillies ex Baker
Tillandsia andreana E.Morren ex André
Tillandsia andreettae (Rauh) J.R.Grant
Tillandsia andrieuxii (Mez) L.B.Sm.
Tillandsia angulosa Mez
Tillandsia antillana L.B.Sm.
Tillandsia appenii (Rauh) J.R.Grant
Tillandsia araujei Mez
 - var. minima E.Pereira & I.A.Penna
Tillandsia arenicola L.B.Sm.
Tillandsia arequitae (André) André ex Mez
Tillandsia argentea Griseb.
Tillandsia argentina C.Wright
Tillandsia arhiza Mez
Tillandsia ariza-juliae L.B.Sm. & J.J.Jimenez
Tillandsia arpocalyx André
Tillandsia arroyoensis (W.W.Weber & Ehlers) Espejo & López-Ferrari
Tillandsia atenangoensis Ehlers & Wuelfinghoff
Tillandsia atroviolacea Ehlers & Koide
Tillandsia atroviridipetala Matuda
 - var. longepedunculata Ehlers
Tillandsia aurea Mez
 - var. minor L.Hrom. & Rauh
Tillandsia australis Mez
Tillandsia azuayensis (Rauh & E.Gross) J.R.Grant
Tillandsia baguagrandensis Rauh
Tillandsia baileyi Rose ex Small
Tillandsia bakiorum H.Luther
Tillandsia balbisiana Schult. & Schult.f.
Tillandsia baliophylla Harms
Tillandsia balsasensis Rauh
Tillandsia bandensis Baker
 - subsp. grandipetala Rossado
Tillandsia x baptistana Goncalves & Azevedo-Goncalves
Tillandsia barbeyana Wittm.
Tillandsia barclayana Baker
 - var. minor (Gilmartin) Butcher
Tillandsia barfussii W.Till
Tillandsia barrosoae W.Till
Tillandsia barthlottii Rauh
Tillandsia bartramii Elliott
Tillandsia bella T.Strehl
Tillandsia belloensis W.Weber
Tillandsia bergeri Mez
Tillandsia x bergiana H.Takizawa & P.Koide
Tillandsia bermejoensis H.Hrom.
Tillandsia beutelspacheri Matuda
Tillandsia biflora Ruiz & Pav.
Tillandsia bismarckii Rauh & Lehmann
Tillandsia bochilensis Ehlers
Tillandsia boeghii (H.Luther) J.R.Grant
Tillandsia boliviana Mez
Tillandsia boliviensis Baker emend. L.B. Sm.
Tillandsia bongarana L.B.Sm.
Tillandsia bonita Versieux & Martinelli
Tillandsia boqueronensis Ehlers
Tillandsia borealis Lopez-Ferrari & Espejo-Serna
Tillandsia borinquensis Cedeño-Maldonado & Proctor
Tillandsia botterii E.Morren ex Baker
Tillandsia bourgaei Baker
Tillandsia brachycaulos Schltdl.
Tillandsia brachyphylla Baker
Tillandsia brealitoensis L.Hrom.
Tillandsia brenneri Rauh
Tillandsia brevilingua Mez ex Harms
Tillandsia brevior L.B.Sm.
Tillandsia breviturneri Betancur & N.Garc¡a
Tillandsia buchlohii Rauh
Tillandsia bulbosa Hook.f.
 - forma alba H.Takizawa
Tillandsia burle-marxii Ehlers
Tillandsia buseri Mez
Tillandsia butzii Mez

- 34 -

A   L I S T   OF   A C C E P T E D   B R O M E L I A C E A E   N A M E S

 - var. roseiflora Ehlers
Tillandsia caballosensis Ehlers
Tillandsia cacticola L.B.Sm.
Tillandsia caerulea Kunth
Tillandsia cajamarcensis Rauh
Tillandsia calcicola L.B.Sm. & Proctor
Tillandsia califanii Rauh
Tillandsia caliginosa W.Till
Tillandsia callichroma L.Hrom.
Tillandsia calocephala Wittm.
Tillandsia calochlamys Ehlers & L.Hrom.
Tillandsia calothyrsus Mez
Tillandsia caloura Harms
Tillandsia camargoensis L.Hrom.
Tillandsia candelifera Rohweder
Tillandsia canescens Sw.
Tillandsia capillaris Ruiz & Pav.
Tillandsia capistranoensis Ehlers & W.Weber
Tillandsia capitata Griseb.
 - var. guzmanioides L.B.Sm.
Tillandsia caput-medusae E.Morren
Tillandsia cardenasii L.B.Sm.
 - var. major Ehlers & L.Hrom.
Tillandsia carlos-hankii Matuda
Tillandsia carlsoniae L.B.Sm.
Tillandsia carminea W.Till
Tillandsia carnosa L.B.Sm.
 - var. boliviensis H.Luther
 - var. brevistipitata Rauh
 - var. longispicata Rauh
Tillandsia carrierei André
Tillandsia carrilloi Véliz & U.Feldhoff
Tillandsia castaneobulbosa Mez & Wercklé
Tillandsia castelensis Leme & W.Till
Tillandsia castellanii L.B.Sm.
Tillandsia cathcartii (H.Luther) J.R.Grant
Tillandsia catimbauensis Leme, W.Till & J.A.Siqueira
Tillandsia caulescens Brongn. ex Baker
Tillandsia cauliflora Mez & Wercklé
Tillandsia cauligera Mez
Tillandsia cees-goudae Gouda
Tillandsia celata Ehlers & Lautner
Tillandsia cereicola Mez
Tillandsia cernua L.B.Sm.
Tillandsia cerrateana L.B.Sm.
Tillandsia chaetophylla Mez
Tillandsia chalcatzingensis González-Rocha, Cerros, López-Ferr. & Espejo
Tillandsia chapalillaensis Ehlers & J.Lautner
Tillandsia chapeuensis Rauh
 - var. turriformis Ehlers
Tillandsia chartacea L.B.Sm.
Tillandsia chasmophyta H.Büneker, R.Pontes & K.Soares
Tillandsia chiapensis Gardner
Tillandsia chiletensis Rauh
Tillandsia chlorophylla L.B.Sm.
Tillandsia chontalensis Baker
Tillandsia churinensis Rauh
Tillandsia chusgonensis L.Hrom.
Tillandsia circinnatoides Matuda
Tillandsia clavigera Mez
 - var. pendula Rauh
Tillandsia coalcomanensis Ehlers
Tillandsia cochabambae E.Gross & Rauh
Tillandsia coinaensis Ehlers
Tillandsia colganii Ehlers
Tillandsia colorata L.Hrom.
 - forma flavescens L.Hrom.
Tillandsia comarapaensis H.Luther
Tillandsia comitanensis Ehlers
Tillandsia compacta Griseb.
 - var. intermedia L.B.Sm.
Tillandsia x complachroma Rauh
Tillandsia x complamergens Manzanares ined.
Tillandsia complanata Benth.
Tillandsia x complarensis
Tillandsia compressa Bertero ex Schultes f.
Tillandsia comulcoensis Ehlers
Tillandsia concolor L.B.Sm.
Tillandsia confertiflora André
Tillandsia confinis L.B.Sm.
 - var. caudata L.B.Sm.
Tillandsia copalaensis Ehlers
Tillandsia copanensis Rauh & Rutschmann
Tillandsia copynii Gouda
Tillandsia x cornissaensis Gouda
Tillandsia x correalei H.Luther
Tillandsia cossonii Baker
Tillandsia cotagaitensis L.Hrom.
Tillandsia crenulipetala Mez
Tillandsia cretacea L.B.Sm.
Tillandsia cristagallii Ehlers
Tillandsia crocata (E.Morren) N.E.Br.
Tillandsia cryptantha Baker
Tillandsia cryptopoda L.B.Sm.
Tillandsia cuatrecasasii L.B.Sm.
Tillandsia cucaensis Wittm.
Tillandsia x cuchnichim R.Guess & V.Guess

- 35 -

A   L I S T   OF   A C C E P T E D   B R O M E L I A C E A E   N A M E S

Tillandsia cucullata L.B.Sm.
Tillandsia curvifolia (Ehlers & Rauh) Ehlers
Tillandsia curvispica (Rauh) J.R.Grant
Tillandsia dasyliriifolia Baker
Tillandsia deflexa L.B.Sm.
Tillandsia delicata Ehlers
Tillandsia demissa L.B.Sm.
Tillandsia denudata André
 - var. vivipara Rauh
Tillandsia deppeana Steud.
Tillandsia dexteri H.Luther
Tillandsia diaguitensis A.Cast.
Tillandsia dichromantha Hern.-Cárdenas, López-Ferr. & Espejo
Tillandsia dichrophylla L.B.Sm.
Tillandsia didisticha (E.Morren) Baker
Tillandsia didistichoides Mez
Tillandsia diguetii Mez & Rol.-Goss. ex Mez
Tillandsia disticha Kunth
Tillandsia divaricata Benth. emend. Gouda
Tillandsia x donatoi Leme
Tillandsia dorisdaltoniae P.L.Ibisch, R.Vasquez & W.Till
Tillandsia x dorotheae Rauh emend. Gouda
Tillandsia dorotheehaseae Hase
Tillandsia drewii (L.B.Sm.) J.R.Grant
Tillandsia dugesii Baker
Tillandsia dura Baker
Tillandsia durangensis Rauh & Ehlers
Tillandsia duratii Vis.
 - var. saxatilis (Hassl.) L.B.Sm.
Tillandsia ecarinata L.B.Sm.
Tillandsia edithae Rauh
 - var. araucariifolia Gouda
Tillandsia ehlersiana Rauh
Tillandsia eistetteri Ehlers
Tillandsia eizii L.B.Sm.
Tillandsia elizabethae Rauh
Tillandsia elongata Kunth
 - var. subimbricata (Baker) L.B.Sm.
Tillandsia eltoniana E.Pereira
Tillandsia elusiva Pinzón, I.Ramírez & Carnevali
Tillandsia elvirae-grossiae W.Rauh
Tillandsia emergens Mez & Sodiro
Tillandsia engleriana Wittm.
Tillandsia erecta Gillies ex Baker
Tillandsia erici Ehlers
Tillandsia ermitae L.Hrom.
Tillandsia erubescens Schltdl.
 - var. patentibracteata W.Weber & Ehlers
Tillandsia escahuascensis Espejo, López-Ferrari, Ceja & A.Mendoza
Tillandsia espinosae L.B.Sm.
Tillandsia esseriana Rauh & L.B.Sm.
Tillandsia excavata L.B.Sm.
Tillandsia excelsa Griseb.
Tillandsia exserta Fernald
Tillandsia extensa Mez
Tillandsia fasciculata Sw.
 - forma alba M.B.Foster
 - var. clavispica Mez
 - var. densispica Mez
 - var. laxispica Mez
 - var. pendulispica Mez
 - var. uncispica Mez
 - var. venosispica Mez
Tillandsia fascifolia Flores-Cruz & Valentina
Tillandsia fassettii L.B.Sm.
Tillandsia x fendlanata
Tillandsia fendleri Grisebach
 - var. reducta (L.B.Sm.) L.B.Sm.
Tillandsia ferreyrae L.B.Sm.
Tillandsia ferrisiana L.B.Sm.
Tillandsia festucoides Brongn. ex Mez
Tillandsia filifolia Schltdl. & Cham.
Tillandsia flabellata Baker
 - var. viridifolia M.B.Foster
Tillandsia flagellata L.B.Sm.
Tillandsia flavobracteata Matuda
Tillandsia flavoviolacea Gouda
Tillandsia flexuosa Sw.
 - forma alba H.Takizawa
Tillandsia floresensis Ehlers
Tillandsia floribunda Kunth
Tillandsia x floridana (L.B.Sm.) H.Luther
Tillandsia foliosa M.Martens & Galeotti
Tillandsia fragrans André
Tillandsia francisci W.Till & J.R.Grant
Tillandsia frank-hasei J.R.Grant
Tillandsia fresnilloensis W.Weber & Ehlers
Tillandsia friesii Mez
Tillandsia fuchsii W.Till
 - forma gracilis W.Till
 - var. stephanii W.Till
Tillandsia funckiana Baker
 - var. recurvifolia Gouda in Wubben hort. ex Rauh

- 36 -

A   L I S T   OF   A C C E P T E D   B R O M E L I A C E A E   N A M E S

Tillandsia funebris A.Cast.
Tillandsia fusiformis L.B.Sm.
Tillandsia gardneri Lindl.
 - var. rupicola E.Pereira
 - var. virescens E.Pereira
Tillandsia geissei R.A.Philippi
Tillandsia geminiflora Brongn.
 - var. incana (Wawra) Mez
Tillandsia x genseri Rauh emend. Gouda
Tillandsia gerdae Ehlers
Tillandsia gerd-muelleri W.Weber
Tillandsia gilliesii Baker
 - subsp. polysticha W.Till & L.Hrom.
Tillandsia glabrior (L.B.Sm.) López-Ferr., Espejo & I.Ramírez
Tillandsia glauca L.B.Sm.
Tillandsia globosa Wawra
 - var. alba E.Pereira
 - var. major L.B.Sm.
Tillandsia glossophylla L.B.Sm.
Tillandsia goyazensis Mez
Tillandsia gracillima L.B.Sm.
Tillandsia graebeneri Mez
Tillandsia grandispica Ehlers
Tillandsia grao-mogolensis Silveira
Tillandsia grazielae Sucre & Braga
Tillandsia grossispicata Espejo, López-Ferr. & W.Till
Tillandsia gruberi (Ehlers) J.R.Grant
Tillandsia guatemalensis L.B.Sm.
Tillandsia x guelzii Rauh emend. Gouda
Tillandsia guenther-nolleri Ehlers
Tillandsia guerreroensis Rauh
Tillandsia gutteana Weber
Tillandsia gymnobotrya Baker
Tillandsia hammeri Rauh & Ehlers
Tillandsia hansonii Manzanares & Gouda
Tillandsia harmsiana L.B.Sm.
Tillandsia harrisii Ehlers
Tillandsia hasei Ehlers & L.Hrom.
Tillandsia hegeri Ehlers
Tillandsia heliconioides Kunth
Tillandsia helmutii L.Hrom.
Tillandsia hemkeri Rauh
Tillandsia hernandezii Gouda (Ined.)
Tillandsia heterandra André
Tillandsia heteromorpha Mez
 - var. rauhii L.Hrom.
Tillandsia heterophylla E.Morren
Tillandsia heubergeri Ehlers
Tillandsia hilaireana Baker
Tillandsia hildae Rauh
Tillandsia hintoniana L.B.Sm.
Tillandsia hirta W.Till & L.Hrom.
Tillandsia hirtzii W Rauh
Tillandsia hitchcockiana L.B.Sm.
Tillandsia hoeijeri H.Luther
Tillandsia hofackeri Ehlers
Tillandsia hondurensis Rauh
Tillandsia x horstii Rauh emend Heidt
Tillandsia hotteana Urb.
Tillandsia hromadnikiana Ehlers
Tillandsia huajuapanensis Ehlers & Lautner
Tillandsia huamelulaensis Ehlers
Tillandsia huarazensis Ehlers & W.Till
Tillandsia hubertiana Matuda
Tillandsia humboldtii Baker
Tillandsia humilis C.Presl
Tillandsia ignesiae Mez
Tillandsia ilseana W.Till, Halbritter & Zecher
Tillandsia imperialis E.Morren ex Roezl
Tillandsia imporaensis Ehlers
Tillandsia incarnata Kunth
 - var. margaritacea A.Roguenant & Raynal-Roques
Tillandsia incurva Griseb.
Tillandsia indigofera Mez & Sodiro
Tillandsia inopinata Espejo, Lopez-Ferrari & W Till
Tillandsia intermedia Mez
Tillandsia interrupta Mez
Tillandsia ionantha Planch.
 - forma fastigiata Koide
 - var. maxima Ehlers
 - var. stricta hort. ex Koide
 - var. vanhyningii M.B.Foster
Tillandsia ionochroma André ex Mez
Tillandsia itatiensis E.H. Souza & Leodegario
Tillandsia itaubensis T.Strehl
Tillandsia ixioides Griseb.
 - subsp. viridiflora (Rauh) Gouda
 - var. occidentalis A.Cast.
Tillandsia izabalensis Pinzón
Tillandsia x jaguactalensis I.Ramirez,Camevali & Chi
Tillandsia jaliscomonticola Matuda
Tillandsia x jaliscopinicola L.Hrom. & P.Schneider
Tillandsia jequiensis L. Hrom. & H. Hrom.

- 37 -

A   L I S T   OF   A C C E P T E D   B R O M E L I A C E A E   N A M E S

Tillandsia joel-mandimboensis Flores-Cruz, C. Granados & Vázquez-Hurtado
Tillandsia jonesii T.Strehl
Tillandsia jucunda A.Cast.
Tillandsia juerg-rutschmannii Rauh
Tillandsia juncea (Ruiz & Pav.) Poir.
Tillandsia kalmbacheri Matuda
Tillandsia kammii Rauh
Tillandsia karwinskyana Schult. & Schult.f.
Tillandsia kauffmannii Ehlers
Tillandsia kautskyi E.Pereira
Tillandsia kegeliana Mez
Tillandsia kentii (H. Luther & K. F. Norton) Manzanares & W. Till
Tillandsia kessleri H.Luther
Tillandsia kirchhoffiana Wittm.
Tillandsia kirschnekii Rauh & W.Till
Tillandsia klausii Ehlers
Tillandsia koehresiana Ehlers
Tillandsia koideae Rauh & E.Gross
Tillandsia kolbii W.Till & Schatzl
Tillandsia krahnii Rauh
Tillandsia kretzii Ehlers & Lautner
Tillandsia krukoffiana L.B.Sm.
 - var. piepenbringii Rauh
Tillandsia kuehhasii W.Till
Tillandsia kuntzeana Mez
Tillandsia kuzmae Ehlers
Tillandsia lagunaensis Ehlers
Tillandsia lajensis André
Tillandsia laminata L.B.Sm.
Tillandsia lampropoda L.B.Sm.
 - var. major L.B.Sm.
Tillandsia landbeckii Philippi
 - subsp. andina W.Till
 - var. rigidior W.Till
Tillandsia langlasseana Mez
Tillandsia latifolia Meyen
 - var. leucophylla Rauh
 - var. major Mez
Tillandsia laui Matuda
Tillandsia lautneri Ehlers
Tillandsia lechneri W.Till & Barfuss
Tillandsia leiboldiana Schltdl.
Tillandsia leonamiana E.Pereira
Tillandsia lepidosepala L.B.Sm.
Tillandsia leucolepis L.B.Sm.
Tillandsia leucopetala H.Büneker
Tillandsia limae L.B.Sm.
Tillandsia limarum E.Pereira
Tillandsia limbata Schltdl.
Tillandsia limonensis (Rauh) J.R.Grant
Tillandsia linearis Vell.
Tillandsia x lineatispica Mez
Tillandsia lithophila L.Hrom.
Tillandsia loliacea Mart. ex Schult. & Schult.f.
Tillandsia lomaeblancae Ehlers & Lautner
Tillandsia longifolia Baker
Tillandsia longiscapa Leme & W. Till
Tillandsia lopezii L.B.Sm.
Tillandsia lorentziana Griseb.
Tillandsia lotteae H.Hrom. ex Rauh
Tillandsia loxensis Jaramillo, Manzanares & Gutiérrez
Tillandsia loxichaensis Ehlers
Tillandsia lucida E.Morren ex Baker
Tillandsia lutheri (Manzanares & W.Till) J.R.Grant
Tillandsia lydiae Ehlers
Tillandsia lymanii Rauh
Tillandsia macbrideana L.B.Sm.
 - var. atroviolacea Rauh
 - var. longifolia Rauh
 - var. longispica Rauh
 - var. major Rauh
Tillandsia macdougallii L.B.Sm.
Tillandsia machupicchuensis Gouda & J.Ochoa
Tillandsia macrochlamys Baker
Tillandsia macrodactylon Mez
Tillandsia maculata Ruiz & Pav.
Tillandsia macvaughii Espejo & López-Ferrari
Tillandsia magnispica Espejo & López-Ferrari
Tillandsia magnusiana Wittm.
Tillandsia makoyana Baker
Tillandsia makrinii L.Hrom.
Tillandsia mallemontii Glaz. ex Mez
Tillandsia malyi L.Hrom.
Tillandsia malzinei (E.Morren) Baker
Tillandsia mandonii E.Morren ex Mez
Tillandsia manzanilloensis Gouda
Tillandsia marabascoensis Ehlers & Lautner
Tillandsia x marceloi H.Takizawa & P.Koide
Tillandsia marconae W.Till & Vitek
Tillandsia markusii L.Hrom.
Tillandsia marnier-lapostollei Rauh
Tillandsia mateoensis Ehlers
Tillandsia matudae L.B.Sm.
Tillandsia mauryana L.B.Sm.
Tillandsia x maya I.Ramırez & Carnevali
Tillandsia x may-patii I.Ramirez & Camevali
Tillandsia mazatlanensis Rauh

- 38 -

A   L I S T   OF   A C C E P T E D   B R O M E L I A C E A E   N A M E S

Tillandsia melanocrater L.B.Sm.emend.Gouda
Tillandsia mereliana Schinini
Tillandsia micans L.B.Sm.
Tillandsia milagrensis Leme
Tillandsia mima L.B.Sm.
 - var. chiletensis Rauh
Tillandsia minasgeraisensis Ehlers & W.Till
Tillandsia minutiflora Donadío
Tillandsia mirabilis L.Hrom.
Tillandsia mitlaensis Weber & Ehlers
 - var. tulensis Lautner & Ehlers
Tillandsia mixtecorum Ehlers & Koide
Tillandsia mollis H.Hrom. & W.Till
Tillandsia montana Reitz
Tillandsia mooreana L.B.Sm.
Tillandsia moronesensis Ehlers
Tillandsia moscosoi L.B.Sm. & J.J.Jimenez
Tillandsia muhriae W.Weber
Tillandsia multicaulis Steud.
Tillandsia myosura Griseb. ex Baker
Tillandsia myriantha Baker
Tillandsia nana Baker
Tillandsia naundorffiae Rauh & Barthlott
Tillandsia nayeliana García-Martínez & Beutelspacher
Tillandsia neglecta E.Pereira
Tillandsia nervata L.B.Sm.
Tillandsia nervisepala (Gilmartin) L.B.Sm.
Tillandsia nicolasensis Ehlers
Tillandsia x nidus Rauh & Lehmann
Tillandsia nizandaensis Ehlers
Tillandsia nolleriana Ehlers
Tillandsia novakii H.Luther
Tillandsia nuptialis R.Braga & Sucre
Tillandsia nuyooensis Ehlers
Tillandsia oaxacana L.B.Sm.
Tillandsia oblivata L.Hrom.
Tillandsia occulta H.Luther
Tillandsia oerstediana L.B.Sm.
Tillandsia olmosana (L.B.Sm.) J.R.Grant
 - var. pachamamae (Rauh) J.R.Grant
Tillandsia orbicularis L.B.Sm.
Tillandsia organensis Ehlers
Tillandsia orogenes Standl. & L.O.Williams
Tillandsia oropezana L.Hrom.
Tillandsia oroyensis Mez
 - var. secundiflora Rauh
Tillandsia ortgiesiana E.Morren ex Mez
Tillandsia ovatispicata Gouda
Tillandsia oxapampae Rauh & von Bismarck
Tillandsia pachyaxon L.B.Sm.
Tillandsia pacifica Ehlers
Tillandsia paleacea C.Pres
 - forma disticha W.Till
 - subsp. apurimacensis W.Till
Tillandsia pallescens Betancur & N.Garc¡a
Tillandsia pamelae Rauh
Tillandsia pampasensis Rauh
Tillandsia paniculata (L.) L.
Tillandsia paraensis Mez
Tillandsia paraibensis R.A.Pontes
Tillandsia paraisoensis Ehlers
Tillandsia pardoi Gouda
Tillandsia parryi Baker
Tillandsia parvispica Baker
Tillandsia pastensis André
Tillandsia patula Mez
Tillandsia paucifolia Baker
Tillandsia pedicellata (Mez) A.Cast.
Tillandsia peiranoi A.Cast.
 - var. alba Rutschm.
Tillandsia penascoensis Ehlers & Lautner
Tillandsia penduliscapa (Rauh) J.R.Grant
Tillandsia pentasticha Rauh & Wülfinghoff
Tillandsia pereziana André
 - var. canescens André
Tillandsia peruviana J.R.Grant
Tillandsia petraea L.B.Sm.
Tillandsia x pfeufferi Rauh emend. Gouda
Tillandsia piauiensis Ehlers & J.Claus
Tillandsia piepenbringii (Rauh) J.R.Grant
Tillandsia pinicola I.Ramírez & Carnevali
Tillandsia pinnatodigitata Mez
Tillandsia plagiotropica Rohweder
Tillandsia platyphylla Mez
Tillandsia plumosa Baker
Tillandsia pohliana Mez
Tillandsia x polita L.B.Sm.
 - var. elongata Ehlers
Tillandsia polyantha Mez & Sodiro
Tillandsia polystachia (L.) L.
Tillandsia polzii Ehlers
Tillandsia pomacochae Rauh
Tillandsia ponderosa L.B.Sm.
Tillandsia porongoensis L.Hrom. & P.Schneider
Tillandsia porphyrocraspeda J.R.Grant
Tillandsia portillae E.Gross & Wulfinghoff

- 39 -

A   L I S T   OF   A C C E P T E D   B R O M E L I A C E A E   N A M E S

Tillandsia porvenirensis Ehlers
Tillandsia praschekii Ehlers & Willinger
Tillandsia pringlei S.Watson
Tillandsia prodigiosa (Lem.) Baker
Tillandsia prolata (H.Luther) Gouda & Barfuss
Tillandsia propagulifera Rauh
Tillandsia pruinosa Sw.
Tillandsia pseudobaileyi Gardner
 - forma alba H.Takizawa
 - subsp. yucatanensis I.Ramírez, Carnevali & Olmsted
Tillandsia pseudocardenasii W.Weber
Tillandsia pseudofloribunda Gouda
Tillandsia pseudomacbrideana Rauh
Tillandsia pseudomicans Rauh
Tillandsia pseudomontana W.Weber & Ehlers
Tillandsia pseudooaxacana Ehlers
Tillandsia pseudosetacea Ehlers & Rauh
Tillandsia pueblensis L.B.Sm.
Tillandsia punctulata Schltdl. & Cham.
Tillandsia purpurascens Rauh
Tillandsia purpurea Ruiz & Pav.
Tillandsia pyramidata André
 - var. vivipara Rauh
Tillandsia quaquaflorifera Matuda
Tillandsia queretaroensis Ehlers
Tillandsia queroensis Gilmartin
Tillandsia raackii H.Luther
Tillandsia racinae L.B.Sm.
Tillandsia ramellae W.Till & S.Till
Tillandsia rangelensis L.Hechavarria
Tillandsia rariflora André
Tillandsia rauhii L.B.Sm.
 - var. longispica Rauh
Tillandsia rauschii Rauh & Lehmann
Tillandsia rayonesensis Ehlers
Tillandsia reclinata Pereira & Martinelli
Tillandsia rectangula Baker
Tillandsia x rectifolia C.A.Wiley ex Rauh
Tillandsia recurvata (L.) L.
Tillandsia recurvifolia Hook.
 - var. subsecundifolia (W.Weber & Ehlers) W.Till
Tillandsia recurvispica L.Hrom. & P.Schneider
Tillandsia reducta L.B.Sm.
Tillandsia reichenbachii Baker
Tillandsia religiosa Hern.-Cárdenas, González-Rocha, Espejo, López-Ferr., Cerros & Ehlers
Tillandsia remota Wittm.
Tillandsia renate-ehlersiae Leme & Gouda
Tillandsia restrepoana André
Tillandsia retorta Griseb. ex Baker
Tillandsia reuteri Rauh
Tillandsia reversa L.B.Sm.
Tillandsia rhodocephala Ehlers & Koide
Tillandsia rhodosticta L.B.Sm.
Tillandsia rhomboidea André
Tillandsia riohondoensis Ehlers
Tillandsia robusta Griseb.
Tillandsia rodrigueziana Mez
Tillandsia roezlii hort. Linden ex Ortgies emend E.Morren
Tillandsia roland-gosselinii Mez
Tillandsia romeroi L.B.Sm.
 - var. gruberi Rauh
Tillandsia rosacea L.Hrom. & W.Till
Tillandsia rosarioae L.Hrom.
Tillandsia roseiflora Ehlers & W.Weber
Tillandsia roseoscapa Matuda
Tillandsia roseospicata Matuda
Tillandsia x rothii Rauh
Tillandsia rotundata (L.B.Sm.) Gardner
Tillandsia rubella Baker
Tillandsia rubia Ehlers & L.Colgan
Tillandsia rubrispica Ehlers & Koide
Tillandsia rubroviolacea Rauh
Tillandsia rudolfii E.Gross & Hase
Tillandsia rupicola Baker
Tillandsia rusbyi Baker
Tillandsia rzedowskiana Gouda (Ined.)
Tillandsia sagasteguii L.B.Sm.
Tillandsia salmonea Ehlers
Tillandsia samaipatensis W.Till
Tillandsia sangii Ehlers
Tillandsia santiagoensis H.Hrom. & L.Hrom.
 - forma adpressa H.Hrom. & L.Hrom.
Tillandsia santieusebii Morillo & Oliva-Esteve
Tillandsia santosiae Ehlers
Tillandsia scaposa Ehlers
Tillandsia sceptriformis Mez & Sodiro
Tillandsia schatzlii Rauh
Tillandsia schiedeana Steud.
Tillandsia schimperiana Wittm.
Tillandsia schreiteri Lillo & A.Cast.
Tillandsia schultzei Harms
Tillandsia schunkei L.B.Sm.
Tillandsia schusteri Rauh
Tillandsia secunda Kunth
 - var. major Rauh

- 40 -

A   L I S T   OF   A C C E P T E D   B R O M E L I A C E A E   N A M E S

Tillandsia secundifolia Gouda (Ined.)
Tillandsia seideliana E.Pereira
Tillandsia seleriana Mez
Tillandsia selleana Harms
Tillandsia sessemocinoi Lopez-Ferrari Espejo & P.Blanco
Tillandsia setacea Sw.
Tillandsia setiformis Ehlers
Tillandsia sierrahalensis Espejo et Lopez-Ferrari
Tillandsia sierrajuarezensis Matuda
Tillandsia sigmoidea L.B.Sm.
Tillandsia simulata Small
Tillandsia x smalliana H.Luther
Tillandsia socialis L.B.Sm.
Tillandsia sodiroi Mez
Tillandsia somnians L.B.Sm.
Tillandsia spathacea Mez & Sodiro
Tillandsia sphaerocephala Baker
 - var. tarijensis Ehlers & L.Hrom.
Tillandsia spiraliflora Rauh
Tillandsia spiralipetala Gouda
Tillandsia sprengeliana Klotzsch ex Mez
Tillandsia standleyi L.B.Sm.
Tillandsia steiropoda L.B.Sm.
Tillandsia stellifera L.Hrom.
Tillandsia x stenlanata
Tillandsia stenoura Harms
 - var. mauroi Gilmartin
 - var. tripinnata (L.B.Sm.) L.B.Sm.
Tillandsia stipitata L.B.Sm.
Tillandsia stoltenii Ehlers
Tillandsia straminea Kunth
Tillandsia streptocarpa Baker
 - var. aureiflora Rauh
Tillandsia streptophylla Scheidw. ex C.Morren
Tillandsia stricta Sol.
 - forma nivea Leme
 - subsp. piniformis Rauh ex.Ehers & H.Heidt
 - var. albifolia H.Hrom. & Rauh
 - var. disticha L.B.Sm.
Tillandsia strobeliae (Rauh) J.R.Grant
Tillandsia subconcolor L.B.Sm.
Tillandsia subinflata L.B.Sm.
Tillandsia subteres H.Luther
Tillandsia subulifera Mez
Tillandsia sucrei E.Pereira
Tillandsia suescana L.B.Sm.
Tillandsia suesilliae Espejo, López-Ferrari & W.Till
Tillandsia superba Mez & Sodiro
Tillandsia superinsignis Matuda
Tillandsia supermexicana Matuda
 - var. pendula L.Hrom.
 - var. saxicola L.Hrom.
Tillandsia tafiensis (L.B.Sm.) Gouda
Tillandsia takizawae Ehlers & H.Luther
Tillandsia taxcoensis Ehlers
Tillandsia tecolometl Granados
Tillandsia tecpanensis Ehlers & Jürgen Lautner
Tillandsia tectorum E.Morren
 - forma gigantea L.Hrom.
 - var. globosa L.Hrom.
 - var. viridula L.Hrom.
Tillandsia tehuacana I.Ramírez & Carnevali
Tillandsia teloloapanensis Ehlers & Lautner
Tillandsia tenebra L.Hrom. & W.Till
Tillandsia tenuifolia L.
 - var. disticha (L.B.Sm.) L.B.Sm.
 - var. dungsiana E.Pereira
 - var. glaucifolia Gouda
 - var. nigrifolia Gouda
 - var. saxicola Griseb.
 - var. vaginata (Wawra) L.B.Sm.
Tillandsia tequendamae André
Tillandsia teres L.B.Sm.
Tillandsia thiekenii Ehlers
Tillandsia thyrsigera E.Morren ex Baker
Tillandsia tillandsioides (L.B.Sm.) J.R.Grant
Tillandsia tillii Ehlers
Tillandsia tomekii L.Hrom.
Tillandsia tonalaensis Ehlers
Tillandsia toropiensis Rauh
Tillandsia tortilis Klotsch ex Baker
Tillandsia tovarensis Mez
Tillandsia tragophoba Dillon
Tillandsia trauneri L.Hrom.
Tillandsia trelawniensis Proctor
Tillandsia tricholepis Baker
Tillandsia tricolor Schltdl. & Cham.
 - var. picta L.B.Sm.
Tillandsia trigalensis Ehlers
Tillandsia truxillana L.B.Sm.
Tillandsia turneri Baker
 - var. orientalis L.B.Sm.

- 41 -

A   L I S T   OF   A C C E P T E D   B R O M E L I A C E A E   N A M E S

 - var. patens L.B.Sm.
Tillandsia turquinensis Willinger, K. & Michalek
Tillandsia ulrici Ehlers
Tillandsia ultima L.B.Sm.
Tillandsia uruguayensis Rossado
Tillandsia usneoides (L.) L.
Tillandsia utriculata L.
Tillandsia x vanden-bergii Ehlers & Hase
Tillandsia variabilis Schltdl.
Tillandsia velickiana L.B.Sm.
Tillandsia velutina Ehlers
Tillandsia ventanaensis Ehlers & Koide
Tillandsia verapazana Ehlers
Tillandsia vernicosa Baker
Tillandsia vicentina Standl.
 - var. glabra L.B.Sm.
Tillandsia violacea Baker
Tillandsia violaceiflora L.Hromadnik
Tillandsia violascens Mez
Tillandsia virescens Ruiz & Pav.
Tillandsia vriesioides Matuda
Tillandsia walteri Mez
 - var. herrerae (Harms) Rauh
Tillandsia x walter-richteri W.Weber ex Gouda
Tillandsia walter-tillii J.R.Grant
Tillandsia weberi L.Hrom. & P.Schneider
Tillandsia welzii Ehlers
Tillandsia werdermannii Harms
Tillandsia werneriana J.R.Grant
Tillandsia werner-rauhiana P.Koide-Hyatt & H.Takizawa
Tillandsia x wilinskii Gouda
Tillandsia winkleri T.Strehl
Tillandsia x wisdomiana Isley
Tillandsia witeckii H.Büneker, R.Pontes & K.Soares
Tillandsia wuelfinghoffii Ehlers
Tillandsia wurdackii L.B.Sm.
Tillandsia xerographica Rohweder
Tillandsia xiphioides Ker Gawl.
 - var. lutea L.Hrom.
 - var. minor L.Hrom.
Tillandsia yaconorensis J.R.Grant
Tillandsia yagulensis ined
Tillandsia yerbasantae Ehlers
Tillandsia yuncharaensis W.Till
Tillandsia yunckeri L.B.Sm.
Tillandsia yutaninoensis Ehlers & Lautner
Tillandsia zacapanensis Véliz & U.Feldhoff
Tillandsia zacualpanensis Ehlers & Wülfinghoff
Tillandsia zaragozaensis Ehlers
Tillandsia zaratensis W.Weber
Tillandsia zarumensis Gilmartin
Tillandsia zecheri W.Till
 - forma brealitoensis Palací & G.K.Br.
 - var. cafayatensis Palací & G.K.Br.
Tillandsia zoquensis Ehlers
Tillandsia x 'Abaco Snow'
Tillandsia x 'Agua Blanca’
Tillandsia x 'Aleta / Humbug'
Tillandsia x 'Ask Harry'
Tillandsia x 'Blue Star’
Tillandsia x 'Bochil’
Tillandsia x 'Califano’
Tillandsia 'Cataco’
Tillandsia x 'Catracho'
Tillandsia x 'Chanza'
Tillandsia x 'Chiquininga'
Tillandsia x 'Coquette'
Tillandsia x 'Corinne’
Tillandsia x 'Cuicatlan'
Tillandsia x 'Dura Flor'
Tillandsia 'El Camaron'
Tillandsia x 'El Guapo'
Tillandsia x 'El Rancho'
Tillandsia x 'Endler'
Tillandsia x 'Ervin Wurthmann'
Tillandsia x 'Florida'
Tillandsia x 'Isauro Lopez '
Tillandsia x 'Jalapa Fortin'
Tillandsia x 'Jitotol'
Tillandsia 'Juchitan'
Tillandsia x 'Key Lime Sundae'
Tillandsia x 'Laurie / Starburst'
Tillandsia x 'Little Star'
Tillandsia x 'Lucille'
Tillandsia x 'Lynnette'
Tillandsia x 'Montoro'
Tillandsia x 'Pachuca'
Tillandsia x 'Panuco'
Tillandsia x 'Peltry Jellyfish'
Tillandsia x 'Pink Velvet'
Tillandsia x 'Pixie'
Tillandsia x 'Red Torch'
Tillandsia x 'San Martin’'
Tillandsia x 'Santa Maria'
Tillandsia 'Scion'
Tillandsia x 'Serval'
Tillandsia 'Sesca'

- 42 -

A   L I S T   OF   A C C E P T E D   B R O M E L I A C E A E   N A M E S

Tillandsia x 'Shashu’
Tillandsia x 'Sparkler'
Tillandsia x 'Tanti''
Tillandsia x 'Tina’
Tillandsia x 'Turrialba’'
Tillandsia x 'Unamit'
Tillandsia x 'Verraco'
Tillandsia x 'Vicente Bacaya'
Tillandsia x 'Werners Wonder'
Tillandsia x 'Whimsy'
Tillandsia x 'Xichu'
Tillandsia x 'Zacapa'

Ursulaea macvaughii (L.B.Sm.) Read & H.U.Baensch
Ursulaea tuitensis (Maga¤a & E.J.Lott) Read & H.U.Baensch

Vriesea agostiniana E.Pereira
Vriesea alta (Baker) E.Morren ex Mez
Vriesea altimontana Pereira & Martinelli
Vriesea altodaserrae L.B.Sm.
Vriesea altomacaensis And.Costa
Vriesea altomayoensis H.Luther & K.Norton
Vriesea amethystina E.Morren
Vriesea andaraiensis Leme
Vriesea arachnoidea And.Costa
Vriesea atra Mez
Vriesea atropurpurea Silveira
Vriesea aureoramosa F.P.Uribbe & A.F.Costa
Vriesea bahiana Leme
Vriesea barbosae J.A.Siqueira & Leme
Vriesea barilletii E.Morren
Vriesea baturitensis Versieux & Tomaz
Vriesea biguassuensis Reitz
Vriesea billbergioides E.Morren ex Mez
 - var. ampla L.B.Sm.
 - var. subnuda L.B.Sm.
Vriesea bituminosa Wawra
Vriesea blackburniana Leme
Vriesea bleheri Roeth & W.Weber
 - forma atroviolaceifolia Röth & Weber
Vriesea botafogensis Mez
Vriesea breviscapa (E.Pereira & I.A.Penna) Leme
Vriesea × brueggemannii J.Z.Matos, M.B.Crespo & Juan
Vriesea brusquensis Reitz
Vriesea cacuminis L.B.Sm.
Vriesea calimaniana Leme & W.Till
Vriesea capixabae Leme
Vriesea carinata Wawra
 - var. flavominiata Leme
 - var. mangaratibensis Leme & And.Costa
Vriesea carmeniae R.Moura & A.F.Costa
Vriesea cearensis L.B.Sm.
Vriesea chapadensis Leme
Vriesea cipoensis O.B.C.Ribeiro, C.C.Paula & E.E.Guarçoni
Vriesea claudiana Leme, Trindade-Lima & O.B.C.Ribeiro
Vriesea clausseniana (Baker) Mez
Vriesea colnagoi Pereira & I.A.Penna
Vriesea corcovadensis (J Britten) Mez
Vriesea correia-araujoi Pereira & I.A.Penna
Vriesea crassa Mez
Vriesea debilis Leme
Vriesea declinata Leme
Vriesea delicatula L.B.Sm.
Vriesea densiflora Mez
Vriesea diamantinensis Leme
Vriesea dictyographa Leme
Vriesea dissitiflora (C.H.Wright) Mez
Vriesea drepanocarpa (Baker) Mez
Vriesea dubia (L.B.Sm.) L.B.Sm.
Vriesea duidae (L.B.Sm.) Gouda
Vriesea duvaliana E.Morren
Vriesea elata (Baker) L.B.Sm.
Vriesea eltoniana Pereira & Ivo
Vriesea ensiformis (Vell.) Beer
 - var. bicolor L.B.Sm.
Vriesea erythrodactylon (E.Morren) E.Morren ex Mez
 - var. rubropunctata Pereira & Moutinho
Vriesea exaltata Leme
Vriesea fenestralis Linden & André
Vriesea fibrosa L.B.Sm.
Vriesea fidelensis Leme
Vriesea flammea L.B.Sm.
Vriesea flava A.F.Costa, H.Luther & M.G.L.Wanderley
Vriesea flexuosa F.P.Uribbe & A.F.Costa
Vriesea fluminensis E.Pereira
Vriesea fluviatilis Kessous & A. F. Costa
Vriesea fontanae Fraga & Leme
Vriesea fontourae B.R.Silva
Vriesea fosteriana L.B.Sm.
 - var. seideliana Reitz
Vriesea fradensis And.Costa

- 43 -

A   L I S T   OF   A C C E P T E D   B R O M E L I A C E A E   N A M E S

Vriesea freicanecana J A Siqueira & Leme
Vriesea friburgensis Mez
 - var. paludosa (L.B.Sm.) L.B.Sm.
 - var. tucumanensis (Mez) L.B.Sm.
Vriesea garlippiana Leme
Vriesea gelatinosa R.Moura & A.F.Costa
Vriesea gigantea Gaudich.
 - var. seideliana Röth
Vriesea gracilior (L.B.Sm.) Leme
Vriesea gradata (Baker) Mez
Vriesea grandiflora Leme
Vriesea guttata Linden & André
 - var. eguttata Reitz
Vriesea heterostachys (Baker) L.B.Sm.
Vriesea hieroglyphica (Carrière) E.Morren
 - var. zebrina Ruschi
Vriesea hodgei L.B.Sm.
Vriesea hoehneana L.B.Sm.
Vriesea hydrophora Ule
Vriesea incurvata Gaudich.
 - var. albina T.Strehl
Vriesea inflata (Wawra) Wawra
Vriesea interrogatoria L.B.Sm.
Vriesea itatiaiae Wawra
Vriesea jonesiana Leme
Vriesea jonghei (K.Koch) E.Morren
Vriesea kautskyana Pereira & I.A.Penna
Vriesea lancifolia (Baker) L.B.Sm.
Vriesea languida L.B.Sm.
Vriesea laxa (Griseb.) Mez
Vriesea leptantha Harms
Vriesea lidicensis Reitz
Vriesea lilliputiana Leme
Vriesea limae L.B.Sm.
Vriesea linharesiae Leme & J.A.Siqueira
Vriesea longicaulis (Baker) Mez
Vriesea longiscapa Ule
Vriesea longisepala A.F.Costa
Vriesea longistaminea C.C.Paula & Leme
Vriesea lubbersii (Baker) E.Morren ex Mez
Vriesea lutheriana J.R.Grant
Vriesea macrostachya (Bello) Mez
Vriesea maculosa Mez
Vriesea magna F.P.Uribbe & A.F.Costa
Vriesea maguirei L.B.Sm.
Vriesea marceloi Versieux & T.Machado
Vriesea maxoniana (L.B.Sm.) L.B.Sm.
Vriesea medusa Versieux
Vriesea melgueiroi I.Ramírez & Carnevali
Vriesea menescalii E.Pereira & Leme
Vriesea michaelii W.Weber
Vriesea microrachis Gomes-da-Silva and A.F.Costa
Vriesea mimosoensis D.R. Couto
Vriesea minarum L.B.Sm.
Vriesea minor (L.B.Sm.) Leme
Vriesea minuta Leme
Vriesea minutiflora Leme
Vriesea mitoura L.B.Sm.
Vriesea modesta Mez
Vriesea mollis Leme
Vriesea morrenii Wawra
Vriesea mourae Kessous, B. Neves & A.F. Costa
Vriesea muelleri Mez
Vriesea nanuzae Leme
Vriesea neoglutinosa Mez
Vriesea noblickii Martinelli & Leme
Vriesea nubicola Leme
Vriesea oleosa Leme
Vriesea oligantha (Baker) Mez
Vriesea oxapampae Rauh
Vriesea pabstii McWilliams & L.B.Sm.
Vriesea paradoxa Mez
Vriesea paraibica Wawra
Vriesea paratiensis E.Pereira
Vriesea pardalina Mez
Vriesea parviflora L.B.Sm.
Vriesea parvula Rauh
Vriesea pastuchoffiana Glaz. ex Mez
Vriesea pauciflora Mez
Vriesea pauperrima E.Pereira
Vriesea penduliflora L.B.Sm.
Vriesea pereirae L.B.Sm.
Vriesea philippo-coburgi Wawra
Vriesea pinottii Reitz
Vriesea piscatrix Versieux & Wand.
Vriesea platynema Gaudich.
 - var. flava Reitz
 - var. libonii Mez
 - var. rosea (hort. ex Antoine) Mez
 - var. striata (Wittm.) Wittm.
 - var. variegata (Guillon) Reitz
 - var. wrightii (L.B.Sm.) L.B.Sm.
Vriesea platzmannii E.Morren
Vriesea poenulata (Baker) E.Morren ex Mez
Vriesea portentosa Leme

- 44 -

A   L I S T   OF   A C C E P T E D   B R O M E L I A C E A E   N A M E S

Vriesea procera (Mart. ex Schult.f.) Wittm.
Vriesea pseudoatra Leme
Vriesea pseudoligantha Philcox
Vriesea psittacina (Hook.) Lindl.
 - var. decolor Wawra
 - var. jiboiensis Kessous, M.G.C. Nogueira & A.F. Costa
 - var. rubro-bracteata Hook.
Vriesea pulchra Leme & L.Kollmann
Vriesea punctulata Pereira & I.A.Penna
Vriesea racinae L.B.Sm.
Vriesea rafaelii Leme
Vriesea rastrensis Leme
Vriesea rectifolia Rauh
Vriesea recurvata Gaudich.
Vriesea regnellii Mez
Vriesea reitzii Leme & And.Costa
Vriesea repandostachys Leme
Vriesea x retroflexa E.Morren
Vriesea revoluta B.R.Silva
Vriesea rhodostachys L.B.Sm.
Vriesea x ritter-von-fernsee Wawra ex Mez
Vriesea roberto-seidelii W.Weber
Vriesea rodigasiana E.Morren
Vriesea roethii W.Weber
Vriesea rubens Gomes-da-Silva and A.F.Costa
Vriesea rubra (Ruiz & Pav.) Beer
Vriesea rubrobracteata Rauh
Vriesea rubroviridis F.P.Uribbe & A.F.Costa
Vriesea rubyae E.Pereira
Vriesea ruschii L.B.Sm.
 - subsp. leonii Leme
Vriesea saltensis Leme & L.Kollmann
Vriesea sanctaparecidae Leme
Vriesea sanfranciscana Versieux & Wanderley
Vriesea santaleopoldinensis Leme & L.Kollmann
Vriesea saundersii (Carrière) E.Morren ex Mez
Vriesea saxicola L.B.Sm.
Vriesea sazimae Leme
Vriesea scalaris E.Morren
 - var. viridis Mez
Vriesea sceptrum Mez
 - forma flavobracteata Leme
Vriesea schultesiana L.B.Sm.
Vriesea schunkii Leme
Vriesea schwackeana Mez
Vriesea secundiflora Leme
Vriesea segadas-viannae L.B.Sm.
Vriesea seideliana W.Weber
Vriesea serrana Pereira & I.A.Penna
Vriesea serranegrensis Leme
Vriesea silvana Leme
Vriesea silva-petrea E.Pereira & Reitz
Vriesea simplex (Vell.) Beer
Vriesea simulans Leme
Vriesea sincorana Mez
Vriesea skotakii H.Luther & K.Norton
Vriesea socialis L.B.Sm.
Vriesea sparsiflora L.B.Sm.
Vriesea speckmaieri W.Till
Vriesea stricta L.B.Sm.
Vriesea sucrei L.B.Sm. & Read
Vriesea sulcata L.B.Sm.
Vriesea swartzii (Baker) Mez
Vriesea takahashiana Leme & W. Till
Vriesea taritubensis Pereira & I.A.Penna
 - var. brevisepala Pereira & I.A.Penna
 - var. patens B.Neves & A.F.Costa
Vriesea teresopolitana Leme
Vriesea thyrsoidea Mez
Vriesea tijucana E.Pereira
Vriesea triangularis Reitz
Vriesea triligulata Mez
Vriesea tubipetala Leme & R.Moura
Vriesea unilateralis (Baker) Mez
Vriesea vagans (L.B.Sm.) L.B.Sm.
Vriesea vellozicola Leme & J.A.Siqquera
Vriesea vexata Leme
Vriesea vexillata L.B.Sm.
Vriesea vidalii L.B.Sm. & Handro
Vriesea vulpinoidea L.B.Sm.
Vriesea warmingii E.Morren
Vriesea wawranea Antoine
Vriesea weberi Pereira & I.A.Penna
Vriesea wurdackii L.B.Sm.
Vriesea zamorensis (L.B.Sm.) L.B.Sm.
Vriesea zildae R.Moura & A.F.Costa
Vriesea zonata Leme & J.A.Siqueira
Vriesea x ‘Roberto Kautsky’

Wallisia anceps (Lodd.) Barfuss & W.Till
Wallisia cyanea Barfuss & W.Till
Wallisia x duvalii (L.Duval) Barfuss & W.Till
Wallisia lindeniana (Regel) E.Morren
Wallisia pretiosa (Mez) Barfuss & W.Till

- 45 -

A   L I S T   OF   A C C E P T E D   B R O M E L I A C E A E   N A M E S

Waltillia hatschbachii (L.B.Sm. & R.W.Read) Leme, Barfuss & Halbritter
Waltillia itambana T. Machado & Versieux

Werauhia acuminata (Mez & Werckl‚) J.R.Grant
Werauhia ampla (L.B.Sm.) J.R.Grant
Werauhia anitana J.F.Morales
Werauhia apiculata (L.B.Sm.) J.R.Grant
Werauhia attenuata (L.B.Sm. & Pittendrigh) J.R.Grant
Werauhia balanophora (Mez) J.R.Grant
Werauhia barii (J.F.Morales) J.F.Morales
Werauhia bicolor (L.B.Sm.) J.R.Grant
Werauhia boliviana H.Luther
Werauhia bracteosa (Mez & Werckl‚) J.R.Grant
Werauhia broadwayi (L.B.Sm.) J.R.Grant
Werauhia brunei (Mez & Werckl‚) J.R.Grant
Werauhia burgeri (L.B.Sm.) J.R.Grant
Werauhia camptoclada (Mez & Werckl‚) J.F.Morales
Werauhia capitata (Mez & Werckl‚) J.R.Grant
Werauhia comata (Mez & Werckle) J.R.Grant
Werauhia cowellii (Mez & N.L.Britton) J.R.Grant
Werauhia dalstroemii H.Luther
Werauhia diantha (Luther) J.R.Grant
Werauhia dodsonii (L.B.Sm.) J.R.Grant
Werauhia dressleri (Rauh) J.R.Grant
Werauhia gibba (L.B.Sm.) J.R.Grant
Werauhia gigantea (Mart. ex Schult.f.) J.R.Grant
Werauhia gladioliflora (H.Wendland) J.R.Grant
Werauhia graminifolia (Mez & Werckl‚) J.R.Grant
Werauhia greenbergii (J.Utley) J.R.Grant
Werauhia guadelupensis (Baker) J.R.Grant
Werauhia haberii (J.F.Morales) J.F.Morales
Werauhia hainesiorum (L.B.Sm.) J.R.Grant
Werauhia haltonii (H.Luther) J.R.Grant
Werauhia haplostachya (C.Wright ex Sauvalle) J.R.Grant
Werauhia hygrometrica (André) J.R.Grant
Werauhia hylaeana Leme, Valsko & J.R. Grant
Werauhia insignis (Mez) W.Till, Barfuss & R.Samuel
 - var. brevifolia H.Luther ex J.R.Grant
Werauhia jenii S.Pierce
Werauhia kathyae (J.Utley) J.R.Grant
Werauhia kupperiana (Suessenguth) J.R.Grant
Werauhia latissima (Mez & Werckl‚) J.R.Grant
Werauhia laxa (Mez & Wercklé) J.R.Grant
Werauhia leucophylla (L.B.Sm.) J.R.Grant
Werauhia luctuosa J.F.Morales
Werauhia luis-gomezii (J.Utley) J.R.Grant
Werauhia lutheri S.Pierce & J.E.Aranda
Werauhia lyman-smithii (J.Utley) J.R.Grant
Werauhia macrantha (Mez & Werckl‚) J.R.Grant
Werauhia macrochlamys (Mez & Werckl‚) J.F.Morales
Werauhia maculata Espejo-Serna, López-Ferrari, Aguilar-Rodr., Díaz Jim.
Werauhia marnier-lapostollei (L.B.Sm.) J.R.Grant
Werauhia millennia J.R.Grant
Werauhia montana (L.B.Sm.) J.F.Morales & Cerén
Werauhia moralesii H.Luther
Werauhia nephrolepis (L.B.Sm. & Pittendrigh) J.R.Grant
Werauhia noctiflorens T.Krömer, Espejo, López-Ferrari & Acebey
Werauhia nocturna (Matuda) Grant
Werauhia notata (L.B.Sm. & Pittendrigh) J.R.Grant
Werauhia nutans (L.B.Sm.) J.R.Grant
Werauhia ochracea (Rauh & E.Gross) J.R.Grant
Werauhia orjuelae (L.B.Sm.) J.R.Grant
Werauhia ororiensis (Mez) J.R.Grant
Werauhia osaensis (J.F.Morales) J.F.Morales
Werauhia panamaensis (E.Gross & Rauh) J.R.Grant
Werauhia paniculata (Mez & Wercklé) J.R.Grant
Werauhia patzeltii (Rauh) J.R.Grant
Werauhia paupera (Mez & Sodiro) J.R.Grant
Werauhia pectinata (L.B.Sm.) J.R.Grant
Werauhia pedicellata (Mez & Werckl‚) J.R.Grant
Werauhia picta (Mez & Werckl‚) J.R.Grant
Werauhia pittieri (Mez) J.R.Grant
Werauhia proctorii Cedeño-Maldonado
Werauhia pycnantha (L.B.Sm.) J.R.Grant
Werauhia rauhii J.R.Grant
Werauhia ringens (Grisebach) J.R.Grant
Werauhia rubra (Mez & Werckl‚) J.R.Grant
Werauhia rugosa (Mez & Werckl‚) J.R.Grant
Werauhia sanguinolenta (Linden ex Cogniaux & Marchal) J.R.Grant
Werauhia singuliflora (Mez & Werckl‚) J.R.Grant
Werauhia sintenisii (Baker) J.R.Grant
Werauhia stenophylla (Mez & Werckl‚) J.R.Grant
Werauhia subsecunda (Wittmack) J.R.Grant
Werauhia tarmaensis (Rauh) J.R.Grant
Werauhia tiquirensis (J.F.Morales) J.F.Morales
Werauhia tonduziana (L.B.Sm.) J.R.Grant
Werauhia umbrosa (L.B.Sm.) J.R.Grant
Werauhia urbaniana (Mez) J.R.Grant
Werauhia uxoris (Utley) J.R.Grant
Werauhia vanhyningii (L.B.Sm.) J.R.Grant
Werauhia verrucosa (L.B.Sm.) J.R.Grant

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A   L I S T   OF   A C C E P T E D   B R O M E L I A C E A E   N A M E S

Werauhia vietoris (J.Utley) J.R.Grant
Werauhia viridiflora (Regel) J.R.Grant
Werauhia viridis (Mez & Werckl‚) J.R.Grant
Werauhia vittata (Mez & Werckle) J.R.Grant
Werauhia vulcanicola (J.F.Morales) J.F.Morales
Werauhia werckleana (Mez) J.R.Grant
Werauhia williamsii (L.B.Sm.) J.R.Grant
Werauhia woodsoniana (L.B.Sm.) J.R.Grant

Wittmackia abbreviata (L.B.SM. & Proctor) Aguirre-Santoro
Wittmackia altocaririensis (Leme & L.Kollmann) Aguirre-Santoro
Wittmackia amorimii (Leme) Aguirre-Santoro
Wittmackia andersoniana (Leme & H.Luther) Aguirre-Santoro
Wittmackia antillana (Mez) Aguirre-Santoro
Wittmackia bicolor (L.B.Sm.) Aguirre-Santoro
Wittmackia brasiliensis (E.Pereira & I.A.Penna) Aguirre-Santoro
Wittmackia burle-marxii (E.Pereira) Aguirre-Santoro
Wittmackia canaliculata (Leme & H.Luther) Aguirre-Santoro
Wittmackia carvalhoi (Martinelli & Leme) Aguirre-Santoro
Wittmackia caymanensis (Britton ex L.B.Sm.) Aguirre-Santoro
Wittmackia distans (Griseb.) Aguirre-Santoro
Wittmackia eriostachya (Mez) Aguirre-Santoro
Wittmackia fawcettii (Mez) Aguirre-Santoro
Wittmackia froesii (L.B.Sm.) Aguirre-Santoro
Wittmackia gregaria (Leme & L.Kollmann) Aguirre-Santoro
Wittmackia incompta (Leme & H.Luther) Aguirre-Santoro
Wittmackia inermis (Mez) Aguirre-Santoro
Wittmackia ituberaensis (Leme & L.Kollmann) Aguirre-Santoro
Wittmackia jamaicana (L.B.Sm. & Proctor) Aguirre-Santoro
Wittmackia laesslei (L.B.Sm.) Aguirre-Santoro
Wittmackia laevigata (Leme) Aguirre-Santoro
Wittmackia limae (Leme) Aguirre-Santoro
Wittmackia lingulata (L.) Mez
Wittmackia lingulatoides (Leme & H.Luther) Aguirre-Santoro
Wittmackia linharesiorum (Leme) Aguirre-Santoro
Wittmackia maranguapensis (Leme & Scharf) Aguirre-Santoro
Wittmackia mesoamericana (I.Ramirez, Carnevali & Cetzal) Aguirre-Santoro
Wittmackia negrilensis (Britton ex L.B.Sm.) Aguirre-Santoro
Wittmackia neoregelioides (Leme) Aguirre-Santoro
Wittmackia patentissima (Mart. ex Schult. & Schult.f.) Mez
Wittmackia penduliflora (A.Rich.) Aguirre-Santoro
Wittmackia pendulispica (Leme & L.Kollmann) Aguirre-Santoro
Wittmackia pernambucentris (J.A.Siqueira & Leme) Aguirre-Santoro
Wittmackia polycephala (Baker) Aguirre-Santoro
Wittmackia portoricensis (Mez) Aguirre-Santoro
Wittmackia rohan-estyi (Proctor, Aguirre-Santoro & K.Campbell) Aguirre-Santoro
Wittmackia silvana (Leme) Aguirre-Santoro
Wittmackia spinulosa (Mez) Aguirre-Santoro
Wittmackia sulbahianensis (Leme, Amorim & J.A.Siqueira) Aguirre-Santoro
Wittmackia tentaculifera (Leme, Amorim & J.A.Siqueira) Aguirre-Santoro
Wittmackia turbinocalyx (Mez) Aguirre-Santoro
Wittmackia urbaniana (Mez) Aguirre-Santoro
Wittmackia viridostigma (Leme & H.Luther) Aguirre-Santoro

Wittrockia cyathiformis (Vellozo) Leme
Wittrockia flavipetala (Wand.) Leme & H.Luther
Wittrockia gigantea (Baker) Leme
Wittrockia paulistana Leme
Wittrockia spiralipetala Leme
Wittrockia superba Lindm.
Wittrockia tenuisepala (Leme) Leme

x Guzlandsia
x Guzlandsia barbiei (Rauh) Gouda

xHohenmea itaipuana Furtado, L.; B.R.Silva & L.F.Sousa

Zizkaea tuerckheimii (Mez) W.Till & Barfuss

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